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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Buyer’s Guide

No one can deny the value of a helmet when it comes to the safety of motorcycle riders. Apart from that, a good looking helmet also elevates the style quotient of a rider and makes them look cool. For some people, however, who want to keep connected while riding their bike, it could be a hindrance. This is where a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet comes in as an ultimate solution to the problem.

There is a variety of Bluetooth helmets available in the market. A quality build has integrated systems allowing you to sync any Bluetooth-enabled device and benefit from its multiple functions, such as answering your phone calls, hearing GPS navigation instructions etc.

In addition, there are other features you should be looking for when purchasing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. For instance, a worthwhile helmet will take into consideration your comfort by integrating an interior lining that keeps your head dry and lowers humidity when wearing.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2018

We have reviewed seven best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in 2018 with the aim of making it easier for you to buy the ideal one. Each product has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to you to decide which one is the best fit for you.

Best Overall

Best Overall

BILT Techno 2.0

High-Quality, Multi-feature Bluetooth Helmet

The product features a Sena DWO-5 universal Bluetooth 3.0 intercom that offers eight hours of talk time. It also has great ventilation, removable padding, and a drop-down tinted sun shield all in a convenient full face design.

The BILT Techno 2.0 is a lightweight, high-performance helmet packed with all the extra accessories a rider may want to add. The device is sold at a reasonable price making it a fantastic value for an integrated Bluetooth full-face helmet.

Best Budget

Best Budget

O’Neal Commander

Quality Performance for Less, Best for Small Head

Integrated Bluetooth Helmet with 10 hours of talk time. It has an anti-scratch and anti-fog shield, washable liner, cheek pads, and other quality features at an affordable price.

The O’Neal Commander is a stylish Bluetooth helmet with excellent quality. The device is best for X-Small size offering all features of a decent integrated Bluetooth helmet.

1. BILT Techno 2.0 – Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

BILT Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Those of you who are looking for a super-stylish Bluetooth helmet that is safe, can connect with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device, and is also comfortable to wear for long journeys, then Bilt Techno 2.0 is your ultimate choice.

This is a lightweight helmet and it fits perfectly. As for safety, this helmet meets all DOT standards. It comes with a chin deflector and a double D-Ring safety for fastening that make sure that it does not fly off on impact.

According to BILT, this is one of the most technogically advanced helmet they have produced. It features Sena’s universal intercom protocol which means this will work with any Bluetooth device on the market, be it a gadget or even another techno helmet.

Using BILT Techno 2.0, you can communicate with other riders up to 430 yards which is just great. It also includes DWO-3 Bluetooth system that enables the helmet to make phone calls as well as listen to the music on your phone. In addition, the product supports Bluetooth GPS navigation.

In terms of quality, the Techno 2.0 is built using the polycarbonate which ensures that the helmet doesn’t overheart. Further, the product is designed with ventilation in mind and padded with high quality material that add to the comfort of the user when on the road.

Last but not least, the BILT Techno 2.0 comes with a noise cancelling feature which is very handy in case you want to enjoy music without getting disturbed from any background noise during the ride.


  • A variety of color options available
  • Two-way intercom system
  • Light weight, but strong build
  • Easily removable padding


  • None whatsoever

2. ILM Modular Flip-Up Helmet

ILM Modular Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

This one also has a uniquely stylish design, with an impressive set of specifications. The helmet is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth 3.0 technology, and boasts 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby before requiring a charge.

ILM claims the helmet is usable over a Bluetooth range of 1000 feet. That’s a pretty long range though keep in mind that Bluetooth has its own limitations when you factor in line-of-sight or elevation changes.

Another great feature is its integrated mode for a phone call override that would mute music when someone calls you. The one-touch control allows for hands-free call answering so that you don’t get distracted from the traffic while on the road.

As for comfort of its users, the ILM Modular Flip-Up features adjustable air vents allowing you to alter the ventilation system as per your requirement. In addition, the micro-fiber lining present on the inside of the helmet is removable so that no odor persists.

