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5 Best Electric Blankets (Heated) For A Great Night’s Sleep

When central heating just doesn’t cut it while you laze around, a great alternative is investing in electric blankets.

Electric blankets are great for concentrated heating, and while they may sound like a luxury, they’re quite useful in saving up on the costs of central heating. There’s nothing better than being warm and comfortable under a soft, plush, and lightweight blanket.

Actually, there is: one that is heated up just the right amount.

The 5 Best Electric Blankets (Heated) in 2018

We take a look at the 5 best electric blankets currently available in the market. It’s time to save up on the bills from your central heating and get warm and cozy in blankets that do the work in a much more concentrated region.

Each of the blanket is reviewed with its key features and pros & cons. To help you with your purchase, there is also a buyer’s guide at the end of the article.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Biddeford Linen Microplush

Comfortable, Warm, and Safe

The Biddeford Linen Microplush is a 100% polyester blanket with 10 heat settings and a 10 hour auto-shutoff safety feature. This blanket gets warm quite quickly and tends to retain heat. This Biddeford electric blanket is available in a plethora of different sizes and colors.

The Biddeford Linen Microplush is, in our opinion, one of the best electric blankets you can buy. The wires are thin enough not to be noticed, and the color/size options will ensure it never sticks out like a sore thumb with your furniture accent.

Best Value

Best Value

Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Throw

Great For Those on a Budget

With the Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Throw, you’re getting an electric heated throw blanket that is larger than regular throws and does a great job of keeping you warm. This blanket has 3 heat settings and a 3-hour auto shutoff feature for safety reasons.

You don’t have to spend nearly $100 to get your hands on electrically heated blankets. The Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Throw is available at a great price and perfect for individuals or couples who love to snuggle.

Biddeford Linen Microplush


The Biddeford Queen Linen Microplush is a 100% polyester heated blanket with plenty of great features to keep you warm for the night.

This heated blanket comes with a very thin wire to minimize the notorious annoyance caused by electric blankets. The thin wire is also safer as there are less chances of it bending a breaking.

The Biddeford MicroPlush also features up to 10 different heat settings. This gives it a great usability range – whether you just need to warm your hands a bit or feel like you’re in a tundra, there are enough settings to meet your needs.

There is also a safety limit in the blanket. It features an auto shutoff after 10 hours if you’ve left its controls untouched for a prolonged period. You can therefore sleep for long periods without worry.

The blanket also comes with the industry standard 5 years warranty and is available in various sizes and colors.


  • Lightweight
  • Thin wire provides better comfort and safety
  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • 5 years of warranty


  • Controls are known to break down after a while
  • More expensive than some other products

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece


Sunbeam is a renowned name that you’ll see and hear come up often whenever electric blankets are mentioned. It’s no surprised that a couple of their products have made it into our list.

The Sunbeam Quilted Fleece is a 100% polyester heated blanket, and like the Biddeford it has a total of 10 heat settings. This blanket is warm, comfortable, and is quite soft.

Sunbeam rates this as an “Extra Soft” model, and while that’s only their second category of electric blankets, we feel that given its great price it is more ideal than the more expensive products.

The blanket’s controls also come with the auto turnoff safety feature, which turns off the heating after 10 hours of continuous use. You can thus sleep without worry in this blanket. The blanket is also really easy to clean compared to other electric blankets.

The wires of the Sunbeam Quilted Fleece are thicker than the Biddeford’s, which means they are prone to bending and breaking when stored away for a long time. Users have also reported it losing heat quite fast when it is switched off.


  • Good price
  • 5-year warranty
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Easy to clean


  • Some quality control issues
  • Loses heat quickly when turned off

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece


Soft Heat’s Luxury Micro-Fleece electric heated blanket is the number one seller on Amazon. It has over 3,000 customer views and remains a great choice for anyone who wants a safe and warm blanket.

This blanket does cost a bit more than the rest, but it is primarily due to how soft it is. The blanket is further made more comfortable due to Soft Heat’s use of incredibly thing wires running through it.

With the Soft Heat Luxury, you might have to spend a bit more cash, but you’ll be rewarded in the long term when it comes to bills. This is because this blanket utilizes very low voltage for its heating system. Yet its heating performance is excellent; it stays warm without burning your skin.

The blanket also has a feature that allows its two sides to be heated separately. This is great for couples who love to share a blanket but have different preferences when it comes to heating. The controls are backlit with an auto-dim function to ensure a peaceful, undisturbed sleep at night.


  • Very soft
  • 5-year warranty
  • Independent heating control for either sides are convenient


  • Some durability complaints by customers
  • Relatively expensive

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw


You don’t have to spend close to $100 if you want to get your hands on a heated blanket. When it comes to electric blankets of all sizes and types, Sunbeam has you covered. The Mircoplush Heated Throw is one of their top-selling products because of its size, practicality, and performance.

