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Best Inflatable Couch to beat Pouch Couch and Chillbo Baggins

It looks like the usual recliners and gigantic sofas aren’t the only source of comfort, an inflatable couch does that in a lot less money! Whether you are in your lounge, the backyard or the beach, you could always use some rest on an airbed. We have all tried and testified to how relaxing it is when the bed below you would take the shape of you.

Another reason why people have started using an inflatable furniture is because of the portability. As compared to the traditional couches and sofas, the inflatable sofas are neither heavy nor bulky. What’s more, they can even be packed in a pouch, hence the term Pouch Couch.

Pouch Couch Isn’t the Only Inflatable Couch to Buy This Year!

Indeed, the Pouch Couch is one of the more renowned brands that make an inflatable lounger, but they aren’t the only ones. There are a number of top quality couches for sale that gives it a competition. With inflatable furniture becoming common everyday, we don’t know why you shouldn’t own a Chillbo Baggins air lounger yourself.

If you are sold, let us guide you through your purchase of an inflatable hammock. While we are at it, we’ll be going through some of the things you should pay attention to before you spend money on something.

For instance, did you know how important it is to know the material being used make the air lounger? Or how sick it feels when you have bought a gorgeous looking inflatable couch only to find out your legs keep dangling all over the place because it was too short? Fret not! Our buyer’s guide will save you that and most of the other troubles.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Prodigen Inflatable Lounger Chair

Costs Less But Does More Than Most

We thought nothing but Chillbo Baggins would rule this list, but despite all the swag they have, Prodigen is our top pick! It is great in terms of construction quality, material usage, as well as size. What’s more, it aced our deflation time test too!

For a price tag much lower than the Pouch Couch and the Chillbo Swaggins, this simplistic looking inflatable couch packs a punch. It even has a more prominent headrest than many and boasts a bulkier packing bag only because the material used is more durable.

Premium Pick

Premium Pick

Pouch Couch

The Couch That Fits a Pouch!

We just had to try the infamous Pouch Couch to see if it was any better than the rest. As it happens, it stands true to the promises of quality and space! We loved how spacious it was, as well as the superior quality ripstop material it is made of.

Indeed the price is higher than most of the competitors, but it is justified by the quality of the product they are delivering. If you have just a few extra bucks to spend, get yourself the iconic brand everyone knows about!

Vansky Inflatable Lounger 3.0

inflatable couch air couch vansky

There are some air loungers that are made from a material that is not waterproof. Even when some companies have tried to introduce some level of waterproofing, a few products fail to deliver. That is not the case with the Vansky air chair. It is completely waterproof, tried and tested on beaches and on water.

At 6.5 feet, Vansky 3.0 has been made with the outdoors in mind since it also packs three different pockets for your gadgets etc. It is quite easy to carry too, weighing only 2.5 lbs when packed. Moreover, it comes with a backpack styled pouch for easy carrying but you will not need to keep a pump in it. All you need to do is swing it open and run against the wind to fill it up.

As a result, you’ll have your inflatable sofa ready in no more than a few seconds. Incidentally, that brings us to the only problem you might face with Vansky 3.0. Once inflated, the blow-up couch will only last for four to eight hours. That is less than what some of the other alternatives can offer.

However, not all couches for sale these days give you choices in colors, but with this one, you get to choose between black, orange and blue. Overall, we can say that the air couch completely justifies the asking price, which wasn’t too much in the first place.


  • Additional Pockets
  • Good Value for Money
  • Waterproof


  • Stays Inflated for 4 to 8 Hours

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Hammock Lounger

inflatable couch chillbo baggins

Not only are we biased towards this inflatable hammock because we are Lord of the Rings fans, but also because how cool they look. For a premium price, the Chillbo Baggins and Chillbo Shwaggins loungers give you the swag you need on the pool party. There are about 12 color and print choices to choose from, all worth buying.

The material used is also pretty durable, since they are intended to be used outdoors in varying conditions. It is made of a hard to rip polyester, without adding much to the weight. To be specific, it weighs about 3.25 lbs and due to a somewhat shorter length, it can carry about 400 lbs air only.

In short, it is a tradeoff you will have to make between the top quality of build and material against things like size and capacity. Also, it will last inflated for a smaller period of time, but if a couple of hours is all you need, you have nothing to worry about.

Last but not the least, inflating the air couch is slightly (only slightly) more of a task than the rest because it has two air chambers and not one. Yet, that also makes for a lay bag that can be used by two people together. Whether you use it to sit on the beach or float the pool depends on you.


  • Great Personality
  • Premium Quality
  • Choice of Designs


  • Expensive Than Most
  • Shorter than Many
  • Deflates Quicker Than Some

Pouch Couch Lightweight Carrying Inflatable Sofa

inflatable couch pouch couch

Next up was the one product that everyone has seen on TV commercials and made a mental note of buying. However, if you haven’t done so yet, the link above will take you where you can. The infamous Pouch Couch builds on the same idea as the rest of the competitors now i.e. rip out the pouch and you’ll get an inflatable chair.

It is made from double layered polyester for greater durability. But that doesn’t mean you can throw it on the thorns and then complain it got a hole. Even the ripstop material will give way to such treatment. Moreover, the inflatable sofa comes with eight color variants with one using the iconic US flag design.