The echo cancel and noise supression features make sure the sound quality of the helmet is satisfactory. The product also meets DOT and FMVSS-218 safety standards.


  • It offers fantastic value
  • The build quality is superb
  • The audio system is great even at high speeds


  • Not many size options available

3. IV2 953 Dual Visor – Modular/Flip-Up + SENA SMH5 Bluetooth Unit

IV2 953 Dual Visor

This is the latest model from IV2, which is offered as a Modular Unisex Adult helmet. It supports Bluetooth 3.0 technology allowing you to communicate with four other riders simultaneously that are within the vicinity of 1200 feet. Impressive, isn’t it?

What’s even more admirable is that the product not just connects with one phone but it can do so with two. It’s also worth noting that the SENA SMH5 Bluetooth unit doesn’t come pre-installed, but it’s included as an optional accessory and the buyer has to intall it themself if they feel the need to.

The signature feature of the IV2 953 is the one-hand Flip-up sytem that converts helmet from Full-face to Open-face with a simple push-button. Further, the interior of the helmet is just as perfect with an EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner and a soft padding.

The unit also integrates Thermoplastic Shell Technology that enhances its longevity. It also features a fog-resistant, scratch-resistant shield along with a visor that helps visibility.


  • The helmet is a great protective gear
  • Dual Bluetooth pairing
  • One button, one-hand Flip-up System


  • It’s quite heavy
  • The Bluetooth unit is not installed which can be a chore

4. Torc T14B Mako – Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic

TORC T14B Full Face Helmet

The Torc T14B (Mako) is another full-face modular helmet. It is the best in the TORC brand with a high build quality, dual density EPS system, and a smooth lock drop down visor system.

The exterior of the helmet is made from a strong yet light material making it both lightweight and durable. It also features a drop-down shade visor to ensure clear visibility. Further, the shield of the helmet is fog- and scratch-resistant for longevity and maximum stretch.

The product comes with a BLINC 3.0 Bluetooth that lets you receive and send calls as well as listen to music. Also, you shouldn’t worry about any awkward placement of the Bluetooth unit as it hides flawlessly in the padding of the helmet.

The audio system manages to overpower the noise of the traffic and it’s great even at high speeds. The product also meets ECE and DOT Certified safety standards.


  • It uses alloy in the construction for strength and durability
  • Excellent stability
  • Laser contoured comfort liner padding


  • The Bluetooth may not work properly at high speeds

5. O’Neal Commander – Hi-Viz Bluetooth Helmet

O'Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

If you’re looking for an affordable, stylish and excellent quality Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, then O’Neal Commander is definitely worth considering. The helmet comes with the BLINC Bluetooth 2.0 technology that allows up to 10 hours of talk time and 130 hours of standby to its users.

Further, the 118 feet rider-to-rider range has been lauded by customers. You can use Bluetooth for voice commands, call answering, navigating and listening to music.

While the yellow and black color scheme makes O’Neal Commander aesthetically appealing, the use of the anti-scratch material ensures its longevity. As for the comfort of its users, the helmet features removable liner, cheek pads and a dropdown sun visor.


  • Quality performance at an affordable price
  • Longer battery life
  • Excellent customer support


  • The ventilation tends to get foggy at times
  • Some users complain of dropdown visor getting stuck

6. FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Modular/Flip-up Dual Visors

FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn’s Motorcycle helmet has earned its place in our list of the best overall Bluetooth helmets thanks to its ability to combine design and functionality. It is an integrated modular flip-up full face helmet that comes with dual visors and a built-in Bluetooth MP3 intercom headset.

The device uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology that allows you to connect with two other riders up to 500 meters away. You can also pair the helmet with your smartphone to answer calls, listen to music, and get GPS directions from a mapping application.

In terms of usability, the FreedConn unit features a multi-function button that lets you quickly intercom with friends, listen to FM radio, receive calls and perform other related tasks.

