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Best Electric Lawn Mower with Self-Propelling & Fast Charging

Who doesn’t love a lush green lawn; but then again who doesn’t want that lawn to be well maintained! This is where lawn mowing and lawnmowers come in all shapes and forms. Although we are reviewing for the best electric lawn mower right now. You should know that there are other types of lawn mowers too that aren’t electric.

Due to the current state of our environmental pollution, electric lawn mowers are preferred. This is is because the other alternative are gas lawn mowers. Gas lawnmowers have exhausts that hurt the environment and also need greater maintenance.

So what we are going to do is bring you a variety to choices and help you pick out the best electric lawn mower out of them. Do give a couple of minutes to our lawn mowing buyers guide as a well informed buyer never makes the wrong choice.

Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

We are going to dive through the hundreds of products, and our lawn mower reviews to find you the best solution for your house. You would want a model that is lightweight so that it can be easily moved around.

You’d also prefer one that can give the grass a fine cut as well. Then there are issues with the lawn mower battery and charging times, cords and cordless models and so on. Alongside all this, you’d want some cheap lawn mowers to choose from.

Best Overall

Best Overall

EGO Lawn mower LM2102SP

Self-Propulsion, Convenience and Quality Performance

The EGO lawn mower brings you state of the art self-propulsion systems alongside a very quick recharge. Even the battery time of this electric lawn mower is on the higher end. This one competes with Honda’s gas lawn mowers!

You could be spending double the asking price for this beauty and still get an electric lawn mower with almost the same specifications. This is great value for money and the added feature like rapid charge and self-propulsion make it all the more attractive.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

GreenWorks Pro 80V GLM801601

If for some reason the EGO lawn mower isn't available

There are many things why this is our choice alongside the best electric lawn mower available now. It has two 80V batteries which is almost double the usual and a large number of cutting positions. The weight is a slight issue but the performance is a bigger plus point.

This GreenWorks electric lawn mower would have been the perfect product if it had self-propulsion mechanisms in it. The batteries are huge and they are the fastest to full charge. The larger than usual wheels assist you in maneuvering it yourself. That is if you can live with having to push the lawn mower manually like the rest of the world.

Sun Joe iON16LM

Lets start off with a cordless electric lawn mower. The Sun Joe model was one of the more lightweight ones among the list that we reviewed. Clearly pegging to be the best electric lawn mower available for purchase, this one boasts better battery life than the EGO lawn mower as well as the Earthwise model!

One of the first thing of value is that it gives you two batteries of 40 volt each which results in a combined battery use time of 70 minutes. This allows you to cover about half an acre easily. The lawn mower battery is a major concern for buyers, and Sun Joe iON16LM mitigates it expertly.

Charge time of these batteries is two hours though.

Not only that, it is a very intelligent machine that also conserves power by automatically adjusting the system. So if you are mowing thing grass it will push less and use less battery. Likewise, if you are mowing thicker grass it will use extra power.

While it doesn’t have self-propulsion to make lawn mowing easy, the weight is barely 42.5 pounds so it is rather easy to push through. The warranty isn’t as expansive as it would be for the best electric lawn mower out there, but Sun Joe will stick with you for the first four years.


  • Light Weight
  • Good Lawn Mower Battery – Good Combined Time
  • Very Good Value For Money
  • On The Go Mulching


  • Only Bag
  • Long Recharge Period

EGO Self Propelled Lawnmower LM2102SP

The EGO Self Propelled Lawnmower is arguably the best electric lawn mower money can buy. While it is generally known as the self-propelling model, its number is LM2102SP. Since it comes with a Rapid Charge feature, you only need to plug it in for about 40 minutes. A full charging allows you to mow the lawn for almost an hour.

This is the best battery powered lawn mower. Well equipped with a 56-volt lithium-ion lawn mower battery, you get a solid 21 inch cutting width. On top of that, there are five different cutting height levels ranging from 1.5 inch to 4 inches.