If you’re a single individual or just love cuddling with your partner, you might not need a full-sized blanket. That’s where a throw would come in. Despite the Microplush Heated Throw being designed for just one individual, this throw blanket is large enough for two individuals to cuddle in.

This Sunbeam product comes with three different heat settings. Since it is smaller than full-sized blankets, it has a three-hour automatic shut-off function instead of a 10-hour one. It doesn’t take long to heat up and is fairly reliable given the price.

The placement of the controls on this product is a little awkward and can get in the way when plugged in. If you can look past this little flaw though, there aren’t many electric blankets at this price that can beat the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw.


  • Great value for the money
  • Larger than normal throws
  • Very comfortable and safe


  • Awkward placement of controls and plug
  • Some durability issues due to the wires

Holmes Oversized Soft Velvet Heated Throw


The Holmes Oversized Soft Velvet heated throw is another great option for those who don’t want a full sized blanket. This electric blanket is quite underrated despite its incredible performance.

Like the Microplush heated throw, the Holmes Oversized Heated Throw is, as the name suggests, larger than your regular throw blanket. This allows you to share it comfortably with others as long as you don’t mind snuggling.

The blanket is known for its great performance. As a throw, it has 3 heat settings to choose from – not as much as your full-sized, but you won’t needed that given how quickly it warms up. There is also a 3-hour auto off system for safety reasons.

The Holmes Oversized Reversible Velvet Heated throw comes with a 5-year warranty and seems to tick all the boxes for great electric blankets. Users have complained though that it is very easy to accidentally switch on or off because of how sensitive the button is. Aside from that, there’s very little to complain about this product’s performance.


  • Great performance
  • Larger than normal throws
  • Very comfortable


  • Controls are too sensitive
  • Expensive for a throw

Buyer’s Guide

    Manufactures produce electric blankets based on standard bed sizes. These usually include Twin, Double, Queen, King, and more.

    There are exceptions of course. Throws, for example, are single person blankets that are usually used on couches. This does not mean they’re not ideal for beds though – just don’t expect them to cover up your Queen sized mattress.

    You should ideally purchase the size closest to that of your bed. Selecting the wrong size can risk damaging the cords and elastics inside.

    Wherever there is electrical heating, there is a need for safety precautions. Although electric blankets are very safe, they do produce heat and have an electrical supply from a power outlet.

    Your electric blanket should ideally come with an auto shutdown feature that turns the blanket off after a certain duration. This is important if you plan to sleep the night with the blanket on.

    Additionally, never twist and turn the blanket too much as this can cause wear and tear in the wires. Make sure you do not fold it like you’d fold a regular blanket; store it loosely in a cupboard instead. Buying a heated blanket with thinner wires is preferred as they don’t have enough rigidity in them to break so easily.

    Electric blankets are generally quite simple in design and features. The primary two key features you need to look at are the heating system and the timers.

    If you are looking for a blanket for two, you should ideally get one that has individual heating controls for the two sides. This small but important feature is especially important when your partner prefers a lower or higher heat setting.

    Larger blankets will also come with more (finer) heat settings and a longer auto shutdown timer. Smaller ones such as throws will usually come with 3-hours for each. You should decide if you’re buying an electric blanket for full nights or just to snuggle in bed.

    Generally, it’s best to buy a blanket that meets your minimum requirements. There is no need to purchase state of the art products that have additional bells and whistles.

    Finally, there’s comfort. A blanket isn’t fun to use – heated or unheated – if it isn’t comfortable. Most blankets are made from 100% polyester, which is fine. You should look at how plush they are, whether they shed lint, and if they are lightweight.

    Additionally, you also want visual comfort. Most brands offer their electric blankets in a variety of different colors, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to choose the appropriate color that meets your furniture.

    Finally, there is the wire thickness, which is perhaps the most bothersome part of electric blankets. You want wires that are as thin as possible so they are not felt while you wear the blanket.

    Why should I invest in electric blankets?

    While electric blankets may seem like a luxury, they can actually aid in greatly decreasing your electricity bills. How? Instead of depending on your central heating system to cool your entire house, you can opt to use electric blankets for concentrated heating. They utilize much less power than central systems, and they’re cozy too!

    Is washing electric blankets safe?

    Yes, modern electric blankets can be washed, unlike how it was a few years back. However, it is highly advised to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, as washing electric blankets is different in several ways to washing regular ones.

    What size is best for me?

    If you’re looking to buy one just for yourself, then there’s no point getting anything larger than a throw. If, however, you’re sharing with someone, you should ideally look to get one as large as your bed.

    Should I order one online or buy from a store?

    Buying from a retailer like Amazon is quite safe due to their flexible and generous return policies in can you don’t like the product. However, to get the feel of the blanket, opting to purchase one from the store is always a better idea, if it’s possible of course.

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