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Best Golf Swing Analyzer for Improving Your Skills – Buyer’s Guide

Golf is a sport that is all about technique and vision. Natural talent obviously has a big part to play in it, but having a good technique is almost essential to becoming an excellent golfer. That’s where a golf swing analyzer comes in.

Golf swing analyzers are an excellent tool to make you a better golfer a lot faster than you would otherwise. They calculate important metrics of your swing and point out weaknesses in your technique and power.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews in 2018

There are a ton of golf swing analyzers on the market, but not all of them perform accurately or as conveniently as others. We’ve chosen the 5 best golf analyzers on the market for you, and reviewed them with their pros and cons. At the end of this article, we also have a Buyer’s Guide to help you make your purchase decision.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Arccos Golf 360

The Perfect Analyzer

The Arccos Golf 360 is a set of 14 golf swing analyzers in one pack. It is a complete product that offers everything you’ll ever need from a swing analyzer to improve your game.

Made in collaboration with Microsoft, the Arccos Golf 360 is an accurate golf swing analyzer that is highly cherished by all golfers.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

Zepp Golf 2 3D

Great Performance

The Zepp Golf 2 3D deviates from the norms to offer great performance and analysis in a convenient manner. This swing analyzer attaches to the glove of your hand and records data. It also offers you personal coaching to isolate your weaknesses and improve on them.

With the Zepp Golf 2 3D, you’re getting a fantastic product for an affordable price that works independently of the type of club you decide to use, making it versatile and applicable everywhere.

Arccos Golf 360


The Arccos Gofl 360 system was created in partnership with Microsoft to provide a streamlined performance that is incredibly accurate and informative. This nifty golf swing analyzer (or set of analyzers) is designed for the serious golfer.

It includes a total of 14 ultralight sensors in the package. That means that you can have one sensor for each club! In golf, a maximum of 14 clubs are allowed on a course, so Arccos is literally offering the maximum number of sensors one could possibly pack with themselves.

The Arccos Golf 360 is highly intelligent. It will not only provide detailed information about the swing quality and performance, it will also tell you which club in your arsenal is best for any given scenario you play.

It will also tell you the distance to any point on the course, allowing you to plan your strategy effectively and giving you an idea of how much power you need behind your swing.

This makes the Arccos Golf 360 perhaps the most complete golf swing analyzer on the market. Its coloration with Microsoft is a testament to its quality and capable software. It also comes with a two-year warranty, ensuring longevity and allowing you to hone your skills over a larger time period without worry.


  • Contains 14 sensors, one for each club
  • High quality, professional product
  • Automatic sensing
  • Two-year warranty


  • Expensive

Zepp Golf 2 3D


The Zepp Golf 2 3D golf swing analyzer is quite different from other analyzers because of its mode of operation. This swing analyzer is extremely convenient to use because, instead of attaching it to your club, you attach it the outside of your glove.

This allows for an obstruction free swing and measures the data just as accurately as any club mounted analyzer. It will accurately capture and break down the various attributes of your swing.

It will also accurately calculate the speed of your club head, your hip rotation, swing path, and more. The 3D in the name of the product is because it measures all data in a 3 dimensional field, allowing you to analyze the data against real video footage of your swing.

In addition to these great sensory features, the Zepp Golf 2 3D swing analyzer also offers a personalized coach. This coaching system is designed to meet the needs of the user and target the weaknesses.

For the shear amount of features this golf swing analyzer has, it’s a fantastic product for less than half the price of the Arccos.


  • Captures your swing on video for review
  • Glove attachment feature is very convenient
  • 3D analysis provides wide coverage
  • Dedicated coaching targets your weaknesses and makes you better faster


  • Cannot be used without a smart device
  • Weak customer support

Swingbyte 2


Swingbyte 2’s training device is not as elegant as the Arccos or Zepp products, but it is an excellent choice because of how lightweight it is and how easy it is to charge. This ultra lightweight golf swing analyzer attaches to just about any club, even putters.

It is very light (did we mention that already?) – so much so that you won’t even notice its presence on the club. The data it provides is clubhead speed, arc of the shot, and the angle of the club face upon impact.

Unfortunately, unlike the Zepp, this product only provides data in two dimensions. While that is fine for most individuals, many enthusiasts who are looking to master their technique will want something complete like the Zepp or Arccos. Interative 3D visuals is thus impossible with this golf swing analyzer.

The good news is that it tracks a lot of the data and it does it very quickly. What we love most about this product is how easy it is to recharge. Simple plugging into a USB port of a laptop will allow it to charge quickly and easily.

The Swingbyte 2 is a versatile device, can be used on any club and even some putters. It has a few flaws, but it is generally a great product to hone your swinging skills.


  • Easy to use
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy and convenient to charge
  • Great customer service
  • Tracks a lot of data


  • No 3D analyses
  • Bluetooth connection can be lost easily
  • Construction is fragile

Garmin TruSwing


Garmin has made a name for itself in multiple tech niches, so it’s no surprise that when they decided to release a golf swing analyzer, it would be just at good. One of the most affordable products on our list, the Garmin TruSwing speaks quality, just like Garmin’s other products.

