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Best Gaming Desks for Your PC and Console Gaming Needs

When you’ve finally chosen your ultimate gaming rig, you’ll need a desk to place it one. Gaming desks are a great solution, and contrary to what you might believe, they don’t need to cost a fortune. Be it consoles, PC, a multi monitor setup, or a mix of all of those, a gaming desk will serve you well by making it easier to organize everything in a stylish space you can call your own.

Best Gaming Desks Reviewed

There are plenty of gaming desks that come at competitive prices and offer all the necessary space and comfort you’ll need for hours of continuous gaming. However, finding the right one can be a tricky business. Many desks that aren’t designed for gaming actually work just as well or even better than other gaming desks.

To help you find the best gaming desk out there, we’ve handpicked 7 products that cover all price points and types of gaming setups. There’s also a buyer’s guide after the reviews for your convenience.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Built by Gamers for Gamers

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is what gamers imagine when they think of a gaming desk. It has holders for all types of gaming peripherals and a designated monitor stand to hold monitors as large as 27 inches. It comes at an affordable price of less than $100.

For its price and features, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is simply the best gaming desk you can buy right now.

Great Alternative

Great Alternative

AmazonBasics Glass Desk

Lots of Space at a Great Price

The AmazonBasics 3 Piece Glass Desk is a modular L-shaped desk that can be split into two. This is a sturdy glass desk with plenty of space for multiple monitors and plenty of gaming peripherals.

With the AmazonBasics Glass Desk, you’re getting lots of space for your gaming rig at a highly affordable price point.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

The Atlantic Gaming Desk is our top pick for several reasons. It’s a gaming desk that screams gaming from one corner to the other, featuring a huge array of specialized storage sections and trays that will make even the messiest individual look tidy.

It’s a sturdily built gaming desk by gamers, so you know it’s got the right philosophy behind it. What’s more, it’s incredibly cost effective. Seriously, for the price you’re paying and for what you’re getting, there was no chance for any other gaming desk to take the top spot.

Atlantic’s gaming desk isn’t the most spacious on this list, but it doesn’t need to be. It features compact housing for speakers on the extreme ends, a cup holder, a rack for your gaming headset, a dedicated keyboard tray, a charging station with power strip holder to place your handheld devices on, a rack for console controllers and DVDs, and a dedicated podium for your screen. What more do you need?

The only major downside to this gaming table is that it doesn’t have space for a monitor larger than 27 inches. If you’re looking for an alternative that can fit a larger monitor, consider the Atlantic Gaming Desk’s bigger brother, the Gaming Desk Pro. It costs a few bucks more but also gives more space for a 32” monitor.

You can’t beat the Atlantic Gaming Desk. It’s not the most spacious or the most durable out there, but it’s the best overall because it is made by gamers for gamers and comes at a fantastic price.


  • Huge array of storage options
  • Fantastic design
  • Incredible value
  • Stable on all floor types


  • Can only house a 27” monitor

Arozzi Arena

Arrozi Arena

A lot of the ergonomic designs in gaming desks feature a cutaway on either the left or the right. The Arozzi Arena doesn’t differentiate and opts for the middle ground. Literally. This ergonomic gaming desk can rock up to 175 pounds of equipment on it. It has a straightforward, no-nonsense design that fits the minimalist’s requirements also screams gaming thanks to the stylish array of decals and colors it comes in.

You also get great cable management through a dedicated conduit, and the height adjustment lets you adjust to your preferences, though it is a touch sensitive. There’s plenty of space available on this desk for a dual monitor setup, and maybe even a triple monitor if you can squeeze them all in tightly.

The assembly of this desk it a little tricky, taking about half an hour. However, at the end of it all you’ll have a solid gaming desk that fits all your needs.


  • Large surface area
  • Great ambidextrous design
  • Useful cable management conduit
  • Available in different colors


  • Expensive
  • Finnicky height adjustment system

ApexDesk Elite

ApexDesk Elite

The ApexDesk Elite doesn’t come in cheap, but it’s because it’s one of the sturdiest built gaming desks around. It comes with a special electronic controller that allows for extreme height adjustments, meaning it can be used by even the tallest (or shortest) individuals out there.

ApexDesk Elite is a durably built desk that is ideal for gamers with a gigantic setup. A triple monitor setup on this desk shouldn’t be a problem, and with a dual monitor system you could through in a console and other peripherals as well.

There are two cable conduits that run in this board to prevent wire clutter. The cutout is ergonomically designed, and due to its electronic adjustment system, it’s ideal for individuals looking to fine-tune the height of their entire rig based on the games they’re playing. All that without needing to move a single piece of equipment or even get up.

You also get a wide range of colors, though black is our favorite because it screams gaming and won’t get dirty easily.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Dedicated cable conduits
  • Very fast assembly
  • Lots of space
  • Electronic control for adjustment is very convenient


  • Ludicrously expensive

AmazonBasics Glass Desk

AmazonBasics Glass Desk

For the price you have to pay for this desk, what you get is amazing. AmazonBasics makes some great products, and their L-shaped glass desk is worthy enough to make it in our list.

This is a regular computer desk that can double as a gaming desk due to its design, large space, and stylish looks. It’s a modular L-shaped desk, meaning it can be split into two and be used as two separate desks. You’re basically getting two desks in a single, very low-priced package.

This corner desk comes with a dedicated keyboard tray and has a large enough surface area to house a triple-monitor gaming setup. You get a useful underside rack to store games and cables as well

The tinted glass is stylish and suits the “gamer theme” very well. There is a more expensive clear glass version that offers a classier look, but we think the black tinted one is better suited as a gaming desk.

