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Best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Accessories You Can Buy

Alexa is one of the most popular smart companions among smart home systems, so it’s natural that many companies would make Amazon Echo accessories that integrate seamlessly with her. Your foray into the world of smart assistants and smart homes couldn’t have come at a better time, as there are tons of options to choose from.

Best Amazon Echo Accessories

Whether you own a 1st Generation or 2nd Generation Echo device, there are tons of accessories that you can integrate with your smart home system to get the most out of it. We’ve reviewed our 6 favorite ones available in the market right now, ranging from simple $20-$30 accessories all the way to more expensive, advanced ones costing several hundred.

Be sure to read our buyer’s guide at the end for some additional insight on Amazon Echo accessories.

Editor’s Choice

Editor’s Choice

Philips Hue White A19 Starter LED Kit

The Start of Your Smart Home Journey

The Philips Hue White A19 starter kit provides two or four smart bulbs and a hub to give you seamless integration with Amazon Echo smart home systems. The performance is excellent and the smart bulbs can also be controlled from your smartphone.

Your smart home journey has to start somewhere, and for most people, it’s with smart bulbs. Out of the many high-quality ones available out there, the Philips Hue A19 is our favorite.

Great High-end Purchase

Great High-end Purchase

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

A Truly Smart Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat has advanced algorithms that automate certain thanks to its learning ability after a couple of weeks of manual use. It also has a gorgeous display with a proximity sensor and offers reliable performance.

The Nest Learn Thermostat is one of the best advanced Amazon Echo accessories you can buy right now. It’s reliable, well-made, smart, and aesthetically pleasing.

Philips Hue White A19 Starter LED Kit

We chose the Philips Hue White (and Color) A19 LED starter kit as our favorite smart bulbs in this article, and it’s hard not to recommend it again as one of the best Amazon Echo accessories you can buy right now.

Few things are more satisfying than commanding your Echo to turn on the lights. Smart bulbs are often the first step in converting your place to a smart home, and you can’t go wrong with the low energy, reliable performance, and seamless integration of the Philips Hue A19 smart bulbs.

The bulbs can also be controlled with a dedicated app, but why reach out for your phone if you can simply demand Alexa to turn on the lights. The integrated hub in the starter kit supports up to 50 smart bulbs, so if you’re loving your first starter kit that includes 2 or 4 smart bulbs, you can invest in more.


  • Great performance
  • Seamless integration
  • Cost effective


  • None

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest is perhaps the most well-known provider of home thermostats, so it’s no surprise that their (third) attempt at creating a smart thermostat has been so successful. The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the most loved Amazon Echo accessories available right now.

The third generation variant is Nest’s most advanced offering. Nest has used new, sophisticated algorithms that help in learning your personal preferences after a couple of weeks of use. It will detect the temperatures you set when you set them, and for how long and start replicating those habits by itself.

Additionally, the Nest Learning Thermostat has a neat little proximity sensor that will light up the circular display to show you the temperature, time, and/or weather information. The integration with Amazon Echo is seamless and easy. You can also buy this smart thermostat in different colors.


  • Excellent learning capability
  • Great display
  • Proximity sensor
  • Easy integration with Amazon Echo


  • Expensive

Alexa Voice Remote

It’s odd to think you’d ever need a remote control for a smart home system like the Amazon Echo since its entire purpose is to get rid of such devices. However, if you have lots of individuals living in your home or tend to party often, you’ll know that noisy environments can interfere with the voice command operations.

That’s when the Alex Voice Remote comes in handy. This remote controller for Echo devices has dedicated buttons for standard functions on it. It’s simple in design – a bit too simple at first, but the application in noisy environments is invaluable. You have Volume Up, Volume Down, Play/Pause, Previous, and Next. This makes the remote quite useful for video/audio playback through the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart home systems.

But that’s not where the functionality of this remote controller starts and ends. There’s also a separate voice command button. The remote features an integrated microphone, so you can use it like a walkie-talkie to order commands even in the noisiest situations.

The Alexa Voice Remote is compatible with Amazon Echo Plus, 1st and 2nd Generation Echo, 1st and 2nd Generation Echo Dot, 1st and 2nd Generation Echo Show, and Echo Spot.


  • Very useful in noisy environments
  • Great for controlling audio/video playback
  • Compatible with most Amazon Echo smart home devices


  • Multiroom audio control doesn’t work

Neato Botvac

You can truly know the convenience and fun of using a smart home system like the Amazon Echo when you ask Alexa to start cleaning the house with the Neato Botvac. It’s satisfying, useful, and makes for a great show of the Amazon Echo’s capabilities.

