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Best Lacrosse Goals and Nets – Buyer’s Guide

It’s often understand how important the availability of lacrosse goals is to the improvement of a lacrosse player. Owning one not only allows you to have casual fun, but is also extremely essential for the optimum practice if you want to hone your skills, but it shooting, defending, or goalkeeping.

There are a ton of lacrosse goals available in the market. Some are official, many are for practice. You will have to decide based on your requirements which one you want.

Best Lacrosse Goals and Net Reviews 2018

This article will help you make that decision. We have listed what we believe are some of the best lacrosse goals in the market right now, covering both practice and official ones. We also have a buyer’s guide at the end of the list to give you tips on what to look for when making your purchase.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Gladiator Official

A Complete Lacrosse Goal

The Gladiator Official is a 6×6 lacrosse goal with sturdy construction and a 100% steel frame. It is easy to assemble and is great for practice.

There’s very little wrong with the Gladiator Official lacrosse goal, which his why we think it’s the best choice in the market.

Best Value

Best Value

Rukket Rip It

Portable & Affordable

The Rukket Rip It is popular for its incredible portability. The 6×6 version of the practice lacrosse goal combines a fine mixture of quality, durability, and portability in one single product.

The 6×6 version of the Rukket Rip It is a bargain for how well it performs given its light weight and affordable price.

Gladiator Official


The Gladiator Official lacrosse goal net is one of the nicest lacrosse goals you can buy for practice. This official 6×6 net is strong, high-quality, and reliable.

It is built with a 100% steel frame, making it almost unique compared to its competitors. This gives the goal immense rigidity and sturdiness. The steel poles give support to a 3mm braided polyester net with a reinforced lacing cord.

All the material here speaks high quality, and the build construction is no different. The lacrosse goal is easy to assemble, coming with a step by step instruction manual for quick setup. There is very little wrong with this goal other than its portability, but as practice lacrosse goals go, it’s hard to beat the Gladiator Official.


  • Extremely durable build
  • Great material choice
  • Perfect practice goal
  • Reliable performance


  • Not as portable as other lacrosse goals

BowNet Official


The BowNet Official net is one of the best lacrosse goals you can buy. This is a 6×6 lacrosse net that is made from a rigid steel frame, BOW poles, and a strong netting. The netting uses a Raschel knotless design and Energy Absorption System to withstand shock impacts.

The goal is designed for official use and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is easy, safe, and fast to set up, requiring just two minutes and no special tools. It also has rubber feet to prevent damage to grass and floor, and also offers better stability.

The BowNet Official lacrosse goal is a great choice for everyone due to its portability, excellent material use, and ease of setup.


  • Good build and construction
  • Works outdoors and indoors
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly portable


  • No top bar

EZGoal Folding

The EZGoal Folding lacrosse goal is one of the most portable lacrosse goals on the market. This net is designed specifically for beginners and portability, so it is will not stand up to heavy shots from older players.

However, this does not mean it isn’t a durable product. This 6×6 lacrosse goal is one of the few that truly folds up properly, making it incredibly easy to store. It has a frame made of powder coated 1.5” steel and a reinforced UV-resistant netting.

It is extremely easy to assemble, and equally easily to fold flat. The EZGoal Folding lacrosse goal is the ideal choice for beginners, and given its cost, it is one of the best goals you can buy for youth lacrosse players.


  • Affordable price
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to set up
  • Folds very easily, making it highly portable


  • Net is not durable enough for experienced users

BSN Practice

The BSN Practice is a solid lacrosse goal that skimps on the portability for better construction. This is a full official size 6×6 practice lacrosse goal with powder coated 13-gauge steel tubing.

The BSN Practice lacrosse goal offers extra stability with lancing rods on uprights, rear ground supports, and inside fronts. This lacrosse goal has the ability to be used at home in the backyard or at a practice club. It however isn’t too portable, weighing at a total of 70 pounds.

The weight is the goal is obviously a negative, but it has the features of the best lacrosse goals at a reasonable price. The 3mm net is durable, and the assembly of the goal post itself is quite easy.


  • Very sturdy
  • Good build quality
  • High-end features


  • Very heavy
  • Stringing the net can take a while

Rukket Rip It

The Rukket Rip It comes in two versions: a 4×4 version and a 6×6 regulation lacrosse goal. Both have similar features, although most people believe that, ironically enough, the larger variant is more portable.

The Rukket Rip It is one of the most lightweight lacrosse goals you’ll find. Yet despite its lightweight it is very tough, withstand the most powerful shots at ease. This goal is flexible due to being made from solid fiberglass poles with rotating steel corners, which also make it foldable.

