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Best Magnetic Screen Door, Magic Mesh To Keep Bugs Out

Screen doors are an integral part of the doors that your home has. That is especially true if you are in a region with outdoors full of insects and bugs. In fact, even those home owners need a magnetic screen door like the Magic Mesh that get only a seasonal influx of bugs in the area.

The bug issue can become so tedious that on hot days you would prefer to stay locked inside with no fresh air rather than open the doors and let the insects in. Your bug issue can be fixed with pesticides, but in open outdoors, such solutions aren’t permanent.

Therefore, you will need a more permanent solution, to cover up the exterior of the door even when they are open. A screen door does very well, but the traditional screen doors are not only out of fashion but also a load of carpenter work. A magnetic screen door on the other hand makes life much more easy.

Best Magnetic Screen Door Choices Reviewed

Magic Mesh is quite popular among residents who face the bug problem simply because of its magnetic capabilities. There are a number of reasons why such a door screen is better than the typical plastic ones. For starters, you don’t need to use your hands to open the screen door protector slit. Also, the magnetic door screen can close itself without any help from you.

However, when you are going out to buy yourself the best magnetic screen door, you’ll need some help in picking up what is best for you. You will need some information about the features that they have so that you can find out whether to buy the Magic Mesh screen door or the Bug Off screen door.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Flux Phenom

Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

There are a number of areas where the Flux Phenom mesh door was able to beat competition like the Bug Off screen as well as Homitt. For instance, it has one of the best material, 26 strong magnets, an installation kit, and lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for?

It is clear that for a small additional sum, you can get the best magnetic screen door. And that too from makers who own their product with stuff like lifetime warranty and a dedicated installation box.

Most Versatile

Most Versatile


Magnetic Screen Door That Fits All Sizes

It looks like TheFitLife screen fits so many sizes that they even included the word ‘fit’ in their name. You get the largest number of choices with this one, and you do not need to worry about the quality going down.

In terms of warranty, you only get three months. However, it is money back guarantee that no other has offered. Also, there is an equal number of magnets as the Flux Phenom magnetic screen door and a comparable quality of material.

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

Making use of a high quality, high density and antioxidant material, the Magic Mesh like screen door boasts of extra durability. It also has a total of 26 magnets that help close the curtain once you are through. There also are eight gravity sticks to ensure that the lower side isn’t blown by air.

Unlike the Flux Phenom, it also has a full frame that keeps its outer border secured in place with the help of pins and the hooks. All these tools are included in the pack.

Installation is a major trouble for most of us and that’s true even among our testers. So one area where the Homitt magnetic screen door was preferred is that it doesn’t need any installation tool or kit.

Don’t just jump up and buy this for yourself yet, you should also check the available sizes. This is because in comparison to the rest of the products, we found that the size was rather. It could be that such a premium quality screen door doesn’t even fit your entrance.

It is suitable only for a single door and even if yours is one, we suggest that you first measure the door size. Then, compare it with the 39 inches of Homitt.


  • Good Quality of Material
  • Strong Enough Magic
  • Installation Doesn’t Require Any Tool Or Kit


  • Smaller Size
  • Lightweight

Wolf and Moon Bug Off Magnetic Screen Door

magnetic screen doors bug off

One of the bigger problems that people have with mesh screen doors is the size. While sometime it is the company that is shipping different dimensions, on other occasions it is the mistake of the buyer. Regardless of that, it is always a better idea to buy a screen door that can be adjusted for height.

In the Bug Off screendoor by Wolf and Moon Products, you get two different levels. There are two installation tunnels on the mesh where you can adjust the height. An even better idea is to get the dimensions correct and benefit from the variety of size choices offered by the company.

As far as the Bug Off magnetic screen door is concerned you get four sizes to choose from. This is satisfactory choice but most of the other companies have greater number of sizes leading to more chances of picking the perfect fit. It also happens to be the heaviest among all screen doors with magnet that we tested.

Also, in comparison with the rest, the warranty offered by the company is merely one month, a rather quick end to the after sales services.

Nonetheless, the product itself is of premium quality and there’s hardly anything that they didn’t get right. Well, except for the number of magnets used to reattach the drapes. There are only three magnets with eight Velcro holders.

Some magnetic screendoors can only be fit on some doors which can be a problem for many of you. However, the Bug Off screen door offers enough variety and gets attached to sliding doors, French doors, double doors and whatnot.


  • Durable Material
  • Premium Quality Build
  • Adjustable Height
  • Heavier Than the Rest


  • Less Magnets
  • Just One Month Warranty

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door Mesh

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

While you will only be able to fit on areas smaller that three feet in width, the iGotTech magnetic screen mesh is also quite effective. A full frame fly screen door like this one would even compete with a Lowes screen door if the size wasn’t an issue. The makers boast of screen doors that are made of the toughest material. Not only that, the bug off mechanism also works pretty well.

It looks like the 26 magnets it uses are reinforced at the perfect spots and they can withstand long seasons. Moreover, while testing it we didn’t find any gaps on the sides thanks to heavy duty Velcro.

However, just like it is with all other magnetic screen doors, make sure that you are not putting the magic screen on a metal door. Since the mesh screen doors have magnets, they will stick to the door instead of each other.

