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The Best Mini Trampoline to Buy in 2018

Whether it’s for health and fitness or some fun, purchasing a mini trampoline can go a long way in improving your lifestyle.

These small trampolines are also called rebounders, and they’re incredibly useful for certain workouts. Heck, even if you find the idea of working out on a trampoline odd, the sheer joy one can bring is alone reason enough to consider a purchase.

That said, there are a ton of options on the market, and not all of them are equally great. Buying a mini trampoline or rebounder is a great step in itself, but you can further enhance the experience by deciding what you want in one, and what features best suit your need.

The Best Mini Trampolines of 2018

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best mini trampolines on the market right now. We also have a buyer’s guide at the end to help you make a better decision. Let’s get started!

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick

JumpSport Fitness Model 250

Reliable and High Quality

Though slightly costlier than its competitors with similar size, the Jump Sport Fitness Model 250 trampoline is made of top notch material and strong bungee cords. This is an all-round high quality mini trampoline ideal for workouts.

We believe the JumpSport Fitness Model 250 is a durable rebounder that can even challenge commercial-grade gym trampolines and is the best product on the market.

Best Value

Best Value

Pure Fun 38 Mini Trampoline

Great For a Tight Budget

The spring loaded Pure Fun mini is a lightweight, simple trampoline that gives the basic experience at an incredible exercise. The generous 38 inches surface area is great for all individuals under 220 pounds weight.

At less than $50, the Pure Fun mini trampoline is the best deal for the lowest price.

JumpSport Fitness Model 250

JumpSport Mini Trampoline

The JumpSport Fitness 250, and its bigger brother, 350, are some of the best minitrampolines out there. The 250 version is a classy all-black trampoline with arched legs supporting it from 6 places. The legs are resistant to rust, feel sturdy, and maintain excellent balance due to their design.

JumpSport advertises a 35.5” jumping surface in diameter, and we found it adequately sized for most workouts and recreational rebounding that can be done on a mini trampoline. It’s certainly not the widest area in the world and a place where it could improve, but it’s good enough for the purpose Jump Sport built it for.

Ditching springs, the Jump Sport Fitness trampoline utilizes 30 patented EnduroLast bungee cords to power the rebounds. The cords are of absolutely fantastic quality and a testament to why JumpSport’s product is our favorite product.

One common complain regarding the JumpSport Fitness line of trampolines is how their rebound is a little stiff. These trampolines are specifically designed for cardio and workout, so their performance during recreational rebounding isn’t as responsive as some of the other options on the market.

The frame of the JumpSport Fitness mini trampoline is constructed from 16-gauge steel, with the jumping mat made of propylene. All these materials are of incredible quality and come with an impressive lifetime warranty for the frame & legs and 2 years warranty for the may & cords.

At nearly $250, the JumpSport Fitness 250 trampoline is more expensive than many of its competitors. However, we don’t see this as a con because of the high quality material choice and overall fantastic performance.


  • Brilliant choice of material makes this a very durable product
  • Great performance for workouts
  • Arched leg construction provides great stability
  • Very reliable product
  • Excellent warranty coverage


  • Bounce is stiff for recreational use

Pure Fun 38” Mini Rebounder Trampoline


At a price tag less than $50, the Pure Fun mini trampoline is a great option for starters individuals looking for some recreational fun on a mini trampoline.

This mini trampoline doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’ll find on most of the other products on this list, and that’s exactly its intention. This is a stripped down, lean trampolining experience that is supposed to offer entertainment and fun in a great, affordable package.

One of the best things about the mini rebounder trampoline is that it can be assembled in just about five minutes. Simply screw the legs in and you’re ready to roll… or jump.

The Pure Fun mini trampoline is powered by 30 dual springs, along with a polypropylene mat and a full cushioned cover. Springs don’t work as well as bungee cords due to the additional stiffness, but it is adequate enough in this case.

However, there are reports of springs failing with this trampoline, so be sure to keep an eye on where you can buy additional ones. The trampoline is rated by the company to support a maximum weight of 250 pounds. We feel that’s a bit generous, and don’t recommend individuals heavier than 200 pounds to use it.

At its price point, the Pure Fun certainly feels like a bargain. It’s a great little gift for kids, and adults can also utilize it for light cardio exercises.


  • Very affordable product
  • Generous 38 inches usable surface diameter
  • Great for kids and smaller adults for recreational use
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • Not durable enough to last you several years
  • Springs have a tendency to fail

Stamina 36” Folding Trampoline


If you don’t have enough space for even a mini trampoline or just want to tuck it away when not in use, a folding trampoline like the Stamina 36 inch is a great option. This silver and black trampoline is a great tool to exercise with at home or in office, and its portability is one of its best features.

The lightweight Stamina 36 comes at just 14 pounds and features a 36 inch diameter usable area. It uses 30 bands to power the jumps. Each band is two inches wide, offering extra durability and stability.

The frame is made of steel, as you’d expect, and the six rubber tipped legs are also detachable. We weren’t kidding when we said its portability is its best feature; not only can you fold it in half, you can also detach the legs easily to reduce the footprint even further when not in use.

