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Best Electric Skateboards You Can Buy in 2018

Picking one out of some of the best electric skateboards out there is one hell of a task. Yet, it is not you who needs to worry about it. We have already spent hours on testing and research. This involved all sorts of checks like specifications, features and performance tests. In order for you to make the right decision, you should know about some important aspects.

If you are buying your first skateboard, our buyer’s guide at the end of the paragraph will be great help to you. Moreover, if you are an experienced boarder, we can be friends and help each other out?

Before we start with our reviews, keep in mind that the cash outlay on these is usually high. Some of the best electric skateboards are quite pricey. Thus, you should first know how much you want to spend. We will also be suggesting a budget skateboard to cover that area. But whether you are going to get a Boosted board, an electric longboard, or one of the cheap skateboards for sale is up to you.

Best Electric Skateboards Buyers Guide

Buying any electronic gadget needs a lot of detail on the specifications, as well as your own experience. For a good electric skateboard you should know what deck materials are being used. So that you pick one with layered wood for durability and flexibility. All the load is going to be on the wheels so make sure the quality is good.

Similarly, the type of motor plays an important role in your performance. So does the battery in terms of charge time, battery life, range of mileage and so on. As you can see, the list goes on. It is better that we get to work and explain it along the way.

Best High End Product

Best High End Product

Boosted Dual+ 2nd Gen

2000 Watts! Top Speedster, Fastest Charger

If money is not a concern, get yourself this bamboo deck board with the most powerful motor and the highest speed among all. If that is not enough, flaunt the quickest charge times or the impressive range.

Those specifications say it all. We have picked up this Boosted board to be our top featured product because of its quality and reliability. Not to forget it is a loaded booster board that has all the value adding features.

Best Budget Alternative

Best Budget Alternative


Spend Less, Get More!

Don’t want to spend two thousand bucks on this? No worries. Still want a presentable quality of product? Check. Want the lightest hub motor based electric skateboard in the same price range? We got you!

At just 7.7 lbs, this is the world’s lightest hub motor based board that also happens to be one of the world’s best electric skateboards while costing you under 200 bucks! Highly suited for youngsters under 130 lbs of weight.

Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

The first skateboard that we reviewed for this article was the infamous InBoard M1. From the looks of it, the motorized skateboard doesn’t do anything special. The aesthetics and the design sense is much like what other companies are also doing.

Yet, our testers felt a major upwards shift when it came to performance and quality. Being accepted as one of the best electronic skateboards, InBoard has a lot to meet up to. We were greeted by high speeds and high acceleration thanks to two hub motors of the board.

These hub motors replaced the traditional system of belt or gear. As a result, the electric board can meet a speed of up to 22 mph at a range of 7 miles. But, don’t worry it will not take up too much power from the batteries. And even if it does, you can swap the drained battery for a charged one.

Moreover, there is some level of water resistance in the InBoard M1. This will allow you to cross splashes of water w. Regardless, the 12 year warranty is going to come in handy if something does go out of hand. You wouldn’t want one of the best electric skateboards you have to get ruined like that right?

Another feature that worked very well was the regenerative breaks that allow you to charge the batteries a little bit every time you hit the brake. Oh and there is also a passcode on it.


  • Good Top Speed and Range
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Remote Has Good Functionality


  • Mileage Should Be More
  • Not a Budget Product
  • Impressive design

Boosted Dual+ 2nd Gen Electric Skateboard

One of the most popular skateboards that everyone knows about is the Boosted board. To be honest, any version of their products, whether an electric longboard or an electric skateboard have something to offer. There is no comparison even among the best electric skateboards when you are talking about the Boosted Dual+ 2nd Gen.

Did you know that it also has one of the most powerful motor ever used by the best skateboard brands? It has a massive 2000 watt battery, and with that it can take its own 15 lbs alongside 250 lbs of yours to a top speed of 22 mph! The range of this one is 12 miles which is almost double to that of InBoard M1. Even the battery time of five hours is more than the majority.

In total, it takes one hour to charge. This is not only the quickest for Boosted boards, but also among the entire list of the best electric skateboards!

All that unbeatable speed and power comes at the cost of a mid-range mileage. It touches 6 at Expert Mode and 7 at ECO Mode. It also has the regenerative system that works at par with the InBoard skateboard.

You have got all the high end features in this premium product. For instance, it has a Bluetooth functionality and a remote with LED indicators for the range.


  • Most Powerful Motor
  • Great Range
  • Unbeatable Top Speed


  • Mileage is Not the Best
  • Longer Than Usual

ACTON BLINK Lite Electric Skateboard

Not everyone wants an electric board or a longboard that looks and weighs loaded. Many of us incline towards lightweight skateboard designs. If you are one of those guys, this is the product for you. There are two things that make it worthy of mentioning among the best electric skateboards:

First, there is the repute of Acton due to models like Acton Blink S2. The company deserves appreciation for making the lightest hub motor based electric board. It weighs only 7.7 lbs.

Second, we tried and tested the ACTON BLINK Lite and found it to be a reliable, sturdy choice for light packers. More suited for younger skateboarders, this one can carry up to 130 lbs and take you along for about 6 miles on one charge.

Moreover, with in-built LED lights, it is more traffic friendly. Although, its 450-watt motor doesn’t even compare with the 2000 watt monster of the new Boosted board. Yet, it does manage to get charged in the same amount of time as the Dual+ i.e. one hour.

Like all the best electric skateboards, it has regenerative breaks that help keep the charging for a longer period of time. Yet, that’s the only help you’ll get since you cannot swipe batteries as they are fixed.


