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Best Dirt Bike for 12-Year-Old Kids [Under $1000]

If you have a twelve-year-old kid who has recently developed interest in dirt bikes, then it’s time to get ready because sooner or later you’re going to add one to their wish list. However, finding a right dirt bike for 12-year-old kids can be tricky.

You don’t want to buy something that is too powerful and heavy for safety reasons, but at the same time, make sure that it packs the essential features and is durable in condition as well. The type and size of the dirt bike also has to be perfect according to the height of your child.

Another important factor to consider is your budget. Of course, there are bikes that can cost an arm and leg, but you may soon be back looking for a better type. It’s better that you already know about the features which you should consider out in the dirt bike so that you don’t end up wasting your money.

Best 2018 Dirt Bike for 12-Year-Old Kids

In this post, we give you a rundown of the best dirt bikes for 10 to 12-year-olds. We’ve tested different models available on the market, and found that these three models are a good size for your kid and are priced reasonably under $1,000. We’ve ended on with some useful tips which you need to consider when buying a kids dirt bike.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Moto Tec 24v

The Best Kids' Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

The Moto Tec 24v is a feature packed kids dirt bike that doesn’t break the bank. It comes with knobby air-filled tires, key-selectable speed limiter as well as delivers up to 45 minutes of heavy riding.

The Moto Tec 24v is a great option for most young riders. Looking at its performance, features, and price, you can’t go wrong with it unless your kid is into racing or serious motocross. In that case, you need to find something with a manual clutch instead.

Budget Pick

Budget Pick

Razor MX350

Powerful, Quiet and Affordable

This is a sturdy and super-ragged motocross bike that offers a decent speed to your little dirt devil. As for safety features, your child gets full control of the throttle and brake as well as adjustable riser handlebars for perfect, smooth ride.

If you’ve a limited budget to buy a dirt bike for your kid, then look no further than Razor MX350. Despite its low price, the MX350 has every feature that you’d want to find in a dirt bike.

#1. Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w

Best dirt bike for 12-year-old: Moto Tec 24v

This is a full-featured electric dirt bike for kids that carries an affordable price tag. It comes complete with full suspension and knobby air-filled tires, offering an easy and comfortable ride on all sorts of terrain.

The bike features two keys: one is used for an adjustable speed limiter that starts with 5 mph settings and increases to 10 mph or 16 mph speeds. The other key is used to allow the bike to be turned on which is a great feature for parents in the sense they can limit when the bike can be ridden.

With support for up to 150 lbs of weight, the bike is designated for kids 12 years and older. The seat height is 23 inches, which is up to 5 inches higher than that of the Razor MX350, making the bike feel larger and better suited for taller kids.

The continuous ride time for Moto Tec 24v at maximum speed is 30 minutes, while a slower, more careful driving can last up to 3 hours.

The bike is easy to assemble with the process taking only 30 to 40 minutes. The initial charge of the battery would need up to 12 hours, but in general, the manufacturer recommends 9 hours. For safety, the battery pack should be recharged with the power switch off.

Overall, the Moto Tec 24v has a decent build quality with real shocks, adjustable brakes, real tires and fenders. The vehicle is backed by a 30 day warranty.


  • 3 speeds available with key lock
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • Much longer run time
  • Disc brakes


  • Non-returnable
  • Turning radius is not ideal for younger kids
  • Seat might be a bit higher

#2. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

The Rocket MX350 is a scaled-down dirt bike that is the perfect stepping stone for your early teen who has grown tired of their bicycle and want to transition towards a motorized vehicle.

The bike is made specifically for smaller frames under 150 pounds. It has large 10″ pneumatic knobby tires offering some bounce and flex to the ride. The high torque, chain driven motor is super quiet, yet provides a wallop of power so your kid won’t get bored.

The bike can reach top speeds of 12 to 14 mph depending on the weight of the rider. The speed is enough to ride over bumpy terrain, but not enough to indulge into jumps and dangerous endeavors for safety purpose. It can travel over 10 miles on a single charge.

Your child should be able to control the speed with a twist grip throttle control and a hand-operated rear brake. There are also the riser handlebars for cushion and control that your child needs when going off-road.

The MX350 Dirt packs a rechargeable battery that takes about 5 hours to charge. The product comes with a 90-day warranty through the manufacturer.


  • Solid construction
  • TwistGrip Throttle
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Shorter assembly time
  • 10 miles on a single charge


  • Non-returnable
  • 30-hour runtime

#3. Taotao DB17 125cc

Taotao DB17 125cc

Taotao DB17 is a well-made dirt bike that is perfect for your adventure seeking kid. The bike features a quality steel framework with a powerful 125cc 4-stroke engine. The engine is linked to a 4-speed manual clutch transmission that ensures a quicker power start with convenience.