This goal is highly versatile as well, suitable for all ages and all experience levels. It is extremely portable and takes just 5 to 10 minutes to assemble. We highly recommend it for families or friends who want portability and reliability.


  • Surprisingly durable
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Great for all ages and experience levels


  • 4×4 version isn’t as good as its bigger brother

EZGoal Official

EZGoal chips in with another product on the list – this time with its official goal, the EZGoal Official. The EZ Goal lacrosse net is designed with a telescopic frame that adjusts throwback angle for line dives, grounders, and high pops.

This 6×6 lacrosse goal is constructed from a 2” powder coated 17-gauge steel frame, giving it a lot of durability. It uses a heavy duty rebounder net made of polypropylene that has been UV-treated. This net also has bungee connections.

Like its younger folding brother, the EZ Goal official also folds quite well and is highly portable. It is also extremely easy to set up, requiring no tools. Its adjustment system is its biggest selling point, and one the entire unit is available at a budget friendly price.


  • Affordable
  • High quality steel construction
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to set up


  • Net can wear out easily and needs frequent replacement

Predator Sports Lacrosse Goal

Predator has made some great lacrosse nets, lacrosse goals, and more. The Predator Sports lacrosse goal for high schools is their best selling lacrosse, and for good reason.

This is a 6×6 official lacrosse goal that is features a power coated steel frame of 1.75” thickness. The steel frame provides support to a heavy duty 5mm lacrosse goal netting. The construction is sturdy and durable, and it tends to take impacts from powerful shots very well.

However, it is a fairly heavy lacrosse goal. Weighing at 53 pounds, this lacrosse goal isn’t designed to be transported everywhere. It is best used in places where you would play full lacrosse matches. Despite this big negative, it continues to remain an excellent choice due to its superior strength and performance.


  • Great construction
  • Extremely rigid and sturdy
  • All-round great performance


  • Heavy, which makes it less portable

Buyer’s Guide

    Lacross goals have proper standards that need to be met, and one of them are dimensions. Any lacross goal that is less than 6’ x 6’ (72 x 72 inches) should be reserved for young players.

    You do get certain lacrosse goals that are 4 x 4 (48 x 48 inches). These are meant for practice and cannot be considered official. They are useful for improving the precision and accuracy of your shots, but they can alter your game negatively as well. However, they are invaluable when you want some indoor practice.

    You will need to decide whether you need a folding lacrosse goal. Folding lacrosse goals are very easy to set up, very easy to dissemble, and take up very little space. They are mostly made of lightweight material.

    Folding lacrosse goals are great if you want portability. Taking them to the park for a casual game with friends and/or family is always great.

    That’s not to say folding lacrosse goals don’t come without their cons. Folding nets tend to be more fragile and cannot withstand continuous powerful shots. They are more dedicated for practice than competitive play.

    Lacrosse goals that don’t fold are much heavier, making them harder to move about. But they are also much more sturdy and provide a more professional and competitive experience.

    One of the two major types of lacrosse goals you’ll see are official ones and “practice” ones. There are a few slight differences between the two that you’ll need to look out for.

    Official lacrosse goals have squared off welded corners while the practice ones tend to have rounded corners for better safety and portability. Material choice is one of the major differences between official and practice goals; official ones use much thicker steel pipes, and the net is also thicker.

    This makes official lacrosse goals a lot heavier too, which can be unfeasible if you want to buy one just for practice in the backyard. For this primary reason, many individuals prefer investing in practice lacrosse goals with the same dimensions, better portability, and a lower price.

    Do I even need a lacrosse goal for practice?
    A lacrosse goal for practice can go a long way in making you a better player. Whether you’re a defender, a goalie, or an attacking player, having lacrosse goal to aim/defend is of the utmost important. It will hone your skills. If you’re serious about the sport, having one for practice is highly recommended to become a better player.

    Does net size matter in lacrosse goals?
    The net size does matter. Generally, a thickness of the net used in lacrosse goals determines its durability. Official game nets are always of thicker gauges. It is important not to compromise on the net quality since the net is the most fragile part of lacrosse goals. Lower level leagues and youth players on the other hand can easily get away with thinner nets.

    Do I need a portable lacrosse goal?
    You don’t really need portable lacrosse goals, but it’s nice to have one if you have family and friends who also play. They are also very useful if your practice involves going to different fields and parks to play the game. Foldable lacrosse goals are however not as durable as rigid, heavier ones.

    Can’t I build a one for myself?
    You can if you are an expert at metal work and creating intricate nets. Lacrosse goals are designed and manufactured according to specific standards – even the practice ones. If you have the tools and the time to create one, you absolutely can. However, for most people, it is far more convenient to buy lacrosse goals instead of making them at home given how affordable they are.

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