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Best 2-in-1 Laptops and Convertible Tablets of 2018

Honestly, 2-in-1 laptops really are a good addition to your gadget collection. And despite the fact that I personally don’t like to handle too many gadgets, It would be nice to have one if you can truly replace your individual tablet and laptop with the convertible laptops.

After all, who wouldn’t want a device that can be used for work and study like all laptops and also twisted to work like a tablet you take to subway. Or the bed for your Netflix cravings. Now we have got them in all shapes and forms, which is why you will have to decide upon a few metrics to pick the laptop you want to buy.

This is As Close As 2-in-1 Laptops Come to Perfection

From HP laptops to Windows tablets, from affordable models like the ASUS Chromebook Flip to the superior models like HP Spectre X360 13 or the latest Microsoft Surface laptop. We have tried them all and fished out the top few that cover as many bases as possible.

Convertible laptops, as they are often called, aim to provide as much perfection as a standard laptop does when it comes to specifications. Matters like size, slimness, and speed are all directly proportional to how much money you can invest. As a rule of thumb, you should at least get a Core i5 with 13″ or larger screen size. But we will discuss in length the things to consider in our list below as we as the Buyer’s Guide that follows.

Top Pick

Top Pick

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Superior battery, power and price.

When you are paying big, why settle for anything less than the best? With Windows tablets being top runners themselves, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is multiple notches up. Thanks to PixelSense display and a GTX 1060, a display at 3,240 x 2,160 never looked better on 2-in-1 laptops!

Not only were we impressed with the quality of the display, but also the superior performance that a Core i7 coupled with 16GB RAM and 1TB PCIe SSD can offer!

Affordable Laptop Tablet

Affordable Laptop Tablet

ASUS Chromebook Flip

Does the job in much less!

Needless to say, all those high-end models ask for such high prices that you could get a decent laptop tablet for literally five times less. The ASUS Chromebook Flip is the fan-favorite hybrid that gets all the basic jobs done without breaking the wallet.

While you won’t be able to crank up the most demanding visual and processing jobs here. The Chromebook can still manage to save face with its Intel HD Graphics 515, 8GB RAM and 128GB eMMC coupling the m7.

HP Spectre x360 13

best 2 in 1 laptops HP Spectre x360 13

If you aren’t looking for larger screens only, this HP laptop is a force to reckon with. At a mid to high ranged price, HP Spectre x360 13 inches pack a FHD (1,920 x 1,080) – UHD (3,840 x 2,160) IPS panel. To match its style quotient to each nook and corner, the Dark Ash variant also amplifies the metallic bezels to supreme perfection.

But it’s not just the display and super slim profile that helped the HP laptop make the cut. Its an 8th gen Kaby Lake powered R processor powering the convertible laptop. During our testing, this power proved enough to support great video and streaming capabilities as well as gaming.

To be specific, you will have no issues running games at 720p most of the time, and 4K video streaming is a non-issue. For such a slim hybrid laptop that is quite commendable. Most of these laptops require you to buy a separate stylus. But that is not the case with HP Spectre x360 13.

Now we are not saying that the HP model comes with no flaws whatsoever. Its no Microsoft Surface Book 2, there are bound to be some after all. For instance, you could get better hinges for a convertible laptop since that is what its durability most depends on.

Additionally, the keyboard layout isn’t as ergonomic as you’d want. It could be an outcome of lopsided preferences being given to compactness and style quotient.

Technical Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i5 – i7
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
RAM: 8GB – 16GB
Screen: 13.3″ FHD – UHD IPS touch panel
Storage: 256GB – 1TB


  • Impressive features for the given price
  • Stylus comes in the box
  • 8th-generation Kaby Lake R processors


  • Keyboard layout needs improvement
  • Slight build quality issues

Asus Chromebook Flip

best 2 in 1 laptops tablets ASUS Chromebook Flip

Not sure you can find a convertible laptop matching your wallet? Give a try to the ASUS Chromebook Flip. It doesn’t come close to any of the Lenovo laptops or the Microsoft Surface Book 2, but it will make the cut in terms of price.