The only major downsides to this desk are the crossbeams that can be annoying for your legs and the fact that glass can be difficult to maintain. Otherwise, for the price it’s one of the best offers out there.


  • Great, modern design
  • Modular design
  • Fantastic value
  • Backed by Amazon warranty
  • Lots of surface area


  • Glass is difficult to maintain
  • Legs can get caught in the metal beams

Origami Foldable Computer Desk

A budget computer desk that is surprisingly sturdy despite its foldable nature, the Origami RDE-01 is a well-built product that makes for an excellent foundation for your gaming rig. This gaming desk is lightweight at just 38 pounds and has a shelf capacity of 100 pounds. The overall desk capacity is 250 pounds.

This desk is a little small compared to some of the other options on this list, but it’s ideal for compact gaming setups with a single monitor. It provides a raised platform for your feet, which is ideal for those who like to work with their feet up. We like that it has dedicated stands for your desktop for better cooling. With this gaming desk, you get 7 square feet of area. It requires no tools for assembly, making it very easy to set up.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Good customer service
  • Dedicated space for desktop computer


  • Not as spacious as some other options
  • Faulty latch in some models

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

One of the highest rated gaming desks on Amazon, the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S screams gaming from a mile away. You can’t mistake this desk for anything else other than the foundation of a powerful gaming rig.

Like all things gaming, this desk has lighting included in it that glows with the touch of a button. You can plug the lighting cable to your PC or even console with a USB. The LED lights will glow with a cool blue light by default. You can further control the lighting with a wireless remote and choose from three available colors: red, purple, or blue.

Surface-wise, this is gaming desk has a functional surface of 44.5 inches to 24.2 inches. It has a carbon fiber texture finish that looks stylish and feels great. The Z shaped design allows it to stay stable even when it’s not resting with a wall. The size is ideal enough to support a dual monitor setup or a single ultrawide monitor.

The biggest downside to this gaming desk is its poor manual which makes it hard to set up. The manual only comes with pictures and lacks instructions.


  • Edgy gaming look and feel
  • Cool LED lighting
  • Spacious work surface
  • Good cable management


  • Poor instruction manual

Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk

If you’re looking for a more traditional desk instead of a flashy one that has “gamer” written all over it, you should consider the Ameriwood Home Dakota. This L-Shaped desk doubles as a work desk and a gaming desk. It’s excellent for the latter due to its large surface area that can accommodate dual monitor setups as well as consoles and more.

The L-shaped segment of the desk can’t be separated like the AmazonBasics one listed above. However, the amount of space available is fantastic for the price. It also has several shelves to take use of to store gaming disks and accessories.

You also get good cable management options thanks to the grommets in the desk. The desk is made of all wood, so it does need regular care if you want to keep it in top shape.

The instructions for assembly are clear and come with detailed illustrations, making this large desk surprisingly easy to assemble. It does require multiple individuals due to its size and can take anywhere between 30-45 minutes to assemble.


  • Classy traditional design
  • Lots of work space due to large surface area
  • Plenty of additional storage space


  • Takes time to assemble
  • Can get damaged easily

Buyer’s Guide

    The surface area of the desk will determine everything. Sure, having additional shelves helps a lot, but a small surface area is bad if you have a multi monitor setup. Similarly, are large surface area is just a waste of space if you’ll only use a single monitor or just your gaming laptop.

    Weight capacity is also important. If you’re going to place everything on your gaming desk, you’ll be putting a lot of load on it. Make sure you have a rough idea of what the load of your rig is. Thankfully, most gaming desks take heavy loads into consideration and use high quality materials for the tops.

    No two people will have the exact same requirements. Some will want a gaming desk with a designated shelf for their desktop PC. Others will want one that is simple in design and can hold multiple monitors. You need to assess what your requirements are and decide what kind of a gaming desk you want.

    If you have a lot of DVDs lying around, multiple controllers, and more, you want a gaming desk with some storage space and holders, like the Atlantic gaming desks. If you plan to use multiple monitors, a larger surface area is more important than holders and shelves. Similarly, a gaming desk for consoles and/or laptops will require a lot less space than one for a full PC rig.

    It’s up to you to decide what’s important and how your rig is going to be, and choose a desk based on that.

    If there’s one thing unpleasant about a gaming system, it’s that the space around it is inundated by wires. Tons of wires tangling together not only looks awful but is a pain in the bottom to deal with when you need to plug or unplug something.

    Gaming desks tend to help ameliorate the issue by offering proper conduits through which you can network your cables. These conduits will really clean up your work (or gaming) space so you can concentrate more on the screen and less on the annoying wires that are dangling behind your rig.

    Why use a gaming desk instead of a regular one?

    You can easily use a regular desk for gaming. In fact, several of the desks listed in this article are not designed specifically for gaming, but function well for the task regardless. It’s important to look at the amount of space, the ergonomics, and cable management to determine whether a desk is adequate for gaming needs.

    What material should my gaming desk use?

    Gaming desks can use a lot of different materials. Glass and wood are popular top materials, while metal is commonly used for the frame and legs. Generally, you shouldn’t pay attention to the material as much as how structurally stable and durable the overall gaming desk is and how easy it to maintain.

    What are the benefits of using gaming desks?

    Gaming desks give you a spacious surface area that you can call your own. They’re created in such a way that they have enough space for elaborate, powerful gaming rigs. They are also ergonomically designed so your comfort is important. Additionally, many of them just look cool.

    Are standing gaming desks any good?

    Standing gaming desks are a strange thing. You either love them or you hate them. They replicate the intensity of playing on a console very well, but chances are you’re going to be using your gaming PC for a lot more than just playing video games. Even if it’s exclusively for video games, a time will come where you’ll want to sit due to fatigue. For this reason, we don’t recommend standing gaming desks.

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