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Best Cordless Drills for the DIY Enthusiasts

Back in the days the best drills would be those that could jut give you enough power to drill a hole in the wall. Now, the best cordless drills are a hot topic. If you are a Do It Yourself enthusiast, or a professional grade technical worker, we have got you covered. However, let us begin with telling you that a cordless drill is a complicated machine that has a variety of features you should consider before buying.

A power drill would need more torque and RPM than a craftsman drill. Since you are using a cordless drill you will also need the best rechargeable batteries to along. While Ryobi tools are all the rage for their affordability, the Ryobi 18V battery was a miss. So why should you buy the Ryobi drill below? Read our cordless drill reviews below and you’ll have all the answers.

Best Cordless Drills Reviews

We have tried to cover as much areas as possible in the tests that were conducted on a cordless drill from RidGid tools which looks exceptionally well designed. A Dewalt drill was also put to test against the fan favorite Makita drill. Each one of them had at least one feature that they were leading in so we tested them all.

Remember while you can get your hands on a cordless drill for anything around 50 bucks, but a good drill will double that amount just for starters. And we are not even talking about the best cordless drills here. Be sure that you know what you might need to spend. This way, you will be able to weigh the drills in perspective.

These tests have been conducted by drill, driver and screwdriver accessories experts.

Top Pick

Top Pick

Milwaukee M18 FUEL

Most Powerful, Most Expensive!

While the price point is a turn off for some buyers. We believe that the best cordless drills are supposed to be expensive like the Milwaukee drill here. It is also the most powerful with 700 inch-pound torque and its battery also lasts the longest. Professional grade material and drill set.

Since this is a professional-grade cordless drill, we think that the company has put in enough effort to make it last through the wear and tear. There also is a good length warranty to keep you covered. At the end of that warranty, this will be prove to be the right choice.

Budget Pick

Budget Pick

Ryobi Cordless Drill P1811

Improved and Economical Version

We know that the old Ryobi 18V battery wasn’t too good but they have gotten everything right with the new one. Not only that there is a range of clutch settings as well as a quick charge time. All packed together in less than a 100 bucks! The best part it the new AutoShift feature that tries to gauge your intent and shift gears accordingly.

While there could be some bits and pieces that need to be improved in the AutoShift feature, the rest of the drill’s functions make it one of the best cordless drills on a budget. Apart from being very lightweight!

RIDGID Cordless Drill R860053 GEN5X

best cordless drill Ridgid R860053 GEN5X 18-Volt

At half the price of the DeWalt drill that we tested beside it, this beast from RidGid tools almost blew us away. Not only because of the affordable price but also because it is one of the best cordless drills that we had the fortune of testing.

RidGid drills are usually considered professional grade tools although this one has a slimmer profile. In our experience this is also a plus point since it makes the cordless drill easier to handle. Moreover, it is a two speed drill that keeps it simple yet powerful.

Another thing it does better than the competition is the bit clip. Which has a very solid and firm hold but manages not to be too aggressive with it.

The batteries included in the driver set are 18V, which are slightly smaller than the DeWalt drill. This could also be the reason why the overall size and shape of the drill is slim.

Discussing the battery leads us to the one thing that we didn’t really approve of in the RidGid cordless drill. If compared to a Ryobi 18V battery, the RidGid battery might fare better, but we would not compare it there. It is an 18V battery and it should have been bigger.

Remember, a power drill will have a powerful battery and even if you buying drills for home use, why settle for less? Nonetheless, we hardly found anything else that was of concern, the drill delivered exceptional performance like RidGid tools always do.


  • Firm Bit Clip
  • Slim Profile
  • Reliable Performance


  • Battery Could Be More Powerful
  • Battery Icons Are Complex

DeWalt DCD790D2 20V Cordless Drill

best cordless drills DEwalt

While it is one of the more expensive cordless and brushless drills that we tested. Everyone at our HQ believes that the price tag is well justified for the DeWalt drill. Despite a few improvements that are due, it is still the best DeWalt 20V drill in the market these days.