As far as the size and weight is concerned, we found that it is lighter than its only direct competitor, the Chillbo Baggins air couch. Not only that, at 2lbs, it still has the capacity of 500 lbs air which is the standard.

One area where the Chillbo Baggins model slacked was its size. But the Pouch Couch is full size, boasting of a sitting capacity of three people although we’d recommend a maximum of two. Just in case you get the parachute pierced with something, there is extra cloth in the pack which can be used to patch it up, or you could check with the company if their one year warranty applies.

Due to a higher price than the rest, these two choices of inflatable sofas are for the ones who are only planning on buying a high-end product and not a budget pick.


  • Great Quality
  • Good Size
  • Ripstop Parachute Material


  • Expensive Product

Prodigen Inflatable Lounger Chair

inflatable couch air lounger prodigen

Moving down to the less expensive products, the Prodigen Inflatable lounger is more than what meets the eye. It does look low profile with its solid colors and lack of choices. But for whatever it lacks in the looks, it makes up for them in terms of quality and service.

For starters, the Prodigen air couch comes with a lifetime warranty, something only a few of the others are offering. In fact, it is a no questions asked warranty that assures money back guarantee or product replacement.

With such a big claim, the product was sure to have a better quality of material; and it did. It is a ripstop parachute material that is thicker than most. We expect it to withstand worse onslaughts than what the other blow up furniture products can.

What’s more, the thickness of the fabric is possibly the only thing that can be twisted into a drawback. Due to the protective double layering, the deflated package is a little bulky than usual. But if you are getting it against a longer life, what’s the harm in an extra half a pound.

Two of the biggest selling points of the Prodigen Inflatable Lounger Chair are that it comes with a headrest and that it lasts longer than all. We were able to keep it inflated for about 7 to 8 hours straight which is more than what we can say about most.


  • Affordable Price
  • Design Includes a Headrest
  • Stays Inflated Longer
  • Thicker, More Durable Material


  • Bulkier When Packed

Bertte Inflatable Air Lounger

inflatable couch bertte air couch

With four different colors to choose from and a high quality ripstop nylon, the inflatable air lounger by Bertte is everything that most of the air lay bags are. For instance, it will take in about 500 lbs of air, and not require a pump for that.

It will, however, let you store more items than many, with three regular sized dedicated pockets and one large pocket. To keep your bed straight in trying winds, it also has a stake and anchor loop like the Chillbo Baggins inflatable couch.

However, there is one thing different in this. It is the closest to a proper air couch chair since it has a long backrest. The other options we tested only made use of the ergonomics to provide a headrest, and that too in only a few cases.

Bertte understands your trouble better, which is why you can easily rest your back on it when you are tired of lying down. Not only that, but the backrest is also adjustable, thanks to strings that can be loosened or tightened to adjust the reclining angle.

Its price is a couple of bucks higher than the standard air couches, but we didn’t complain because it lasts longer. To be exact, once inflated the couch will retain the air for five hours at least and a maximum of 10 hours.


  • Full Size Adjustable Back Rest
  • Good Value for Money
  • Company Offers Refunds and Replacements Both
  • Deflates Late


  • Packing Bag Takes More Space

Buyer’s Guide

    It is obvious when you are buying a product made of any fabric you should know how long it will last. Fabrics are prone to getting holes and rips. However, companies now use more lasting materials like nylon parachute and similar polyester. Many of these are RipStop treated which means they should hold their ground more against ripping.

    You should also know the usable hours of the inflatable couch. This means once inflated, how long will the lay bag stay that way. Some of the options up there would give you two to four hours, while some can last for up to eight or ten hours too! But your requirement should depend on how and where you will use it. A pool party doesn’t end in two hours, but a trip to your own backyard will.

    The idea behind having air-filled couches was not only that people want the floating sensations, but also because these things are portable. Now every air lounger can be deflated and packed, but the question is how much space and weight will it take after being packed. We have come across products that weight between 1.5 lbs to 3.5 lbs.

    Some of the blow-up loungers come with a dedicated pouch, which is where the infamous Pouch Couch came from. Make sure you don’t buy one that doesn’t come with a bag. That would only increase your packing hassles for no reason.

    How do you inflate an air lounger?
    Most of the times someone uses an inflatable couch its an on the go arrangement. Therefore manufacturers mostly make air couches that don’t need a pump to inflate. This way, you just need to carry the pouch couch to the opening and rush with it swinging in the air. Within a few seconds, it will be filled with enough air for you sit and relax.

    However, if you have bought a piece of inflatable furniture that doesn’t fill up this way, then you will need a pump. Pumps aren’t always included in the package so that is a different debate. But once you get a hold of a pump, simply put the nozzle at the bag opening, fasten it and pump away.

    How many people can use one inflatable couch?
    It depends on the size of the air couch you are buying. There is no standard size of inflatable loungers, but most of the manufacturers make them at least six feet long. There are versions which are longer too. But for a lounger that is six feet long, we think two people can easily sit, and maybe even adjust and lay down. However, a third person on the same air couch would mean you’re stuffing it.

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