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Best HDMI Splitter To Buy for 4K and 3D Splitting and Switching

For the uninitiated ones, an HDMI splitter is not the same as an HDMI switch. Instead of working as a switch between multiple audiovisual sources, the splitter allows you to share a single source across multiple displays. Since our collection of gadgets keep increasing, there is a fair chance we will need something like this.

More importantly, if you buy a high-end splitter it might even come with switcher capabilities, allowing more than one inputs to be maintained as well. Nonetheless, if you are a regular gamer, a splitter cable and box will make life easier for you. By not making you manually plug the HDMI cable every time.

These Are The Best HDMI Splitter Choices You Can Buy

When buying, you should consider what the box does offer. For instance, what is the best resolution it supports, whether it needs a separate power connection or just a USB and so on. Additionally, it is important how well does the remote work and how much automated does it turn the experience.

In the list below, we will discuss the best splitters as well as the best HDMI switch that we have tested keeping in mind party pads and gaming setups. But remember that the more sophisticated features like ARC, auto-switching, 4K resolution and so on will naturally demand more money to be spent on the HDMI multi-port.

Premium Splitter/Switch Combo

Premium Splitter/Switch Combo

FosPower 4×2 Switcher/Splitter

Why spend on two things when there's a 2 in 1?

If there is one reason why someone might choose another HDMI box over this, it will be how it can only project the display on two screens. But it is a combo allowing four inputs as well. 3D, 4K, ARC audio, optical and RCA ports are all a walk in the park.

We hardly get products that are very well rounded. But this Matrix switch/splitter combo does all that you would wish for. Indeed, the price tag is large, but it’s still not the most expensive HDMI cable splitter.

Affordable Alternative

Affordable Alternative

Orei HD-102 1:2 Splitter

Gets the basic job done in a lot less!

While you are bound to spend multi folds more on premium products, the Orei 1:2 splitter really does an impressive job for a price that is not even comparable. You do get FHD resolution as well as great audio quality, too!

We aren’t saying there is no difference between this 1 in 2 out HDMI Splitter and the premium pick above. It doesn’t offer 4K, for instance, but for the most common demands, you will not need anything else.

Univivi 4K 5×1 HDMI Switch

HDMI Splitter Univivi HDMI switch 4K

We have been testing splitter cable boxes mostly, but we decided to include an HDMI switch as well in case you wanted to go the other way around. With all the devices connected to your LED TV, you can also use the infrared remote to switch between different input sources.

It is true that greater functionality will require you to spend more. This is the primary reason why Univivi is one of the more expensive switches that you can buy. Not only is its premium build quality, but also comes with support for up to five HDMI sources.

Additionally, it is one of the few models that can truly support the 4K resolution as well as 3D and UHD picture quality. While we weren’t able to test it out on each product individually, the splitter works well with Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray, PS3, PS4, Xbox, HD-DVD, PC, Fire TV, Fire TV stick, ROKU and so on.

The bottom line is that this is not a budget solution, but it comes with gold plated connectors for better results as well as support for the best quality of resolutions – albeit at 36-bit colors. For this price, it should not have asked for an external power supply though.


  • Smart, multi-switching
  • 4K and 3D supported
  • Good build quality with 5 inputs


  • Power has to be supplied externally
  • Box doesn’t include cables
  • Somewhat expensive

Orei HD-102 1:2 Splitter

HDMI Splitter Orei HD 102

While splitter boxes aren’t an expensive component of your display setup, there still is the question of spending adequately. If you don’t need more than two HDMI output ports, why get a 4 in 2 out connector? Also, if you can get a good quality of build in that, why waste the extra bucks?

Orei has been making really high-end HDMI extenders at one hand and some really basic models on the other. The Orei HD-102 falls somewhere in the middle of that. With support for only 1080p and not the high-end 4K, as well as HDMI 1.3 instead of 1.4, 1.4a or 1.4b.

Despite that, the HDMI cable splitter does offer 3D support and a vast range of audio channel support like DSD, LPCM 7.1, DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby AC3, and TrueHD. As a result, the quality of audiovisual output is good for a length of 30 feet, and seriously topping most of the other models at this price range.

There are some problems though, which will limit the use in some cases. For instance, there is no HDCP support. This means the lacking High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection measure will stop some content from playing as there is no encrypted digital signal passthrough to authenticate.


  • Good basic alternative
  • Audio visual quality is great for the price
  • Metallic body helps against overheating


  • No HDCP passthrough
  • Doesn’t play better than 1080p

Keliiyo HDMI Splitter

Keliiyo HDMI Splitter

This was the first splitter that we tested for our product reviews. The Keliiyo is an FHD and UHD 4K supported box that only starts to impress with its resolution quality. Even the audio is very well taken care of thanks to LPCM7.1, Dolby-AC3, DSD/Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD technologies.

To start with, you are talking about the great expansion of our audio/video output. Although you will get a single input source, you can split it into four different output displays. This is perfect for a party, e-sports and so on. Even with multiple sources, the output quality doesn’t get affected.