The bike boasts a CDI ignition system, kick start, and hydraulic disc brake. It comes with a fuel capacity of 1.5 gallon and has a gross weight of around 200 pounds.

The Taotao DB17 has a knobby 17” front wheel and 14” rear wheel that provide an excellent grip and maximum power transfer. Moreover, the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are configured in a way to provide added stability, and navigation through sharp corners with accuracy.

Its air-cooled 4-stroke engine delivers powerful accelerations and great degree of control. The bike can easily hit speeds as high as 54 mph. Overall, the DB17 leads the pack with features. For under $1000, the bike is definitely a bang for your buck.


  • Solid and durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Responds well to commands
  • Great customer service


  • Too tall for smaller children
  • A bit louder than other models

Best Dirt Bike for 12-Year-Old Kids - Buyer's Guide

    One of the key features to consider when buying a dirt bike for your kid is its size. Make sure you pick the right size for them so that they feel comfortable and enjoy it more.

    Don’t just buy based on the age of your kid. Of course, this works well for kids with average heights, but it might not be the same. For better measurement, make sure you child can touch the ground with both feet while sitting on it.

    Here are the recommended seat heights for kids:

    • 5’4? (162cm) Tall – 33 to 36? seat height
    • 5’2? (157cm) Tall – 31 to 35? seat height
    • Kids 10 to 12 years old – 26 to 31? seat height
    • Kids 8 to 9 years old – 24 to 28? seat height
    • Kids 3 to 7 years-old – 50cc dirt bike

    The experience of the rider also matters when choosing the best dirt bike. After all, there is no point in buying an expensive bike if your kid lacks the experience to handle it properly.

    In addition, such bikes require greater handling and maintenance, with higher cost of servicing and repairing. So it would make sense to first go for a basic bike and then upgrade to a more costly one.

    Kids bikes either feature a four-stroke or two-stroke engine. The former only delivers power for every two rotations of the crankshaft, therefore allowing for smooth acceleration. A four-stroke is easy to control which makes it suitable for young kids, especially starters.

    Two strokes, on the other hand, deliver power for every rotation of the crankshaft. They have a high kick in their steps and could be a bit difficult to control for kids at low speeds.

    For beginners, it’s best to opt for smaller training wheels first as they are lighter and easier to maneuver through quick turns. Larger wheels are a bit heavier, but they offer stability and are better at shock absorption.

    Nevertheless, you should decide on the wheel size based on the height and weight of your child. Make sure they are able to reach the ground with their boot on.

    It goes without saying that you should choose a bike depending on the cash you are willing to spend. We all know that kids dirt bikes are not a cheap accessory, so you have to check the prices with various retailers and decide which one falls within your budget.

    It’s worth noting that apart from the purchase price, there are running costs as well, including fuel, general maintenance, repainting and more. Which makes it important that you have some cache on the side, too.

    How do Kids Dirt Bikes differ from Regular Dirt Bikes?
    The dirt bikes for kids are generally smaller, light-weight versions of the regular bikes for adults. There are some major differences between the two, which are:

    Kids dirt bikes feature a low seat height, as well as a smaller-sized engine ranging from 50cc up to 125cc. There are also limited suspension options, or no suspensions at all for some models.

    Further, they are silent, more efficient and require low-maintenance than those for adults, especially the electric bikes. Last but not least, kids dirt bikes are not street legal, which means they are built to be operated only on racetracks, private roads, or within the premise of private propeties.

    What are the best dirt bike brands?
    Over time, different dirt bike brands have surfaced that has not only broadened options for buyers, but also made the prices more competitive. Nevertheless, it’s always advised to pick established and trusted brands such as Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Razor, Apollo and Husqvarna.

    Should I buy a used dirt bike?
    Used dirt bikes are a nice option for budget-conscious parents. You have to spend some time shopping around, but you may land a good deal. Used models are more preferable as a starter bike that will knock obstacles and drop may times.

    Which kids dirt bike should you opt for: Clutch or Automatic?
    For 12-year-olds especially those who are riding their first dirt bike, it is recommended that you aim for something automatic. An automatic clutch will keep things simple and help the child to easily maneuver his way across hurdles while riding.

    Once they’ve gained enough experience and confidence, they can surely move up to the next size of bike with a clutch, but for now I think it’s better that you go with an automatic clutch.

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