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Best Bluetooth Speakers for Quality and Price

Hundreds upon hundreds of companies these days claim that they are making the best bluetooth speakers each year and in 2018 we have had a massive load of choices between old and new models while fishing out some of the high quality and cheap portable speakers for you.

It is highly important that you know how durable a product is and how much it values quality, you surely don’t want a gorgeous looking piece of crap making your living room look pretty but sound ugly. Similarly, many of you wouldn’t like it the other way around as well. This is where we come in.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018

There are some slightly technical aspects of buying a good wireless speaker, so we are going to touch each one of them as well as the key pros and cons of some of the best bluetooth speakers that you can get on Amazon right away. As far as our process is concerned, we do not always go for the cheaper solutions so you are bound to see some high quality products here as well as some of the best budget bluetooth speakers.

Top Pick

Top Pick

JBL Charge 3

Great Mix of Durability and Quality

JBL is aiming for the crown with this masterpiece that has a great aesthetic sense to it, adds value to the money by being impressively waterproof, and tops the best with its high quality of sound. The JBL Charge 3 also is one of the best bluetooth speakers for being one of the few that allow you to charge while playing music.

You don’t get more bang for you buck than this beauty. Literally throw it in the water and listen to your favorite tracks as you swim in the pool. No Problem!

Best Budget Substitute

Best Budget Substitute

Sony XB10

Cheaper Than a Video Game

Not everyone is looking to spend more for a good bluetooth speaker, which is why Sony has got your back with this highly economical piece that not only has some level of water resistance, but also produces quality of sound that is beyond par for bluetooth headphone of this size and price.

UE BOOM 2 by Ultimate Ears

Just like JBL, Ultimate Ears also has a vast range of options for you when it comes to portable bluetooth speakers, and they have got a price tag for all sizes of pockets. So when you go about looking for something better than the UE Wonderboom, we have got one of the best bluetooth speakers of 2018 for you right here.

Not only is UR BOOM 2 the successor of the original BOOM, it is also one of the oldest models that is still considered the best. It retains the mesh fabric overall from the last model but appears more durable while retaining the original round design shape.

It takes the lead among the competition in providing a 360 degree sound delivery. Not only is it one of the best potable speakers it is also a waterproof bluetooth speaker that manages to awestruck you with its room filling power.

You can use it to Double Up the sound, put up alarms, AND wait for it… Block Party! Which is basically a feature that lets two bluetooth speakers to connect an play the same track.

You can tap the speaker to change the song, forward it or go back with the Tap Controls, but that is not even the best part. The best part is that this waterproof bluetooth speaker comes with IPX7 meaning it can bear water at one meter deep for up to 30 minutes!


  • Daisy Chaining with Other Speakers of the Boom Range
  • Higher Sound Quality
  • IPX7 Water Proof!
  • Impressive Design for Outdoors


  • Price Factor
  • Control Buttons Can Get Spotty
  • No Improvement in Battery Life

Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Grey (SRSXB10/WHT)

Naturally, not everyone wants to spend 300 bucks on a wireless speaker, many of us are looking for the best budget portable speaker that we can get. This is where the Sony XB10 comes in.

This tiny masterpiece clearly caters to the smaller size and price demands, but does so with style. You get a good overall audio and even a water resistance level to sustain a splash or two.

It is a one channel speaker that, some might say, lacks in bass, but it makes up for that by giving you a battery life that is one hour more than the UE BOOM 2 up there.

To sum it all up for you, we have found it to pump a decent sound with of course should not be compared to a full sized sound system and in a very compact size. You are talking about a very nice mix of highs and lows when listening to your favorite tracks and also an impressive bluetooth range.

Among the best bluetooth speakers in 2018, this Sony bluetooth speaker is our pick for the best budget bluetooth speaker as you can own one for less than 60 bucks!


  • Decent Sound for its Size
  • Great Value for Money
  • Some Level of Water Resistance


  • Lower Base
  • Dust Magnet
  • Rare Distortion in Sound

Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose Corporation has been giving us the grooves since over half a century now and no best speakers buyers guide goes without at least one worthy product of theirs.

This is the Bose bluetooth speaker that will match perfectly with the sleek indoors of your home. It is not crafty in design like the UE Boom 2 but this Bose speaker has enough power to shake up the neighbors!

However, that is the primary selling point of this beast because it isn’t much of an outdoor bluetooth speaker. To start with, it has an average battery life and it is also not a waterproof bluetooth speaker.

The reason for the missing features is that this is one of the survivors, the older models that have managed to dominate the portable speaker market with its superior sound quality.

We could have suggested the Bose Soundlink 3 but then again there are many other options for below $200 a piece but not every one of them has a stellar sound and a body as solid as this one here.


  • Mindblowing Sound
  • Strongest Among the Best Bluetooth Speakers
  • Compact Design


  • No Additional Connectivity with Other Devices
  • No Water Resistance
  • Less Battery Life

JBL Charge 3

No matter if there are a hundred other good bluetooth speakers for sale out there or a million, JBL speakers have always pushed their way among the notables ones. And the JBL Charge 3 does so with much pomp.

It is arguably a heavier bluetooth speaker and a bulky one too, but there’s a lot in the package. For starters it can go swimming in the pool with you thanks to the IPX7 rating, so you got company.