Mobility wise, the EGO lawn mower weighs about 58 pounds. While this isn’t too heavy, the propelling systems take the burden away from you as lawn mowing gets easier. You can push your way through the overgrown grass wherever you want with ease.

What makes it a contender for the best electric lawn mover spot is how good it is in comparison to the rest. It is cordless, uses only electricity so no gas or oil is needed. Buy like a responsible citizen abiding to the environmental pollution concerns?

Handling is quite easy since it is not the heaviest machine, and the storage state is pretty compact. The target lawn size for this beauty shouldn’t be more than 1/3 acres though. Otherwise you will have to hit a recharge well before you finish.


  • Quick Recharge
  • Among Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers
  • One Hour Battery Time


  • Suited For Small Lawns
  • No Spare Lawn Mower Battery
  • Customer Service Needs Improvement

Earthwise Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Some of the buyers might have some issues with the EGO lawn mower. No one would say that about the Earthwise 60420 lawnmower. The company claims that the battery powered lawn mower is the best electric lawn mower out there and they have plenty of reasons for saying so.

We are talking about a number of features that are similar to the EGO lawn mower but with some differences in the mix. For instance, the Earthwise model has a 20 inch blade and weighs about 52 pounds. Both being very slightly lower than the EGO LM2102SP.

In terms of battery, this model performs jut five minutes short i.e. 55 minutes but requires almost two hours to charge completely. Clearly, this could be a deal breaker but the compensation is that you get an extra lawn mower battery with the purchase.

One area where it beats the EGO lawn mower is that instead of give it has seven different cutting positions! But would you trade all that with the self-propulsion system? Sadly, not many electric lawn mowers have that feature and the Earthwise 60420 doesn’t as well.

All this really got us confused between the two options so we took help from economics. This electric lawn mower costs a LOT less than most of the good lawnmowers out there. So it is also leading on that front.


  • Seven Cutting Positions
  • Good Value For Money
  • Spare Lawn Mower Battery


  • No Self Propulsion
  • Long Recharge Time
  • Just Two Year Warranty

GreenWorks Pro 80V GLM801601

This is the best electric lawn mower for all the gardeners or home use lawn mowers whose major concern is time saving. Why is that? Because it has not one but two 80 volt batteries to give you unbeatable charge time. So while one battery charges, you can use the other to mow.

This is no small feature! You get one whole hour of use time for a single charge. To top it off, the GreenWorks lawn mower a fast charging system that will fill up the 80V battery in just 30 minutes. The only other electric lawn mower with batteries like the GreenWorks mower was the KOBALT.

Our competition for the best electric lawn mower just got tougher!

What’s more the GLM801601 also has an automatic power adjustment system like the Sun Joe that only uses as much power as it is needed for the job. A battery operated lawn mower saves a lot of power this way.

You will also not see this beauty slacking elsewhere. It has a large 21 inch cutting path and you can adjust it at seven different levels of cutting.

The only thing that could be a flaw for some customers is the size of the machine. At 62 pounds, the GreenWorks lawn mower doesn’t use any self-propulsion mechanism which makes it somewhat hard to maneuver. Manufacturers have tried to make up for it by adding large sized wheels but to us that didn’t really cut it.


  • Seven Cutting Positions
  • Good Battery Time – 80V
  • Spare Battery


  • Comparatively Heavy
  • No Self Propelling System

Honda HRX217K5VKA

Like we said, we are going to discuss some non-electric solutions with you as well so here’s what we found deserving. Possibly the overall best lawn mower, Honda HRX217K5VKA is much more than just a beautiful sight although it is not an electric mower.

The first thing you will note with the Honda gas lawn mower is that they are not only making top end products they are also owning up to them. What might make you choose this is better than the best electric lawn mower is that it offers the most comprehensive warranty. An entirety of five years!

With added features that let you decide what to do with the grass that has been cut, the Honda HRX217K5VKA stands a class apart. There is a new feature called Versamow. Using this feature you can control how much of the collection will be mulched and how much will be bagged.

