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Best Electric Typewriter – Royal, Nakajima & Brother Typewriters

Despite a never ending supply of professional grade typewriter keyboards, there is a large number of people who prefer to keep it as old fashioned as possible with a good old typewriter. For the more important typing jobs, an electric typewriter is preferred even over a mechanical keyboard. This is not only because it is a product made specifically for the job, but also because you get yourself away from all the distractions of a working computer.

It is natural that if you only use a type writer instead of a computer keyboard, undivided attention is given to the creative process. This is because there are no computing related keys to deal with, and typewriter parts are not as complicated as a PC.

A major change in the typewriter history came with the advent of electronic type writers. Therefore, if you’re looking to fashion a typewriter for yourself these days we would suggest you to get a good electric typewriter instead of a vintage typewriter. We’ll be going over some of the best typewriters for sale these days to get you the one type machine that suits you.

Best Electric Typewriter Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Don’t know much about typewriters? That’s precisely why we are here. With words and language being our bread and butter, we have got just the right people to guide you through the selection process. Not only are we going to give you typewriters for sale that can help alleviate your typing skills, but also tell you why you should buy it.

There are a few factors that you should consider before picking up the typewriter you want. For instance, the typewriter keys, typing speed being offered, the size of the whole device, its weight, ergonomics, price, value adding features and so on. It is obvious that this isn’t as simple as buying a manual typewriter.

Best Electric Typewriter

Best Electric Typewriter

Nakajima AE-710

Top Speed, Typing Space for Pro Use

We really had a hard time picking the best because the runner up was too close. However, for the professionals out there, tertiary features matter less than basic capabilities like typing space and speed. Those are the areas this bad boy aces apart from bringing all the old fashioned typewriter looks.

With the best typing speed of the lot, as well as the greatest typing space, the Nakajima model is the best modern typewriter for professionals who want speed with reliable quality and durability. Whether you are a pro or not, a 10 line correction memory is more than enough as well.

Best Features

Best Features

Royal Scriptor II 69147T

Beats The Competition on Value and Functions

While it offers smaller carriage and slower typing speed, it is much lighter than the Nakajima. Best part is that you get an 80,000 word spell check dictionary as well as a 2-line LCD display for text preview. You can even save 50 files inside for printing later!

Need I say more? Apart from being as sturdy as the Brother typewriters, the Royal Scriptor II is a fully loaded product with all the features others had missed out on. Even the typing speed is acceptable for most of us since not everyone can type more than 12 characters per second.

Nakajima AE-710 Electric Typewriter

Electronic Typewriter Nakajima AE 710

Nakajima has been in the typewriter making business for a while now. We are well acquainted with their AR-710 model as well as the rather straightforward WPT-150. However, our testers figured that the more sophisticated AE-710 deserves a spot here more.

Indeed it is a high end product that will set you back more than the most. However, there’s fair reason for it. With the Nakajima electric typewriter you get a good typing speed of over 20 characters per second. Which means if you are a professional, you’ll want this.

There also are a total of 21 function keys, and since it is not a computer keyboard, that is a large number of functions! Moreover, it boasts a key stroke buffer of 30 strokes and allows you to print as wide as 11.5 inches.

As opposed to the single line correction memory of the WPT-150, this model allows a good ten line correction memory. Approximately that is 700 characters that you can alter at any stage.

Box accessories we were sent included the essential typewriter paper stand as well as a cover so that you can keep the machinery safe from dust – the one major enemy of typewriters and typewriter keyboards.

There is one downside, which is that the Nakajima type writer is a little heavier than your usual electronic typewriters. But for a journalist, columnist or a writer that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.


  • Good Typing Speed
  • Ten Line Correction Memory
  • Sturdy and Solid


  • Heavier Than Usual
  • High Price

Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter

ELectric Typewriter Brother GX-6750

What should a good electronic typewriter for sale these days cost? If you are buying a Brother typewriter, the answer is: a fortune! However, it builds most of the hype on quality of printing as well as the build.

Although the Nakajima type writer would cost you less, the Brother typewriter offers less flexibility. For instance the correction memory is not more than a single line. In total you can only correct up to 65 characters. This compares to the 700 characters of the Nakajima. It also doesn’t include a micro 15 printing pitch.