Since we are discussing the best cordless drills to buy this year, keep in mind that DeWalt is going up against the likes of Ryobi tools and Makita tools. Even a Milwaukee drill made its way to the top five!

The competition is tough so lets get straight to the point. This beauty boasts one of the quickest charge times that we have come across. From a fully emptied battery you can get it to 100% in just 35 minutes. If that wasn’t enough, the DeWalt drill set packs an extra Li-Ion battery as well.

DeWalt drills have been around for years now and some of the best cordless drills have been manufactured by these guys. However, they have lest one itsy bitsy flaw in the feature set of the DeWalt DCD790D2. When you look at the clutch settings you will not be greeted by as much variety as you’d expect.

Nonetheless, with its powerful mechanism, the brushless drill delivers a punch while allowing you full control over the speed. We were even impressed with the user friendly ergonomic design.


  • Reliable and Powerful
  • Quick Charge Time
  • Impressive Design


  • Fewer Clutch Setting Choices
  • Expensive

Makita Cordless Drill XFD10R 18V

best cordless drills Makita XFD10R 18V

Next up is one of the best cordless drills that are being sold on Amazon and the rest. Makita tools are all the rage among those who love compact tools that give bang for the buck. This Makita drill ensures all such drilling enthusiasts don’t go disappointed.

What’s more, it is not just the drill that you’ll love, if you also bought the Makita drill set you will get a contractor grade bit set as well as the Impact Gold Ultra-Magnetic Torsion Insert Bit Holder. However, it is purely up to you whether you want to spend more on them or not.

Nonetheless, our testers were profound fans of how the Makita drill has one of the best rechargeable batteries. It recharges quicker than the DeWalt DCD790D2 and you only need to spare 30 minutes for this. While it is not as compact as the RidGid tools we have reviewed, it still weighs just 3.3 pounds. Not only, that it has 21 clutch settings which are also greater than the RidGid drill.

What makes it strongest among the best cordless drills we tested is the overall user experience. There was a perfect mix of power and comfort that is hard to find in drills these days. Makita is the best powerful tool brand so they have made the XFD10R balanced for pros and newbies alike.

The soft rubber design is great and ergonomic. There also are work LED lights that you can turn on for greater precision. However, that will drain the 18V drill battery faster. Even at 1900 RPM and 460 inch-pound torque, it was one of the best cordless drills.


  • Great Experience and Comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Recharge Time


  • Low Torque for a Power Drill
  • One Year Warranty

Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2703-22 XC Cordless Drill

Best Cordless Drills Milwaukee M18 FUEL

Probably the most expensive drill that we have tested for our reviews! The Milwaukee drill comes in an ergonomic plastic-metal body and boasts of the Redlink Plus technology for optimized performance. Redlink Plus is a communications channel between the battery, charger as well as the tool itself.

The Milwaukee vs DeWalt debate is long but in case of the M18 FUEL its not a problem. This is the most powerful cordless drill that delivers massive torque. You can expect between 650 lbs and 725 lbs of force! If you are looking for a professional grade drill, trust us that this is the best cordless drill you can buy.

It uses an 18V battery but somehow it performs better that the Makita and Ryobi 18V battery. In our tests, the cordless drill delivered the longest battery time after a full recharge. However, it also demanded the longest recharge time.

Looks like the Milwaukee Electric Tools company wanted to do everything extreme with this model. It is also the heaviest of all drills we have tested and stands at about 5.84 lbs. Nonetheless, for some of our tech guys the power and the provided accessories make up for it.


  • High Torque Touches 700 Inch-Pound
  • Battery Lasts The Longest
  • Highly Powered


  • Expensive Cordless Drill
  • Heaviest of All
  • Long Charge Time

Ryobi Cordless Drill P1811 18-Volt ONE+

Best Cordless Drills Ryobi

Ryobi tools have been a matter of discussion among professionals and for a good reason too. While the Ryobi drill at hand was an exception, in the past the sub-par quality of Ryobi power tools was known to all.