  • Very Affordable
  • Lightest Electric Skateboard Out There
  • Suited For Youngsters Below 130lb
  • Impressive Design


  • Average Range
  • Average Speed
  • Fixed Batteries

Evolve GTX Bamboo Street

Another one of the more expensive electric board, the Evolve GTX Bamboo Street is going to cost you a fortune! But, it is by far the best Evolve electric skateboard and also one of the over all best electric skateboards money can buy. Yet, before you hit me hard on the head let me clarify that it is actually a longboard. That’s a longer version of the skateboard that is often used for longer and faster routes.

While we have chosen the Boosted board Dual+ as the overall best, there are more people I know who say the same about the Bamboo GTX.

It is so fast it gets incredible when you are going up-hill. The range is also quite good; in fact, with the speed of the Evolve board you might end up traveling the range in a lot less time and then want to start over again.

Moreover, when you complete one full charge cycle it will take much longer to prep for the next. As opposed to the one hour charge time of the Boosted Dual+, the Evolve electric skateboard takes four to five hours. On the other hand it is definitely more pricier and heavier than the GT Bamboo Street as well as Plus, the boosted board.

With this electric longboard you can take on the best electric skateboards and fly away with ease. We are talking about a 3000 watt power as well as a maximum speed that goes past 23.5 mph! Not only that we can say its rang is a major 32.3 miles!


  • Great Electric Longboard
  • Impressive Top Speed and Range
  • Very Powerful


  • Heavier Than Usual
  • Pricier Than Many

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

Here’s a maple wood electric skateboard to round us off today. With better than average ratings from users, the SkateBolt skateboard manages to outdo many of its rivals with ease. Not only does the maple wood add more flexibility as opposed to the carbon-based ones, it also promises a massive load capacity. At 280 lbs, the SkateBolt might be among the best electric skateboards weight capacity wise.

Moreover, it has a range of 15.5 miles which is greater than the Boosted board we picked at number one! It does lag behind in terms of the charging time required, though. As opposed to one hour of the 2nd Gen Dual+ this electric board takes about three to four hours!

In all other areas it performs satisfactorily. For instance, the battery is a standard Li-Ion, the hub motor has a power of 1000 watts (half that of the Dual+) and one of the best top speeds at 25 mph! Just to put things in perspective, the only board that went beyond this was the Raptor 2.

It also has some value adding features like front and rear lights for the traffic, regenerative braking system as well as special 53 mm PU wheel. These wheels are harder than usual and ensure that the electric skateboard can bear rough use.


  • Brushless 1000 Watt Motor
  • Strong Deck
  • Regenerative Brakes
  • 53-mm PU Wheel


  • Remote Looks Cheap
  • Mid-Ranged

Buyer’s Guide

    The best electric skateboards will use the best battery cells, Because you want your batteries to not only last longer but also die down late. So when you are buying yourself a board, whether it is a mini skateboard or an off road skateboard, know the brand of the battery cells. Not only that there is a direct impact of the quality of battery on the speed and range you achieve.

    If a company is not being open about the cell brand, it could mean they aren’t using good quality ones. As a result, your cells will die soon and their poor quality will also affect the operation of the motor.

    When you talk about the portability of your skateboard, a number of different aspects come to mind. For instance, the weight of the electric skateboard will matter since you will have to carry it somehow. Give it substantial time and decide if you will have to carry your board more or less? If it is not going to be carried a lot, it is okay for you to compromise on weight.

    You will also need to consider the storage method of whichever product you buy. If the manufacturers have provided a doable solution then use it otherwise ask yourself will you be able to store this with you on your own? Try to buy a board that is closer to 7 KG weight and 30 inch length.

    The deck is basically the bed of the board where you put your feet. Obviously, it is going to carry you so the material it is made of is important. The best electric skateboards and longboards use wood or wood material that is multilayered. This way, the board becomes sturdier, flexible and more durable.

    Alongside a wooden deck it would be a cherry on top if you got yourself a reinforcing material like fiberglass.

    What is the difference between an electric skateboard and an electric longboard?
    Philosophy wise they are both the same thing except, as the name suggests, longboards are longer and bigger. People often choose to commute using the longboards rather than skateboards. This is because the former has a higher top speed in most cases. Other than that, the range of electric longboards is higher and so is the motor power. On the other hand, a skateboard is well, a skateboard.

    What are regenerative brakes and is it good to have them on an electric skateboard?
    Without going into too much detail let me tell you that if you have regenerating braking system in your electric skateboard or electric longboard it will increase the time that a battery will last on one charge. The feature is not available in all the electric boards but the bigger ones usually have it.

    What happens is that the skateboard creates volts when the brake system is hit. The excessive volts generated are then used to pump up the remaining battery time. In other words, by hitting the brakes you are able to charge a little bit of the battery. It is a feature that some of the best electric boards and longboards have.

    How do i choose a motor for my electric skateboard?
    The more power a motor has, the more powerful your skateboard will be. Despite that, you shouldn’t just buy the motorized skateboard that has the greatest wattage. This is because higher wattage also means that the skateboard will be heavier and the battery will need to push more charge to it. This in turn affects the battery timing, making you curse how quickly it gets drained.

    What you need to do is buy an electric skateboard that has substantial wattage of motor power but it should neither be too high nor too low. Say above 1000 watts.

    Moreover, it is important that you know there are two types of hub motors these days. While the single hub motor isn’t a no go area, a dual hub motor will be more powerful. In the end, remember that all these choices are interlinked with how much you want to spend since dual hub motors are also expensive.

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