However, you get some time saving features as well. When you start up the typewriter it will give you a self-demo showing you exactly how the electronic typewriter works. Once you are up to speed you will also appreciate the lift-off correction method.

The Brother typewriter also has automatic paper insertion capabilities. These will save you a lot of time as well as manual work. Our testers have also applauded the design and build of the portable typewriter. The Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electric Typewriter is very strong and durable, and the typewriter keys are quite well spaced for easy reach.

In the end, the modern typewriter deserves all the love and attention given to it by the reviewers. The typing speed is great, and it doesn’t weigh a lot. A very worthy choice for home or office use.


  • Good Typing Speed
  • Automatic Paper Insertion
  • Sophisticated Value Adding Features


  • Pricey Choice
  • No Micro Printing Pitch
  • Correction Memory Isn’t The Best

Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter

Electric typewriter Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter

For those of you who are new to the typewriting revoltuion, Brother typewriters are some of the most sought after products. This is specially true in the case of the Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter.

Not only are all the Brother typewriters easy for language switching they are often the most speedy. The electric typewriter is one of our top picks alongside the other Brother model. This is primarily because of how lightweight it is. A manual typewriter is quite heavy even if you go out to buy a typewriter these days.

The design is simple, and the layout of the primary keys as well as the functional keys is the most easy to get used to. We believe this can work for professionals as well as amateurs thanks to the highly responsive keys.

Some additional benefits of an electric typewriter are not available in all models. However, this one is different. For instance, the type writer has a 70,000 word dictionary that points out errors and also lets you “find” a piece of text.

Even the keys are advanced since they are using a touch-type keyboard that requires lesser pressure on the keys. As far as the printing is concerned, you don’t need to worry about a missed error. The portable typewriter prints line-by-line.

Last but not the least, relocation after correcting a mistake is not manual with the Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter, which further makes it the easiest type machine to use.


  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Good Typing Speed
  • 70,000 Word Dictionary
  • Error Location and “Find” Feature


  • Comparatively Expensive

Swintec 2600 Electric Typewriter

Electric Typewriter swintec 2600

Not every product comes with a correction memory as great as the Nakajima AE-710 typewriter but Swintec 2600 does. With exactly 700 character memory at hand, you can fix errors in the last ten lines. While price wise it is in the mid-range, there are some features of the Swintec 2600 electric typewriter that make it worth the while. And the range of correction is one of them.

Just like the Nakajima model, it also allows a writing space of 11.5 inches on a 15 inch paper size. There’s another area where it outperformed the Brother GX-6750 electric typewriter. You get to choose between three printing pitches of 10, 12 and 15. The Brother typewriter missed out on the size 15.

Moreover, the build quality got approval from all our reviewers and so did the key size and key spacing. Otherwise it really gets troublesome if the keys are too small or too jam-packed.

While this is a standard feature in some other electronic typewriters too, it is worth mentioning that the Swintec model also offers automatic centering, bolding, underlining and return functions.

If you are looking for a feature like the dictionary of the Brother typewriter, you have the option to get a similar feature. Only that in this case the dictionary is better. You can get an 80,000 word database and also add 300 of your own words to assist you with finding text and errors.


  • Good Correction Memory
  • Good Typing Speed at 20 CPS
  • Optional 80,000 Word Dictionary
  • User-Defined Dictionary


  • Dictionary Isn’t Always Included

Smith Corona Wordsmith 250 Display Electronic Daisywheel Typewriter

ELectric Typewriter Smith Corona Wordsmith 250

Another model with impressive typewriter keys that look nothing like an antique typewriter is the Wordsmith 250 by Smith Corona. However, the keys are not the only thing that sets it apart from manual typewriters.

It comes with an additional feature in the form of an LCD display. Now you don’t need to worry about the correction memory being too less because you will be given two lines of preview before the paper gets inked. That is in addition to function indicators.

While it is a small 32 character space, it was enough for our testers to type flawlessly. There also is a 50,000 word dictionary which is a satisfactory size although other competitors are offering better.