The TruSwing is clipped on the shaft of the club of your choice, and then all you must do is start playing. The swing analyzer will then automatically calculate and provide you with all the important measurements. These include club path, face to target, club path coordinates, swing speed, and more.

This makes the Garmin TruSwing practically a “plug-and-play” version of a golf swing analyzer. Like most top quality swing analyzers, this one displays data in 3D. this helps users improve various facets of their swing and technique, leading to better results.

Another aspect we love about Garmin TruSwing is its compatibility. It is compatible with many of Garmin’s smartwatches as well as smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

So far, it sounds like a perfect product, and given its price, it comes very close to being one. The only flaw some reviewers found was that it doesn’t fit easily on certain clubs. You’ll have to research a bit and see which type of clubs the Garmin TruSwing has trouble aligning on.

Aside from that one complaint, at less than $100 the Garmin TruSwing is a great choice at a great price.


  • 3 dimensional data
  • Great compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Great value


  • Is a bit hard to fit on certain clubs

Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer


If you want a golf swing analyzer that you know has been made by people who play and understand golf better than anyone, then the Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer may be the ideal choice for you.

This analyzer was developed by professional golfers and used by them too. Blast Golf takes pride in its product, as it is used by over 200 professional players and coaches, and many other keep it in their arsenal too. This makes the Blast Golf Analyzer practically a professional product.

The Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer features smart video capture technology that will help individuals who are uncoordinated or prefer visual learning tools improve. The device records your swing and then presents it with the analyzed data to describe your swing so you can isolate and improve weaknesses.

Additionally, this swing analyzer also allows you to share your data with your friends and fellow golfers on social media and even through email. Though it might not seem like much of a feature, it can actually be quite useful if you have a coach who would analyze you or just other friends also looking to improve.

Blast Golf’s analyzer sits right in the middle as far as cost is concerned, and we feel it’s one of the better golf swing analyzers on the market, which is why it takes the final spot in our list.


  • Designed by professionals
  • 3 dimensional analysis
  • Easy to share data anywhere


  • Number of metrics measured are rather limited

Buyer’s Guide

    The most important factor in buying a golf swing analyzer is compatibility. Remember, these tools measure raw data, and it needs to be presented in some form of easy to read graphic. What device this is done on and how the data is transmitted is very important.

    Each swing analyzer you buy should be compatible with the operating system of at least one of your smart devices. Many swing analyzers are compatible with only one and not the others, which is fine as long as you have that one. However, redundancy in compatibility is always welcome, and we’d recommend purchasing one that can ideally run across all your smart devices, whether it’s an Android phone/tablet, and iOS powered device, a Mac, or a PC.

    Pay attention to the analyzer you’re favoring and see if it is compatible with the device you own. A golf swing analyzer is useless if it can’t display the data it captures on any of your devices.

    Golf swing analyzers are vastly different from other gadgets because the design and application vary so much between them. There are a lot more swing analyzers on the market than the ones listed in this article.

    One of the primal criteria in our selection was the ease of use of the swing analyzer and its general application. There are some on the market that even require you to drill a hole in your club! We’ve stayed away from such analyzers and only offered you the ones that are easy to install and remove on most clubs.

    We highly recommend you follow that practice. Golf swing analyzers should be lightweight, easy to use, and easy to remove. You should not feel their presence at all when you swing. Any analyzer that causes an imbalance in the club’s weight is a big no. That is why a small, simple analyzer is the best way to go.

    It goes without saying that no golf swing analyzer should be bought without an assessment of its features. Features not only include the basic data that it measures but also how it transmits that data to your smart device.

    This is where user ratings and reviews on sellers like Amazon are invaluable. Make sure you go through them to find out which analyzer has features that work the most accurately and which one doesn’t.

    Golf swing analyzers with 3D animations are generally more favored. These allow you to see your mistakes and problems in technique in a lot more detail. However, this doesn’t always mean 2D is bad and 3D is good. Certain 2D analyzers are more accurate in their measurements than their counterparts.

    Some analyzers go a step further and record the swing as a video. Although not always essential, this is a great way to assess your swing technique and improve on it.

    Other features include social media sharing, dedicated coaching system, and intelligent features such as suggesting which club to use. How much you need such features depends entirely on you, but remember; the more the merrier.

    Do I even need an analyzer?
    That depends on what you want to do with them. Golf swing analyzers are merely tools that supplement your training, allowing you to improve faster than you otherwise would. If you use this information cleverly along with thorough practice and hard work, you can improve rapidly. However, this does not make golf swing analyzers the only way to improve your game.

    Should I have different analyzers for different clubs?
    No, we don’t recommend spending on multiple analyzers, unless you want to go for the Arccos (which is basically 14 analyzers in one package). Most analyzers are very easy to remove and put on a different club.

    Are swing analyzers highly accurate?
    Some of them are, some of them aren’t. None of them are necessarily “highly” accurate. These tools are not meant to be your personal training instructor. They are merely there to improve your technique and let you know where your weaknesses lie.

    How long will it take me to improve using a swing analyzer?
    This will depend on more than just the swing analyzer you buy. Certain swing analyzers will help you improve faster because of how streamlined they are, but in reality, 90% of it will depend on yourself. Your current skill level, your ability to learn quickly, and just how much you practice determine how quickly you improve far more than any swing analyzer.

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