Secondly, as the name implies, JBL allows you to charge you portable speakers at the same time when you are using them to play music. Although with a good 20 hour battery time, you won’t have much of an issue with that.

The only downside we see to the product are the exposed radiators on the ends, making it a little weaker on durability on the sides, but JBL tries to cover it up with rubber guards that still allow you to make them stand vertically.

As far as sound quality is concerned, you will feel like turning up a sound system as long as you are in a 20 feet radius of the bluetooth speakers. Base is perfect on a tabletop, violin lovers might complain about quality of high frequencies. Oh and it also has a mic for conferences.


  • Value for Money
  • IPX7 Waterproofing
  • Built-in Mic
  • Charge as You Play


  • Exposed Radiators
  • Less Detailed High Frequencies
  • Heavy and Bulky

UE Megaboom 3 by Ultimate Ears

If you are that type of a shopper who would prefer a newer model over a tested one, here’s a safe bet. Retain your connection with Ultimate Ears through their third generation bluetooth speakers, the UE Megaboom 3.

The iconic design of the Boom series is too good to let go completely so that has been mostly retained. However, made it a bit more refined. It beats the competition in terms of the collective benefit you get from its power, sound quality and portability all packed together.

Its buttons are better with a new Magic Button for one touch playlists and there is also a DJ Mode where three people can take turns controlling the playlist through the official Megaboom app.

What makes it one of the best bluetooth speakers in 2018 is how loud it can get without distorting the sound quality. The base has been further pumped, but that comes slightly at the cost of mid tone vocals getting the backseat sometimes.

However, you have got a good 20 hour playback battery to make up for that as well as better durability. Not only that, you get the same water proofing, a better placed charging port and an even better price tag than before!


  • Better Battery: 20Hrs at 25% VOlume
  • Water Proof
  • More Attractive Price
  • Loud! With Good Sound Quality Mostly


  • Increased Base Sometimes Subdues Vocals
  • Rapid Decrease in Battery Time at Higher Volume

Scosche BoomBottle MM

While some of the best bluetooth speakers still come with the problem of not being very oudoor friendly, others like the Scosche BoomBottle MM actually let you pop some beers with it.

Its truly rugged design allows the bluetooth speaker to not only be waterproof and dust proof but also military drop-tested, making it the original bad boy of our research.

This one doesn’t compromise on sound clarity like its predecessor the BoomBottle+ and manages to push fairly decent quality alongside all that ruggedness.

The reason why this portable companion is among our list of best bluetooth speakers is another useful feature that Scosche’s BoomBottle MM brings namely MagicMount. This allows you to magnetically stick your mobile on top of the portable speaker. Not only that, the base of the speaker is also magnetic which means you can perch it atop a metallic surface when you are outdoors.
There is an auto-sensing RQ in the speakers that let it automatically adjust to outdoor and indoor settings.

All this good stuff comes at the cost of about $130 and a battery time that will last just 12 hours, though.


  • Rugged Outdoor Friendly Design
  • IPX7 Water and Dust Profing
  • MagicMatch


  • Battery Time is Just 12 Hours
  • Between Average to Good Sound Quality

Buyer’s Guide

    Clearly the first thing that you should be looking for in a portable speaker is the sound quality. What you need to understand is that you are buying a portable piece and that means the quality will not and should not be matched with a sound system. However, that doesn’t mean that even the best bluetooth speakers cannot produce high quality sound because they do! Just stay realistic and also check changes on the audibility indoors as well as outdoor, depending on where you plan on using the product mostly.

    Most of us buy a portable speaker primarily because we would like to take it for a spin in the outdoors. Obviously, that is where the most accidents happen so durability of a speaker becomes even more important. For instance, exposed radiators might make your speaker a little vulnerable while one with rubber padding would stand a better chance at surviving a fall.

    If you don’t plan on a budget you want to spend you will be bogged down by so many options you will get confused – so that’s one benefit of aiming for a price you want to pay. Moving on, there will always be some companies who sell the same quality of product at a premium price. In which case, you should refer to the features being offered by each and then deciding where you get more bang for the buck.

    How do bluetooth speakers work?
    Its rather simple, these compact little pieces are using a wireless technology to share content. Your mobile, tab, or laptop transmit data to the bluetooth which in return uses an amplifier that it comes with to make the sound better for its speakers.

    You just need to find the bluetooth device in your bluetooth settings search and pair with it once. After that, your device will automatically connect with the bluetooth speakers when the feature is turned on for both devices.

    Will using bluetooth too much damage my hearing or health in general?
    The short answer is no. While it is true that Bluetooth radiation is harmful to you, it is also proven by the scientists that the level of radiation is very low and in the safe zone. In fact, the radiation emitted from your phone itself is higher!

    What is the problem if my Bluetooth speaker has exposed radiators, many speakers have them in sound systems?
    It is true that many sound systems have exposed radiators that also add a visual resonance with the music benig played but it is not a good idea even for the best bluetooth speakers in the market. This is because the basic idea of a portable speaker is mobility and outdoor usage. In such a case the product has more chances of getting damaged, and an exposed radiator can be easily torn by sharp edges.

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