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Top 5 Best Floor Jacks for Automobiles – Buyer’s Guide

A car jack is an essential piece of kit in your DIY tool box. It helps you raise your car up from its injured state, while you replace the tire, or do any kind of maintenance underneath. Using an inadequate tooling for this job can be dangerous though, and can lead to a number of problems.

So it’s important that you have a complete faith in the tool you’re using. We’ve picked the top 5 best floor jacks for you that are not only reliable and sturdy, but they also offer excellent performance.

Best Floor Jacks to Get in 2018

There are lots of floor jacks available in the market, so finding the the right one for you can become a daunting task. Below are some of the best floor jacks obtainable this year. A comprehensive buyer’s guide follows the reviews that provides everything you want to know about floor jacks. Check it out and find the one that best suits your needs.

Our #1 Pick

Our #1 Pick

Arcan ALJ3T

Best 3 Ton Floor Jack You Can Buy

It can safely lift up to 3 tons with higher height capacity, making it ideal for vehicles of all kind. The device is lightweight yet strong with plenty of features including thick side plates, dual pump pistons, and hydraulic systems.

Arcan ALJ3T is a professional-quality floor jack built for strength and safety. The device is easy to use and efficient in performance, with all the features you can expect from a floor jack. If you want to buy the best jack for money, look no further than Arcan ALJ3T.

Best Budget

Best Budget

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton

Best Floor Jack for Cheap

This heavy duty car jack possesses super-tough welded construction. It has ultra low profile with high lift capacity making it one of the most versatile floor jacks in the market.

Pittsburgh products are known for their reliable performance and Automotive 3 Ton is no exception. This floor jack comes with a superb design and Rapid Pump technology that allows you to lift your car in fewer pumps. With a reasonable price tag, this is definitely something worth considering.

1. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Featuring an all-aluminum build, the Arcan ALJ3T is a lightweight floor jack that is suitable for both small cars and large trucks. It can effortlessly lift around 3 tons to a maximum height of 18 ¼ inches and minimum of 3 ¾ inches.

The jack features a rubber cushioning on the saddle to prevent marring, while the handle has a nice grip that allows easy control while lowering back to the ground. ALJ3T also comes with thick side plates to ensure increased strength and durability.

This model also offers excellent maneuverability thanks to its wide-track front wheels and rear caster wheels. You should be able to effortlessly place the unit right where you want it to be.

The tool also has bypass and overload valves in place that prevent over-extension of the hydraulic ram and its usage beyond rated capacity. In addition, there are dual pump pistons for fast rising action and piston dust shields that can filter hydraulic contamination.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Arcan
  • Item Weight: 56 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 13.5 x 8 inches
  • Lifting Capacity: 6,000 pounds
  • Lift Range: 3-3/4 Inch – 18-1/8 Inch


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Bypass and overload valves
  • Prevents hydraulic contamination


  • None whatsoever

2. JEGS 80006 Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

JEGS 80006 Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

The JEGS 80006 is a lightweight, low-profile jack that has a lifting capacity of around 4,000 pounds. The tool is well-designed to lift any vehicle to a max height of 19 ¼ inches and minimum of 3 ½ inches. Its saddle can rotate to 360 degrees allowing for an easy and smooth rotation.

The unit sports a two-piece handle along with handle sleeve that protects the sides of the vehicle throughout the operation. It also offers knurled grip to prevent slippage. Further, its rear wheels are caster-style that can be swiveled for better maneuvering.

The product has an aluminum construction with compact design and industrial-grade finish. It meets ASME PALD 2014 standards features and requires less maintenance, making it an ideal choice for low-profile vehicles.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: JEGS
  • Item Weight: 50.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 14.8 x 31.6 inches
  • Lifting Capacity: 4,000lbs
  • Lift Range: 3-1/2 Inch – 19-1/4 Inch


  • Easy to use
  • Protects sides of the vehicle
  • Rubber lift pad
  • Dual side handles


  • Not too solid build

3. Powerzone 380044 Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Powerzone 380044 Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

This is a portable floor jack with a 3-ton rated capacity and lift range of 4 inch to 18-1/4 inch. It’s made of aluminum frame that reduces product weight, together with heavy duty steel lift arm designed for overall strength and durability.

The Powerzone 380044 comes with dual-cylinder hydraulic system that helps in lifting loads quickly and saves time. It also features a safety valve that is meant to avoid overloading beyond rated capacity.

The jack comes equipped with a rubber padded saddle which keeps the vehicle frame completely safe. Further, its caster-style rear swiveling wheels offer smooth rolling and easy positioning over rough surfaces.

The two-piece handle of the unit makes it pretty easy and convenient to use. The lower part of the handle is foam covered which protects vehicle while pumping.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Milestone Tools
  • Item Weight: 59.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28.4 x 13.9 x 7.4 inches
  • Lifting Capacity: 6,000 pounds
  • Lift Range: 4 Inch – 18-1/4 Inch


  • Maximum portability
  • Hassle-free usage
  • Lightweight but sturdy construction
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading


  • Requires regular maintenance

4. Pittsburgh Automotive Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Pittsburgh Automotive Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

The Pittsburgh Automotive is a low profile jack with dual pumping ability that helps you elevate your vehicle slightly higher than other devices, with a height capacity of 20 inches. You should be able to lift all loads up to its highest level in only 3-4 pumps thanks to its Dust Piston Rapid Pump technology.

This heavy duty tool can lift up to 3 tons making it suitable for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, sedans, and SUVs. The jack comes with a two piece knurled steel handle for a sure grip, coupled with foam bumper to avoid any damage to the vehicle.