The Chromebook is just the budget laptop you need if it is going to be used for everyday work only. It has a 4GB DDR4 RAM in the basic model while you get to choose the storage size you want from multiple variants.

Moreover, ASUS doesn’t disappoint in the display quality by managing a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel Full High Definition display that is LED backlit with anti-glare technology. Matching the vivid display quality, even the aesthetic sense of the ASUS Chromebook Flip ranks it higher for style.

That being said, do keep in mind this is essentially an ASUS tablet with a keyboard that has been upped to rank among 2-in-1 laptops. Complete with Android app compatibility, this a first for the cloud based Chrome OS in the field of convertible laptops. So yes, it isn’t just the Google Pixelbook that will let you have Google Play Apps.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare it with the aforementioned products because clearly, it is not in the same price range. But there still is the issue with its speaker quality that you’ll still need to compromise on. The whole package really did deserve a better sound solution than what the ASUS Chromebook Flip settles for.

Technical Specifications:

CPU: Intel Pentium – Core m7
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 510 – 515
RAM: 4GB – 8GB
Screen: 12.5″ FHD, LED backlit, anti-glare
Storage: 32GB – 128GB eMMC


  • Great for a tablet laptop
  • Display clarity
  • Affordable solution


  • Average speakers
  • Outshined by high-end products

Dell 2 in 1 XPS 15

best 2 in 1 laptops Dell 2 in 1 XPS 15 9575

Dell 2-in-1 laptops are some of the best hybrid laptops available in the market right now. And that is primarily because of the major share in the manufacturing market that Dell laptops have. Just like most of the other products by the American multinational, this beast of a computer doesn’t compromise on much.

For starters, the first thing that catches your attention is how exquisitely designed the machine is in terms of aesthetics. It is beyond doubt one of the most glorious presentations when you have flipped the screen to use it as a tablet. But that is just where you start getting acquainted with the Dell 2-in-1 laptop.

We are talking about a genuinely powerful machine that runs with the power of Radeon RX Vega M GL Graphics that comes packing 4GB HMB2 Graphics Memory. For quicker responses, the Dell XPS 15 comes packing a 512GB PCIe Solid State Drive as well as an 8GB RAM which is sufficient for decent gaming experiences.

However, if you find your needs are greater than those, there are other variants that come with 1TB as well as 2TB SSD as well as 16GB and 32GB RAM. All in all, you are in to be impressed no matter which level of hardware excellence you need.

Yet, we were able to pick up two things that you should consider before deciding to buy the Dell tablet laptop. It is a 15.6″ display, which means this is as big as a full-size laptop. Make sure you need that size because for the more portable and on the go uses of 2-in-1 laptops, size requirements really are the key. Other than that, it is just an equation between its price tag and your wallet.

Technical Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i5-i7
Graphics: Radeon RX Vega M GL 4GB HMB2
Screen: 15.6″ FHD, IPS Truelife
Storage: 512GB PCIe SSD


  • Ultra slim body
  • Juiced up power
  • Radeon RX graphics
  • Dell support systems are great


  • Not a cheap laptop
  • Bulky in Size

Microsoft Surface Book 2

best 2 in 1 laptops

You’d know already how the Microsoft Surface Book 2 comes in a 13.5″ variant as well as a better 15″ variant. The reason why we call the bigger screen better is that in all other areas, the Surface Book is already the best Microsoft tablet to laptop model.

Nonetheless, whichever model you buy you are bound to be treated with high-end performance capabilities. Thanks to the superior graphical abilities of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 that comes packing a cranked up 6GB GDDR5. The 16GB RAM is enormous for a laptop of general use and also as good as it gets among the good laptop makers.

