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The 5 Best Area Rugs For Your Home Decor

One of the best ways to decorate a room in your home is to add an area rug in it. Area rugs differ from carpets because they have a distinct shape that only covers a certain area of the room.

They are used to emphasize a certain part of a room and certain furniture. Of course, with such a huge set of variables (the room type, the furniture type, the flooring time, the kind of colors you like, the lighting, etc.), it can be daunting task to figure out what kind of area rug you should get for your room. That’s where we come in.

The Best Area Rugs You Can Buy For Your Home

With thousands of options to choose from, it’s practically impossible for anyone to tell you the truly best area rugs in the market. However, that doesn’t mean no one can recommend some of the best products out there.

We’ve chosen 5 of what we believe are the best area rugs you can get for your rooms. We also have a buyer’s guide to help you understand the often confusing terminologies and materials used in area rugs so you can make a better purchasing decision.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Safavieh Hudson Shag

Perfect for All Homes

The Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection rug is a tried and tested product with thick 2-inch piles that offer incredible comfort and feel. This rug works in all locations and is the highest rated area rug on Amazon.

There’s very little to be said about the Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection other than the fact that it has near perfect reviews from everyone who has bought it. The color choices, sizes, and timeless design accompany its great feel in a perfect way.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe

Versatile and Great Value

When higher piles are too difficult to maintain and flatweaves not comfortable enough, low pile rugs work very well. The nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe is a low piles area rug that comes in many sizes. It is comfortable, easy to maintain, and classy in design.

This nuLOOM rug is an Amazon’s Choice product for low piles area rugs. It is great in all home decors and comes at a great price.

Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection – Best Overall


The Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection model SGH280S is one of the highest rated rugs on Amazon. An average rating of a near-perfect 4.8/5 stars with over 1,600 customer reviews should tell you exactly what you need to know about this rug’s quality.

Safavieh dominates the area rugs market with its high quality fabric and incredible comfort, and the Hudson Shag uses polypropylene fibers in this rug. It has very thick 2-inch piles on it that provide extra comfort. Of course, with such large piles, there is the obvious downside of the area rug being a massive dust, hair, and dirt collector, especially in lighter colors.

However, the Safavieh Hudson Shag in other colors maintains its clean and soft look. Its Moroccan-inspired pattern works incredibly well with any room and any kind of furniture, fitting in seamlessly in contemporary, casual, and modern styles of décor.

Without a doubt, the rug’s performance can be backed by the ratings it has received and the countless customer reviews singing its praises.


  • Simple and elegant pattern design works well everywhere
  • Incredibly soft
  • Very high quality finish
  • Withstands the test of time


  • Difficult to clean due to the thick piles

Feraghan/New City Modern Way Circles Area Rug – Best Overall Design


It’s normally hard to like rugs that come in just one color, but with this Ferghan/New City rug, it’s hard to not include it for its brilliant choice of patterns and overall aesthetics.

This area rug isn’t just a looker though; it is comprised of 50% wool fibers and 50% olefin-twisted yarn. This gives the rug an incredibly soft feel and indicates the true difference between wool and polypropylene fibers. The area rug feels excellent on bare feet as well due to its material choice.

But the main striking feature of this rug is its design. It only comes in one design, yet this design looks incredible in practically every type of décor due to its perfect mix of light, dark, and sharp colors.

The area rug is also highly stain-resistant, and comes in eight different sizes. The ratings and reviews of this rug should be enough to tell you just how good it is.


  • Great design
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Stain-resistant construction
  • Good price for the high quality


  • Requires rug pads

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe – Best Low Pile Rug


When you’re not in the mood for a flatweave rug because of the lack of cushion on them but don’t want to get a shag rug with thick piles, the best option for you is a low pile. And when it comes to low piles, very few rugs beat this area rug.

This Amazon’s Choice product is incredible because of its affordability as well as looks. It boasts multiple colors and patterns that are ageless, working in homes around the globe for decades.

This nuLOOM rug is made out of 100% polypropylene, and due to its low pile surface and smart design, it is highly stain resistant despite the lighter colors it is available in. There are also a lot of different sizes available for this rug, making it usable in just about every kind of home.

Reviewers adore this area rug for its great quality, excellent feel, classy design, and ease of cleaning.


  • Great value
  • Decently stain resistant
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


  • Only available in light colors

Safavieh Rag Rug Collection – Best Flatweave Rug


Low pile rugs are easier to clean than medium or higher pile rugs, but they still need some kind of maintenance. If you want a rug without any pile that works great as a pad, then the Safavieh Rag Rug Collection is the best one out there.

This rug works very well in the kitchen and dining room, is practical, lightweight, and affordable. The design of the rug is such that most stains will blend in naturally, making it practical in high traffic areas like the kitchen. It has a handwoven construction, so every rug is kind of unique.