The Neato Botvac is a smart robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuums aren’t designed to completely replace the old school archetypes, but they offer convenience and consistency so you never need to worry about dust, hair, and debris on the floor.

Few Amazon Echo accessories will integrate with the smart home system as well as the Neato Botvac. The Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum cleaner receives notifications from both your smartphone through a dedicated app as well as Alex through voice control. LaserSmart mapping and real-time object detection ensure the Neato Botvac never disturbs anyone with even the lightest of bumps and just continues doing its job.

The parabolic design of this robot vacuum gives it easy access to clean close to walls and corners as well. You also get two modes on this cleaner: Eco and Turbo. Eco mode is quieter but more time-consuming, whereas Turbo increases the power of the vacuum cleaner for maximum debris, dust, and hair pickup.


  • Easy integration with Amazon Echo
  • Great performance
  • Design makes it easy to clean close to walls and in corners
  • Great object detection systems


  • Expensive

Amazon Smart Plug

One great way to turn “dumb” devices into smart ones and integrate them with your smart home system is through a Smart Plug. A smart plug is simply a plug that connects wirelessly to a smart home system. Anything then plugged into it can be turned on or off through voice controls.

Our favorite for the Amazon Echo devices is Amazon’s own Smart Plug. It’s one of the best accessories you can buy if you want to smarten dumber devices in your house and take maximum use of Alexa’s voice controls.

Not only can you command Alexa to turn off/on the electronic device connected to the Smart Plug, you can also create routines and schedules. The design itself is very compact, so it doesn’t obstruct the second plug point of any wall.


  • Turns regular devices into smart ones
  • Ability to create schedules and routines
  • Compact design


  • Setup instructions aren’t very clear

Echo Buttons

Among Amazon Echo accessories, the Echo Buttons aren’t necessarily as useful as others, but they make for a great time with family and friends when you’re not quite willing to power up your gaming consoles.

These buttons let you play various interactive games that are compatible with Amazon Echo systems. You can have multiple individuals playing these games with Alexa. Thanks to a catalog of over 40 compatible Alexa skills, a wide variety of family and friends friendly games can be played with the Echo Buttons.

In addition to the set games such as Bust a Fruit, Time Travel Cadet, Trivial Pursuit Tap, and others, you can play customized trivia games using the Game Show Alexa Blueprint. It makes for a great time with your friends and family, especially on a home date with your partner.

The setup is simple and intuitive as well. Each button illuminates and can be pressed to interact with. The buttons come in pairs, and each one is powered by two AAA batteries.


  • Compatible with almost all Amazon Echo devices
  • Lots of games and tasks on offer
  • Very easy to set up


  • Buttons don’t have enough responsiveness to register quick push

Buyer’s Guide

    No, we don’t mean the app on your mobile. By application, we mean what you want to do with the Amazon Echo accessories you’ll buy. If you want better smart home integration, it’s best to buy smart home accessories such as smart thermostats, robot vacuum cleaners, smart bulbs, smart locks, and more.

    There are also the Echo specific accessories you can buy to improve the functionality of your smart home device. These include the likes of the Alexa Remote, the Echo Buttons, speakers and cases for your Amazon Echo device, and more. While they don’t drastically take the best use of Amazon Echo’s functionality, they do add certain flavors to it that make it more appealing and versatile.

    Which Echo device you own will go a long way in determining which Amazon Echo accessories you buy. Almost all of the Echo accessories are compatible with Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Dot.

    Many of them are also compatible with other Echo devices such as Echo Show and Echo Spot. Additionally, most Amazon Echo accessories are compatible with older generation Echoes as well.

    Regardless, it’s best to keep in mind which model of the smart home system you own before you buy accessories for it. This is especially true if you’re buying dedicated speakers, docks, holders, and other model-specific accessories.

    The ease of setup of any Amazon Echo accessory is as important as its usefulness and functionality. Some devices have a setup that is as easy as saying, “Alexa, set up my device.” This is especially true for Amazon’s own accessories designed for the Echo systems, such as the Echo Buttons.

    Other devices may or may not be as easy to set up. If you’re tech savvy, you could probably find your way over and setup hurdles with just about any accessory, but for others the setup is crucial. Make sure you read reviews to know which accessory is easy to set up and which one will take time or additional research.

    Are most Amazon Echo accessories compatible with both Echo and Echo Dot?
    Yes, almost all Amazon Echo accessories are compatible with both the Echo and Echo Dot. However, certain accessories such as mounts, covers, stands, battery packs etc. are exclusive to the specific models.

    Can I connect my Echo or Echo Dot to another speaker?
    Yes, you can connect your Echo device to another speaker either through a direct tethered connection or Bluetooth. You can find how to pair a Bluetooth speaker to your Echo device here.

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