With PixelSense display, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 boasts even superior display resolution at 3,240 x 2,160 pixels. Coupled with the GTX 1060 this is a treat for the eye whether you are a formal user or a gaming enthusiast.

Talking of superior, there is another area where the SurfaceBook does better than most of the competition. The battery life is insanely strong. While Microsoft boasts 17 hours of battery timing. We can assure it is nothing short of the best at offer.

All in all, this one’s for you if you are willing to pay the premium price for the convertible laptop and not settle for an affordable one like the ASUS Chromebook Flip. Yes, its one of the most expensive models here, but it is also one of the most powerful 2-in-1 laptops.

Technical Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i5-i7
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5
Screen: 15″ 3,240 x 2,160 PixelSense
Storage: 256GB – 1TB PCIe SSD


  • Powerhouse
  • Superior battery life
  • High end performance


  • Very expensive
  • Really needs a bigger trackpad
  • Price is deserving of better speakers

Lenovo Yoga 920


Since Lenovo laptops are all the rage these days for offering a range of choices, we decided to test out one of their latest laptop tablets too. The Lenovo Yoga 920, is called that for a reason. This is undoubtedly the most flexible and durable convertible laptop that we tested thanks to hinges that take lead from wristwatches.

If it had a slightly more improved graphics solution, the Yoga 920 would have been tough to beat even on gaming fronts. But other than that, it is a very reliable model that suits all work environments as well as designing jobs. Even in the basic model, you get a Core i5 combo with 8GB RAM.

Additionally, you can get the upgraded version that packs 16GB RAM as well as an i7 combined with a 1TB storage. Since it is a newer model, you’ll find a USB 3.0 as well as two USB-C ports. On the flipside, there is a lot to be said about how much you will have to pay for the Lenovo laptop. It is priced quite high, almost as high as the popular Microsoft Surface Book 2. Albeit with some nooks and corners that leave little to be desired.

Yes, it is true that the general feel of the device is that of a quality build. But in testing conditions, there will be times you’d want the keyboard to be sturdier than it is. Those of you who rely on the webcam a lot might also not be as impressed as they would be with some other Lenovo laptops.

To conclude, we’d say that there surely are other models in this list that offer equal or better specifications at similar prices. But if a Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop is what you want, this is as good as it gets!

Technical Specifications:

CPU: 8th Gen Intel Core i7
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Screen: 13.9″ FHD 1920 x 1080 IPS back-lit LED
Storage: 256GB SSD


  • Best quality of hinges
  • Excellent design and aesthetics
  • Decent quality of battery


  • Keyboard needs more grit
  • Underscoring webcam quality

Buyer’s Guide

    You’d want to decide if you are comfortable with having a detachable keyboard that can be stored separately or a bendback model that turns 360 degrees to flip into a tablet. Traditionally, the bendback laptops have always been more durable than detachable ones. But the latter lets you use the device properly as a tablet.

    The first reason behind getting 2-in-1 laptops is that you want portability. Therefore, bigger isn’t always better in this case. You will want a laptop that can easily fit inside your carrying bag, and be decent enough to hold in your hand like a tablet.

    You can choose between sizes ranging from 12-inch displays to full size 15.6-inch displays. But you should pick based on your comfort level and demands, not size itself.

    While it depends purely on what you are going to use the laptop for, we’d say you opt for at least a 1920 x 1080 display. This way you will have at least a competing quality to show across the board. For more high-end jobs like 720p gaming and 4K, you will want a resolution size that is much higher, like the 3,840 x 2,160.

    When do I need 2-in-1 laptops in my life?
    One might say why to add the increased risk of breaking the hinges when you can buy more durable models of standard laptops or tablets separately. Well, the answer is these days we are always on the move. And juggling between more than one computers can be a hassle not only for syncing data but also for buying as well as carrying. Therefore, it is great to have a convertible laptop that will let you twist it around and use as a tablet when you are commuting.

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