On the downside though, there is no rubber padding on the saddle. If you want it, you can purchase one with a diameter of 3 5/8 or 3 1/2 inches.

The Pittsburgh floor jack is sturdy in construction with an industrial-grade finish. The device also features a universal joint release that offers precise load control in any handle position. Further, there are extra-wide steel carters that ensure everything is stable and safe.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Pittsburgh® Automotive
  • Item Weight: 79 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 12 x 10 inches
  • Lifting Capacity: 6,000 pounds
  • Max Lift Height: 19-3/4 Inch


  • Extra-low profile reach and high lift
  • Universal joint release settings
  • Rapid pump for minimal effort
  • Cheaper than other floor jacks


  • No rubber padding on saddle
  • Difficult to carry

5. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack

Blackhawk B6350 service jack

The Blackhawk B6350 is an efficient floor jack with a lift capacity of 3-1/2 ton (7,000 lbs). It features the fast lift technology and a decent height range of 19-1/2 inches. You won’t need any broad assembly to get the device up and running quickly. It is well-suited for any vehicle that has its bottom at least 5.5 inches or higher.

This powerhouse features heavy duty steel construction for durability and a swivel saddle that helps easy jack positioning and user safety. There is also a bypass device that offers protection against overpumping. A vent plug and built-in safety valve are also integrated to ensure the safe operation.

The tool also features a two-piece pump handle for extra leverage. It’s backed by the full one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Overall, B6350 is a capable product that allows you to perform minor car fixing tasks on your own like a pro.

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Blackhawk
  • Item Weight: 85 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 30.1 x 15.8 x 6.9 inches
  • Lifting Capacity: 7,000 pounds
  • Max Lift Height: 19-1/2 Inch


  • High lifting capacity
  • Built-In Safety Valve
  • Fast Lifting technology


  • May require regular maintenance

Best Floor Jacks - Buyer's Guide

    A floor jack is a hydraulically operated device that allows you to lift heavy loads, such as cars, trucks, SUVs etc. It’s one of the must-have tools at the automobile repair shops. But, how exactly do you use it?

    All you need to do is park your car in place where the jack is placed, then wedge the tires that you do not want to lift using wooden blocks. Make sure the jack touches the undercarriage of the car. Once done, start pumping the handle of the jack until the vehicle is raised.

    Not all jacks are created equal as they come in all sizes and styles. Below are some of the common types of car jacks you’ll find in the market:

    Scissor Jacks offer high lifting capacity and low clearance. They are significantly lighter in weight than other jacks and can be transported in any position. They operate by turning a large screw, and are typically used for minor repairs such as a quick tire change.

    Bottle Jacks, as the name suggests, are designed like a bottle. They are a step up from scissor jacks when it comes to portability, and are suitable for larger vehicles like a truck or SUV.

    Auto Floor Jacks use the hydraulic mechanism to safely lift most cars and trucks that fall within their weight specifications. They have wheels for easy movement and often used garages with jack stands. You’ll need flat and solid surfaces for them to provide steady positioning.

    Piston Jacks are used for major lifting operations up to 50 tons. They require a large space to operate smoothly and can’t fit in low profile vehicles.

    Car jacks are usually placed underneath most vehicle varieties, but there are some automobiles that require the devices to be lower than usual, for example sports cars. If you plan on using the tool on different vehicles of random sizes at the bottom, a low profile jack is the best option for you.

    Low profile jacks are designed to get low enough to reach under the side panels of your car. While they can be used on sedans and trucks too, low profiles are made primarily for lowered vehicles. If you don’t own such, low profiles should be irrelevant for you.

    Lifting capacity is gauged in tonnage with most units capable of lifting anywhere between 2 and 5 tons. Usually, the lift capacity is listed on the product’s label. If you’re unsure of your car’s weight, refer to your driver’s manual or visit the company website to get its weight specifications.

    Make sure the floor jack is strong enough to lift your car. Never compromise on weight capacity else it could not only damage the tool but the car itself.

    What are the Best Floor Jacks made of?
    We have tried and tested multiple floor jacks and what we found is that the best floor jacks feature both steel and aluminum in their construction. This makes them lightweight and sturdy at the same time so that it’s not only easier to carry but safe to use as well.

    How do I Jack Up my Truck?
    Some jacks are typically designed for lifting high-profile vehicles such as trucks and sedans while others can be used for such vehicles but they are not specially built for them. All you need to do is put your floor jack on two bricks placed side by side. This will help lifting your truck up easily.

    How much does a 3 Ton Jack lift?
    To understand this, first you need to know the weights of different vehicles. For example, a car weighs almost 1500kg (1.65 ton) on average, and as much up to 2000kg (2.2 ton). A truck, on the other hand, has an average weight of 2000kg (2.2 ton) and max weight of 2500kg (2.7 ton).

    Most floor jacks have a max weight limit of 3000kg (3.3 ton) which means they can easily lift a car as well as a truck.

    How often am I going to use a car jack?
    Some people will keep a jack for emergencies while others will use it on regular basis to perform maintenance work on their vehicle. So it varies from person to person, and you should choose the type of jack depending on your needs.

    For instance, if you only need it to carry out minor tasks such as changing a tire, then a smaller, scissor jack may be a good choice as it’s cheaper and won’t take up much space.

    Which is the Best Floor Jack for Money?
    We’d recommend an Arcan ALJ3T or Powerzone 380044. They are both portable, lightweight and sturdy with higher lift and higher height capacity. They also feature rear caster wheels offering excellent maneuverability. All in all, we can assure quality, consistency and longevity at a reasonable price.

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