With Velcro as well as the in-built hook and loop system we were able to keep it well in place. Therefore, the verdict is that it is one of the easiest to install instant screen door.

It is also a fair priced product, although most of the Magic Mesh and lookalikes are affordable. However, the only problem that you first need to get out of is the size issue. If you are planning on buying the iGotTech magnetic screen door, make sure that it will fit the size of your door.


  • Good Material
  • 26 Magnets Keep it Together
  • Gap-free Installation Is Easy


  • Only For Single Doors

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Where the Bug Off screen door failed, the Flux Phenom screen door succeeded. With a range of value adding features, this one aims to cut down your troubles into half. When you open the package, you get a nice surprise as the installation kit greets you.

When you unroll it, the mesh door reveals a very strong product that will resist more than many before it breaks. Not only that, the magnets are put in the perfect places so that they come back to their place in no time. Moreover, the screen is not fit with a frame which is actually a positive thing. Because through wings without a frame, the company has made it completely retractable. You can roll it up, or simply take it down and store it when you don’t need it.

So without the frame is it any good? Of course it is. There are premium quality metal thumbtacks, strips and hooks that keep it in its place. However, the best part is that the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty.

Comparatively, it only weighs half as much as the Bug Off screen door and has a total of 26 magnets to compensate for the lack of size choices.

All this is perfect, but when you get some of the good stuff, the price is bound to increase. Therefore, you’ll find the Flux Premium screen door on the higher end of the price spectrum. So if price is not an issue for you, and neither is outdoor light, this is the best magnetic screen door you can get.


  • Replacement Warranty for Life
  • 26 Magnets Keep the Shape Reinforced
  • Easy Setup with Installation Kit


  • High Price
  • Height Isn’t Adjustable, You Can Cut It

TheFitLife Magnetic Screen Door

magnetic screen door thefitlife

TheFitLife screen door works so well that you might even decide to skip your French door curtains. Same as the Flux Phenom above, it also has 26 magnets which puts it a step ahead of the Wolf and Moon Bug Off screen door. But there’s more, each of these magnets are sewn separately into the edges.

Due to the symmetrical position of the magnets, the strength of the magnetic screen door is enhanced. As a result, the more durable screen is hard to break or pop. Not only that, we hardly saw any gaps when it stuck together.

With the fiberglass mesh, TheFitLife is one of the more durable ones. This is why it is also possible to use them on double doors. There are 12 gravity sticks spread throughout the mesh, so it will keep its form.

The best part is that this door screen has the greatest variety when it comes to size options. We are the most confident that you’ll find your size no matter what it is. Moreover, keep in mind that the actual size of the product might be slightly smaller than what the Amazon page says.

Size wise, it isn’t too heavy, but not too light either. To be specific, it weights almost half of what the Bug Off screen door weighs but more than most of the other products that we have tested. It also does better than it in terms of warranty. However, TheFitLife’s three moth money back guarantee still falls short of the life time return policy of Flux Phenom.


  • Maximum Choice of Sizes
  • Keeps Its Form Thanks to 26 Magnets
  • Gap-free Installation Is Easy


  • Actual Size Slightly Smaller Than The Advertisement

Buyer’s Guide

    Since you are going to buy a magnetic screen door, you should check for the magnets being used in it. There are some instant screen doors that only have a few of them but you should look for as many of them as possible. This is because the points where magnets are sewn into the mesh are the points where the screen will join itself back.

    In the simplest form, magnets are the most essential part of this product and their quality as well as quantity should be premium.

    Since these magic screen doors are not sold as a mainstream product, the price position is different for each maker. You can see a trend that products with better features are more expensive, but there is no clear demarcation of price range.

    We can give you a rough idea though. The mesh screen doors start from $10 and go up to $50 depending on the quality.

    There are a number of aspects that you will need to check in order to confirm the quality of a product. You should begin by examining the material that has been used in making the mesh. There are metallic variants but in most cases a good fiberglass should do the trick. Check it for durability against strong winds as well as the weight.

    Moving on, you should also check whether there are enough magnets in to to maintain the shape and form of the magnetic screen door. If there aren’t the product might end up with both wings blowing away to the sides very often.

    Same is the case with the frame being used as well as the mechanism being used to stick the screen on to the door.

    How do I operate the magic mesh if my hands are full and I want to cross?

    That is one of the situations for which we have a magnetic screen door. These screens are not plastic or metallic which means they can be moved around. When you try to pass through, you can push through with ease and both the door wings of the screen will open up. When you have passed through, the gravity sticks in the mesh will pull down the wings. When they are back to their original position, the magnets in the mesh will connect them together.

    What size are magnetic screen doors sold in? Is there a “one size fits all” solution I can buy?

    Sadly, there currently isn’t a single product that follows the criteria of “one size fits all.” Although you might be able to find a product with a large size that will need to be cut. The ideal way to do this is that you first measure the dimensions of your door and then check available sizes for each of the mesh screen doors you can buy.

    Can magnetic screen doors be used to keep kids from leaving the house on their own?

    Certainly not, these screen doors are designed to give a way of passage to anyone who wants to pass. These are not locks. In fact, they are a solution to allow your pets to leave the home and enter when they want. Therefore, they will not only let the kids pass through but also let anyone from the outside come in.

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