We found out that due to the preview we get on the LCD display, the small correction memory was not an issue at all. Options were also there between printing pitches (10 Pica, 12 Elite and 15 Micro).

However two areas that it falls short on are the carriage size which is only 12″ as compared to the 15″ of the Nakajima AE-710. Consequently, you get a smaller 9″ typing space. The typing speed is also 12 characters per second. Which, despite being lower than the Nakajima model, is at par with the standard.

A handy feature we found let us store our text in the electric typewriter’s 16K Text Memory.


  • LCD Display for Text Preview
  • 50,000 Word Dictionary and Error Locator
  • Text Storage in 16K Text Memory


  • Slower Typing Speed
  • Smaller Typing Space
  • Shorter Cord

Royal Scriptor II 69147T Electronic Typewriter

Electric Typewriter Royal  Scriptor II 69147T

The company claims that being a good writer doesn’t necessitate that you have your eyes glued to the screen – and I like that! With an old typewriter I might have not said so, but the new Royal Scriptor II electric typewriter has a fair number of features for us to like.

For starters, it has one of the largest dictionary with 80,000 words – matched only by the Swintec 2600. There also is a two line LCD display to match the one that Smith Corona Wordsmith 250 ships with.

It also has the 16K text memory that the Wordsmith 250 boasts of. This way you are able to store up to 50 files in the typewriter and print them later.

Even the areas where it lags behind are the same as either the Smith Corona model or the Swintec 2600. Just like both of them, the 69147T cannot type faster than 12 characters a second and will not allow you to type out of 9 inches. Total carriage size is 13 inch.

While its 12 lbs weight is on the lower side, we have lighter type writers like the Brother typewriter above that weighs only 10 lbs.


  • Text Preview with LCD Display
  • 80,000 Word Dictionary
  • 50 Files Text Memory


  • Key Characters Fade Away
  • Less Typing Space

Buyer’s Guide

    If you aren’t buying the typewriter for a single spot of creative revelations, you should be looking for a portable typewriter. The portability of an electric typewriter depends not only on the size of the machine but also the weight.

    These electronic type writers are not like your usual keyboards, they have a full set of mechanical and electrical machinery in them which is why they are mostly heavier. Anything close to 10 lbs is good.

    Last but not the least, keep a check on how long the cord is since plugging it in is going to be an uphill task otherwise.

    If you are here it certainly means you remember and love the clacking sounds of a vintage typewriter. But the sounds that an electric typewriter makes are different. There is some machinery at work too.

    However, they aren’t as noisy as the manual typewriter. That being said almost all the typewriters for sale these days are the Daisy Wheel type which means they are going to reproduce the good old clack sound of the antique typewriter you remember.

    The size of the print you are going to get from your old typewriter is what decides if it suits you or not. As per standard, many electric typewriters have a carriage of 12″ although some like the Nakajima AE-710 have 15″ carriage.

    As far as the printing pitches are concerned, there are different choices offered by almost all the type writers. There is the 10 (Pica), 12 (Elite) and 15 (Micro). You should try that the typewriter you buy has all three.

    What is a Daisy Wheel Typewriter?
    A Daisy Wheel typewriter is one that uses a printing technique invented by David S. Lee back in the 1970s. This was a technique where the printing mechanism used individual numbers, letters and symbol keys to form an imprint separately. Remember the circular arms of each key on top of the manual typewriter your father had? That’s the one.

    Now with introduction of the electric typewriter, this technique has been modified and upgraded to recent technological advancements. The Daisy Wheel is the most common type you’ll find in electronic typewriters and that is primarily because of its speed, accuracy as well as the infamous clacking sound of the type machine.

    How to keep my electric typewriter well maintained?
    There are just a few basic things that you need to keep in your mind. First, remember that this is an electronic device so you should keep it away from all wet surfaces. Even if you are keeping it dry there will be dirt, sweat and other oily substances making it cranky. So clean it regularly with a wipe and a brush. Another safe bet is to keep it covered all the time you aren’t using it.

    You should also not expose it to extreme temperatures, so it is better to keep it in the study and not out in the garden for a long time.

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