Honda uses state of the art cutting blades that give you a very fine finish on the ground that will not only be of your choice of height but also very even.


  • State of the Art Finish
  • High Power – 190CC
  • No Burden of Battery Charging


  • Comparatively Heavy
  • Requires Gas Related Maintenance

RYOBI Lawn Mower RY40180

A lot of people these days have given positive opinions about RY40180, the Ryobi electric lawn mower. The praise was primarily towards its cutting path wideness as well as the easy usage thanks to its low weight. If you were to pick the best electric lawn mower to use right away, those are the first two things that you would want to consider.

So yes, the Ryobi lawn mower is getting some of the things right. There are seven different cutting positions at which the the 20 inch wide cutting path can be used. For an electric mower, that is quite close to as good as it gets.

The second most important area of a battery powered lawn mower is how good those batteries perform. With the Ryobi electric lawn mower you get approximately 40 minutes of battery time that will require about 90 minutes of charging.

This would have been totally fine if they had offered two batteries. However, Ryobi only gives you one 40 Volt Li-Ion battery with the purchase. Effectively, the electric lawn mower is more suited for smaller sized lawns only.

Wherever you are though, lawn mowing with the Ryobi mower will be comparatively easy as it is very lightweight. Maneuverability has been improved which is probably the biggest selling point of the product.


  • Lightweight
  • 20 Inch Cutting Path
  • Self-Propulsion
  • Seven Cutting Positions


  • Just One Battery
  • Suited Only For Smaller Lawns

Buyer’s Guide

    Naturally, the best electric lawn mower will need to have the best performing battery. It won’t be of any use if it dies down before the work is done. So keep tabs on this one. While battery times vary between 30 minutes to one hour, we suggest you target the closest to 60 minutes.

    Bonus points for spare batteries!

    Obviously, you’d be looking at an area where you’ll need to push the lawn mower until it is all trimmed. So invaluable products like self-propelling lawn mowers are a big yes! They always make it easy to cover an area without breaking a sweat.

    Then there also is the weight factor that comes to play regardless of whether the machine is self-propelling or not. The heavier a lawn mower is, the harder it will be to use it as well as store it. Another way to look at it is: the more weight it has, the less will be the mobility.

    Almost every thing we buy now a days has astonishingly different price points. You can think you have bought the best electric lawn mower in the market for $400 and suddenly you see a model with the same specifications but for a 100 bucks less. The short story is that your deal could fall anywhere between $100 and $500. The more you spend, the sweeter it gets.

    We think that anywhere between $300 and $400 should be enough to buy a decent lawn mower – exceptions aside.

    Is electric lawn mower better or gas?
    Both of them have their own implications. Even the best electric lawn mower would require you to schedule battery charging and replacement. This will not happen as often in the case of a gas lawn mower. Similarly, some electric lawn mowers are corded which is a hurdle that you’ll get rid of in gas mowers.

    On the other hand, gas mowers are much more fussy and messy. For instance, they omit pollution when the gas is used which is really troublesome not only for the user but the environment at large. You also need to regularly change oils on it. Electric lawn mowers cut your chores in half on that front, and are much more decent to use.

    How long does a good electric lawn mower battery last?
    Like all batteries in the world, the lawn mower battery would also eventually loose its power but when you have the best electric lawn mower out there it should give you somewhere around 50 minutes of battery time after a full charge.

    However, it heavily depends on the size of the lawn mower battery. For instance you cannot expect a 40 Volt battery to last as long as an 80 Volt battery. In general anything close to an hour is acceptable.

    What is the difference between a cutting path and cutting positions?
    When you are buying a lawn mower, the size of grass patch that it can go over and clear is called the cutting path. This is basically the length of the cutting blade area, anything coming under this will get a trim. The best electric lawn mower would have a wider cutting area.

    The cutting positions on the other hand are the levels at which you can set the blade to cut the grass. Some of the best lawn mowers would let you cut the grass as short as below an inch. On the other hand they would allow you to keep long grass that could go up to 4 or 5 inches.

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