The piles on this area rug are almost nonexistent, which is why it is considered a flatweave rug. They measure a mere 0.25 inches, making this rug incredibly ease to clean and maintain. We also love the fact that it’s available in so many colors and sizes. Rag rugs like this one are machine washable, which is a big welcome for busy individuals.

Because it is so thin, lightweight. and easy to maneuver, this area rug requires a thick rug pad to go with it. Without a rug pad, it can be slippery on wooden and polished marble floors.


  • Great value
  • Very easy to clean
  • Stains aren’t easily noticeable
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • Can get slippery
  • Tendency to shrink after first wash
  • Not as comfortable as high pile rugs

Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Jute – Best Jute Rug


Safavieh comes in with an other product that is highly rated. This Amazon’s Choice rug from the carpet giant has even less pile height than flatweaves, coming in at just 0.5 inches.

Jute rugs are highly eco friendly and highly durable compared to natural fiber rugs that tend to imitate woven wool. This jute area rug from Safavieh comes in 9 different color options and a very large number of sizes and shapes, making it accessible for anyone who prefers this type of material over shag rugs and even flatweaves.

Like most of the Safavieh product, this area rug is handwoven with thick jute fibers. This makes it very durable and stain resistant. The design of the rug is rough and edgy, making it versatile enough for just about any type of home décor.

Like flatweaves and other rugs without piles though, this rug will be rather slippery without any rug pads. We highly recommend using them for safety purposes.


  • Great value
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • Slippery without rug pads
  • Not as comfortable as high pile rugs

Buyer’s Guide

    The type of rug you buy depends on a number of things. The most important of them is the size of the piles. The size of the piles determines how the rug feels, how easy it is to maintain, how well it blends with its surroundings, and also how stable it is on the floor.

    Piles are basically the fabrics or yarns or “threads” that stick out of the rug and give it the soft feel. The more there are, the softer the rug will feel.

    Higher Pile Rugs

    An area rug with higher piles is one with very thick and long piles. Such rugs are extremely soft to the touch and feel wonderful under the feet. They are luxurious and cozy, ideal for warm living rooms to laze around on.

    Higher pile rugs however are a lot harder to clean as well. They absorb dust, hair, and other particles easily and need proper manual or professional cleaning.

    Low Pile Rugs

    Low pile rugs have yarns that extend to more than one quarter of an inch but not more than half an inch. An area rug with low piles isn’t as cozy and comfortable as one with higher piles, but it is far easier to clean and maintain. This makes lower pile rugs ideal for dining rooms and kids rooms.


    Finally, there are flatweaves. Flatweaves have yarns less than a quarter of an inch, making them, well, practically flat. These rugs feel a lot rougher and bumpier than other rugs, but they are could buffers between your bare feet and hardwood or marbled floors.

    Flatweaves are a lot cheaper than other types of area rugs and are much easier to maintain. You can even machine wash some of them, and stains often don’t show easily on these rugs. They are not cozy and luxurious and are primarily for their applicability, which is what makes them so useful in dining rooms and kitchens.

    An area rug can be made of many different materials, but the most common are wool, polypropylene, jute, and cotton.

    Synthetic materials like polypropylene dominate the modern market because they are easier to make and have better durability than most natural fibers while mimicking their characteristics.

    They obviously don’t feel as luxurious as wool though, which is made from animal fur and feels soft and cozy. Wool area rugs tend to be expensive, only behind animal skin rugs which are rare.

    Natural grasses such as jute, sea grass, and sisal make extremely tough and texture-rich area rugs. They are very versatile, and they are distinctly used to make very strong rugs that are eco-friendly because of how they are free from chemical processing. Such rugs can be a bit coarse though.

    Finally, the room which you choose to lay your rug in should be one of the three major factors (four if you consider price, which goes without saying). The room you are buying an area rug for should determine the rug’s feel (type), color, size, shape, and position.

    Living rooms and bedrooms are best served with high piles rugs. Low piles rugs work great in dining rooms and kids rooms. Flatweave rugs are excellent for kitchens and dining rooms where there will be high traffic and more probability of staining.

    Regardless, it ultimately depends on the shape of your room, the furniture in it, the traffic, and the type of décor you’re going for.

    What are the reasons to prefer synthetic materials over natural wool?
    Synthetic materials like polypropylene area cheaper and more eco friendly than wool. Wool feels better in its best form, but it can struggle in damp places as it tends to absorb humidity. It is also subject to fading and can shed. Moreover, it’s always better to go for something that doesn’t use animal fur.

    How can I make area rugs look more appealing?
    You can make an area rug look more appealing in a room by offsetting it slightly. Rugs don’t have to be central, and offsetting a rug often allows you to highlight the main part of the room. This is great practice to highlight your fancy sofas or other areas that you expect people to occupy.

    How do I decide what size the rug should be in my room?
    Ideally, an area rug should go under all the furniture in a room with a few feet to spare from the walls. If that’s not possible, make sure the rug is large enough to fit under the front legs of the largest piece of furniture in the room.

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