In fact, if you are running at 30Hz you will be able to get good enough 4K resolution. For the better 60Hz frequency, you will have to make do with 1080p Full HD quality, though. Whether you want to use it for home or even commercially at conference rooms or showrooms, you will love how its longer cords still push for excellence.

Do keep in mind though, that it is only a splitter and not a combo product that also offers to switching. Nonetheless, it is a comparatively affordable model with multiple quality output options, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be seriously considered.


  • FHD and 4K resolution
  • Up to four outputs
  • No signal loss
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Power cord needs more length

J-Tech Digital JTD-PRO 4×8 HDMI Cable Splitter

J-Tech Digital JTD-PRO 4×8 HDMI Splitter

Got all the devices that money can buy and now you want to connected displays across them all? Be a sport and get the JTD-PRO for it lets you attached eight HDMI output sources as well as four input ports for different gadgets! You are not going to need this unless you are a power user with the most extensive setups.

Nevertheless, getting yourself the product with greatest functionality will make you spend in tune too! While you can get a cheap HDMI cable splitter for below $20, this beast cannot be owned for anything below $150! But this isn’t meant for causal use at home. That can be done with the models we have picked in the start.

The J-Tech splitter is made for a more commercial use. Imagine a conference room, a showroom, a party or similar situation where you have a large number of displays and the connections run a good length before reaching the output. Thanks to a stronger build quality, the JTD-PRO is able to maintain good audio as well as visuals even at distances.

Our issue is that if you were to buy the best HDMI switch as well as splitter separately they would still cost less than this. But then again, who doesn’t want a single solution to two problems, right? Oh and you also get an entire year’s worth of warranty in case something goes off.


  • Greatest HDMI input and output ports
  • Supports 4K and 3D videos
  • High end build and components


  • Insanely expensive
  • Absurd for residential use

FosPower 4×2 Switcher/Splitter

FosPower 4x2 Switcher HDMI Splitter

Why get two things when you can get a two in one? This HDMI hub not only allows multiple input sources but also lets you split the output to more than one displays. Possibly the best HDMI switch, the FosPower can manage up to four different AV sources.

However, since it is a great HDMI splitter too, you get to play the content on up to two different screens. But then again, it will also cost a lot more than the usual 1 in 2 out splitters. It has the greatest number of HDMI ports for both sides, but there is more.

You get superior audio support with HDCP 1.4 and Audio Return Channel (ARC) and you can also attach an HDMI to DVI adapter for enhanced digital visual interface. All there to further the quality of 4K and 2K content you wish to play. In comparison with the Keliiyo splitter above, the 30Hz isn’t better. But at 120Hz, the 1080p resolution is a totally different story.

Additionally, it is one of the few models that come with additional output solutions for a variety of old and new display devices. For instance, there is an optical output as well as an RCA output. In case you are using an older display, the RCA support might come in handy.


  • 4K visuals and ARC support
  • Best HDMI multi port
  • RCA and optical outputs


  • Expensive product
  • New source always preferred

Buyer's Guide

    Not every product comes with a license from DCP. As a result, there will be some splitters and switchers that won’t play any of the protected content. However, in order to avoid the situation some of the budget manufacturers have found a way around the HDCP license. As a result, you will be able to play protected content on non-HDCP licensees too, but it will fall back to a lower resolution than the actual pixel count.

    You will need to check whether the splitter supports a resolution that matches your content quality. Not every model can play 4K or 3D videos, but not everyone needs them too. These and similar functionalities tend to increase the price tag of every product. For instance, the quality of audio channels supported as well as high-end support like ARC.

    Since you are looking for an HDMI splitter, you will at least need two HDMI out ports, but for more professional users a greater number of displays could be in use. But as far as the input ports are concerned, this has nothing to do with splitting the HDMI but switching. If you buy a combo box, it will come with more than one input choices, otherwise not. Similarly, the more sophisticated models might also come with optical as well as RCA ports for better audio quality.

    What is the difference between an HDMI splitter cable and an HDMI switch?
    The two products are at 180 degrees from each other although a number of people still think the two terms are interchangeable. Here’s an explanation: an HDMI switch comes handy when you have one LED TV but multiple input sources like a console, a DVD player or even the cable box itself. Using the switch you can connect multiple sources to single display output.

    As you should already know, this is different in the case of an HDMI splitter. Conversely, the splitter is used to take a single input source and split it across more than one display outputs at the same time.

    How to use an HDMI splitter cable with TV?
    The splitter works as an intermediary by getting attached to the HDMI port of the TVs with separate cables. The input source is attached with the HDMI in port, and then HDMI cables are attached to the HDMI out ports, one for each TV that has to play the content. Simply turn on all devices and switch to HDMI on your display screens.

    This should take the feed from your singular source and split it into the number of output cables you have attached, offering you the same audio and visuals across the devices.

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