However, the game is changing with the new Ryobi cordless tools and we have figured that the infamous Ryobi 18V battery is also doing very well with the P1811 cordless drill. We can easily say now that the product is great value for your money, just like any one of the best cordless drills should be.

One good feature that you will find in this model is the AutoShift. Through this, the drill manages to automatically switch between speeds as well as change from driving holes to driving bolts.

The problem is that you cannot override the automatic shifts of the gear system. Therefore, it depends on how well the cordless drill picks up what you intend to do. That wasn’t a hit or miss, but it also wasn’t a walk in the park.

When working well this can make driving screws and bolts much more comfortable. However, there was one problem. The total torque it can exert is quite low as compared to the competing drills. You won’t cross 340 inch-pounds of torque on this.

There also are 23 clutch settings.

To round off the feature set, it is: compact, comfortable, allows you to use nickel-cadmium batteries as well as lithium-ion ones, and is very lightweight. There are two new models of Ryobi 18V batteries and on average each will last 45 minutes at least.

While we spent some quality time with the Ryobi cordless drill, their only product left to review now is a Ryobi Hammer Drill. Maybe next time around?


  • Affordable Model
  • Lightweight
  • AutoShift


  • Low Torque
  • AutoShift Isn’t Always Perfect

Buyer’s Guide

    If you had not figured it out already, the Torque is basically a figure calculating how powerful the drill is going to be. So if someone tells you that he has one of the best cordless drills because it exerts 300 inch-pound of torque, you’ll know they are lying. This is because the power drills out there can exert up to 700 inch-pound of torque.

    It is one of the main questions you’ll need to ask when looking for the best cordless drill. So you should also know that you don’t always need higher torque. For instance, a craftsman drill will not have a very high power because it doesn’t need it.

    It is obvious that you should take into consideration how much the cordless drills weigh. This has a direct impact on the portability as well as usability of the product. A heavier drill will be hard to lift hence hard to manage. Yet, this will not be the case if you are a bulky person yourself.

    Bottom line is that anywhere around three pounds or less is ideal. You wouldn’t want a 5 pound drill because using it for a long time will get your arms sore.

    Since we are talking about the best cordless drills, another main feature will be the battery life on them. With no active power supply, these drills rely on the 18V battery or the 20V battery they come with. Remember that the best rechargeable batteries are those that get back to full charge in close to 30 minutes and provide close to an hour of use time.

    If company supplies an additional battery you can dock the first one to charge it and use the second battery in the meanwhile. The best battery would give you an hour.

    How much torque does a cordless drill have? What should I look for?
    Cordless drills have a range of different Torque capacities that range from 300 inch-pound and go up to over 700 inch-pounds. This is fairly technical but the short story is that it should depend on the surface that you are going to use the drill on. You will not need a very high torque for usual home maintenance. Yet, you should keep in min that anything close to 300 is considered low.

    That being said, there still are some of the best cordless drills out there that offer less torque but are great for regular use. One such drill that we discussed was the Ryobi P1811, which also happens to be one of the budget picks.

    Can I fit any drill bit into any cordless drill or is there a limit?
    In most of the cases you will be able to fit any drill bit into any drill machine, but not always. This is going to be the case for all the cordless drills that use the three jaw chuck to clamp the bits. If you are using a drill (usually screwdrivers and impact drivers) that uses some other design of the chuck, it will only fit the drill bit that is made for it.

    However, that is a rare chance.
    How to differentiate between a cordless drill and a cordless hammer drill?
    When you look at both of them you might not be able to see the difference right away. This is because a hammer drill also is a traditional drill in essence. However, it has an additional feature that not only drills but also pushes the drill bit to go forward.

    While a wood worker might use only a cordless drill, a mason would use a cordless hammer drill instead. This is because the hammer drill is used mostly on tougher surfaces like concrete. Wood doesn’t need a hammer drill although some of the best cordless drills would have the functionality.

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