The helmet has a lightweight ABS shell that has built-in ventilation to make your ride more comfortable and convenient. It also includes cheek pads and liner that are deodorant, removable and easy to clean. The product is DOT-certified.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Extended Bluetooth range
  • Fairly cheap price


  • Music doesn’t sound great at high speeds

7. Hawk H7000 – Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

Hawk H7000 Motorcycle Helmet

The Hawk H7000 doesn’t come with a lot of features as some of the higher-end motorcycle helmets on the list, but it does offer a decent performance without putting a dent in your pocket.

The helmet is built using a a polymer alloy shell that should reduce the amount of weight it applies on your head over extended periods. It’s also engineered to protect the rider by dispersing the energy your head could face in an impact.

Further, the shell of the helmet is scratch- and fog-resistant with quick release. There’s also a smoothlock drop down visor system for improved visibility.

On the Bluetooth side of things, you get 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours in standby. You can communicate with other riders within a range of 100 feet.


  • Great value
  • Multi density EPS construction
  • Secure Lock


  • Limited features
  • It does not cancel noise completely

Buyer's Guide - Choosing the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

    A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is an expensive bit of technology, so the first thing you need to consider is whether it’s something worth the investment. The product offers a lot of features, but what’s the point of spending your money on one if you’re never going to make use of its features.

    For those of you who need to connect with fellow riders, or want to listen to your favorite tunes whilst on the road, a Bluetooth helmet is going to be a smart investment. But, if you’re not interested in add-ons and your only concern is safety, then a conventional helmet will do the work for you.

    There are two main types of products in this category: Preinstalled Bluetooth and helmet-capable Bluetooth devices. Let’s take a look at each of them and see which one is better.

    Preinstalled Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets
    These helmets come with the integrated Bluetooth technology which means you have nothing to do with the installation process. Not only this, these custom designed units tend to look stylish and work flawlessly without being subjected to human errors.

    Helmet-Capable Bluetooth Devices
    If you want to add Bluetooth capabilities to your current helmet, then these are the devices for you. You can add them to the side of your helmet or install them properly using screws and bolts. When opting for these Bluetooth devices, make sure you choose a mic that is suitable for the type of helmet you have.

    Of course, purchasing a preinstalled Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will be expensive, but believe me, the money spent is worth it. If offers various features than a Bluetooth device added to your helmet, as well as brings you comfort and convenience.

    Before you purchase a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, one of the most important factors to consider is to decide how many riders you want to connect with on the road. Different headsets are capable of connecting with varying number of units so make sure you choose the right product for you. You don’t want to get stuck with a helmet that only allows you to communicate with one rider when you need four.

    The number of riders you can connect with is related to the range of the product. For instance, a range of 1000 feet might be sufficient for two riders but not for a large group. So this factor also needs to be taken into consideration before you go shopping for the best Bluetooth helmet.

    Bluetooth motorcycle helmets come in a variety of prices. Some are too expensive while others are affordable. What you need to do is set a budget and then sift through the products accordingly otherwise you may get confused with the number of options out there.

    Keep in mind that all premium items may not necessarily deliver high performance. Read product reviews and see what additional features they have to offer. Then analyze whether the quality of a given item justifies its high cost.

    How does a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet work?
    As the name implies, the device uses the short-range networking technology, known as Bluetooth. The technology was originally developed by telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994 to “replace-wires” for short range low-powered devices. It’s now widely used in the motorcycle industry, and since it relies on radio frequency, you can expect the best results when a clear line of sight is established.

    Are there any disadvantages of using Bluetooth helmets?
    There are a few depending on the particular headset that you use. For instance, the Bluetooth device of some helmets may suffer clarity issues when you accelerate over 70 mph. Similarly, you may not be able to communicate with your peers properly over long distances as the technology is based on a line of sight.

    Does the smallest size fit children?
    Most Bluetooth helmets are offered in an XS size that should be small enough to fit a child though be aware that the child is of legal age to ride a motorcycle with you.

    What are the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Brands?
    Some of the reputable brands that exist on the market today include O’Neal, Bilt, Torc and IV2. Most of these brands offer almost similar or slightly different features that are designed to offer the best experience to the rider. You should choose the one that best meets your needs.

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