Because it is such an inexpensive product, you won’t be able to fulfill all the heavy-duty tasks that you’d expect from dearer mini trampolines. The Stamina 36” can’t handle any weight beyond the 200 pounds mark, and the folding area is a region where wears and tears are expected to happen. At 36 inches, its usable surface is also small than, say, the equally inexpensive Pure Fun.

Despite the great practicality of the elastic bands, there is a noticeable difference in the bounce between spring and bungee loaded mini trampolines and the Stamina 36”. This is not a negative for light exercises, but it does limit the trampolines effectiveness as a recreational tool.

Regardless, we do feel that it’s a great product for individuals who have limited time and space yet want to benefit from the perks of exercising on a mini trampoline, and for that reason the Stamina 36” makes it on our list.


  • Very affordable product
  • Highly portable and takes up very little space
  • Great for basic workouts
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • Not as durable
  • Elastic bands limit the amplitude of the jumps
  • Not the best for recreational use

MaXimus Pro Gym Rebounder


MaXimus is known for making some incredible mini trampolines, though at a costly price. The Pro Gym Rebounder is one of the highest rated MaXimus min trampolines available on the market. This brilliant piece of equipment uses fantastic material, has a great design, and is dedicated for workouts.

The Maximus Pro Gym mini trampoline is powered by 32 large twin muscle shaped springs. You’d expect a high quality spring-loaded trampoline to be heavy, but this product from Maximus is surprisingly lightweight and manageable.

At 40 inches wide, the Maximus seems like it has plenty of jumping space to offer. However, since this is a dedicated fitness equipment, the actual jumping surface diameter is rather disappointingly 27 inches. This can greatly limit the extend of the workout and be tough for taller, wider individuals.

One other limiting factor with a smaller jumping area is the stiffness. However, the MaXimus Pro Rebounder doesn’t suffer from that. The heavy duty large steel springs are excellent, and they make this mini trampoline very good on your joints when compared to other non-bungee models.

The material used for the surface is a non-slip polypropylene pad. It’s quite strong and very comfortable to jump on. The spring cover is also well-made and positioned well. We also really like the spring-loaded legs, as they fold up quickly and make the MaXimus Pro Gym mini trampoline very portable.

Staying true to its exercise-oriented design and marketing, the trampoline also comes with an extensive DVD with a deluge of different exercises that you can perform on it.


  • Great build quality
  • Very durable
  • A fantastic fitness-dedicated product
  • The spring-loaded legs are great at providing stability


  • 27-inch bouncing area is disappointingly small
  • Not a trampoline that can be used recreationally
  • Relatively expensive

Urban Rebounder


If it weren’t for the Jump Sport Fitness, the Urban Rebounder may have been the contender for the best mini trampoline out there.

Spring loaded trampolines normally don’t offer the same kind of durability as bungee cords, but the Urban Rebounder uses them brilliantly, and we feel it’s the best spring-powered mini trampoline on the market at its midrange price point.

The Urban Rebounder comes in a cool black and red design with a large 40” overall diameter. This might excite many individuals, but there is a bit of a disappointment waiting here: the actual bouncing surface only has a diameter of 28 inches. We’re not sure what the exact thought behind this design decision is, but the springs may have something to do with it.

The steels springs are uncovered and v-shape, and don’t offer as much bounce due to the greatly reduced effective bouncing surface area. However, the stiffer springs and reduced bouncing area actually make aerobic workouts incredibly effective.

This is further improved upon by the great versatility offered with the packed legs. Unlike most mini trampolines, the Urban Rebounder comes with a whopping 8 legs.

These legs are of varying sizes, which can allow individuals to set the trampoline at an incline for unique workout routines. The hinged legs with variable size also give the added perk of reducing the footprint when you need to store the mini trampoline.

Lastly, the Urban Rebounder comes with an extensive workout DVD as well as a stabilizing bar. While these are common features in more expensive mini trampolines, we love the fact that it’s included in the package at such a price point. The DVD in particular is great for anyone looking to make the best use of the trampoline.


  • Great build quality
  • The number of legs and their adjustability makes this an incredibly versatile exercise equipment
  • Comprehensive exercise DVD teaches you lots of workouts and ways to utilize this product
  • Very durable for a spring-loaded trampoline


  • Very small bouncing surface
  • Can take more than one individual to set up

Buyer’s Guide

    The main part of the trampoline that will allow you to bounce is a very important point of consideration. There are mainly two types: bungee cords and metallic springs.

    Springs are by far the most common type of suspension system in both large and mini trampolines. However, they have a much shorter suspension, so they tend to have less elasticity or give. For that reason, the amplitude of a spring-loaded mini trampoline won’t be as large as bungee ones.

    Bungee cords are more stretchy and loose, and thus provide high elasticity. They greatly increase the give and amplitude of the trampoline, leading to higher jumps and more fun.

    Most mini-trampolines are focused on fitness, so you’ll likely find spring-loaded ones more often than bungee ones. It really depends on what you’re going for. Spring loaded trampolines will imitate running on a surface better than bungee ones, so they are a great option for workout.

    If, however, you want a mini trampoline that can do a good job at both then one with bungee cords would be a better option.

    The bouncing area should be an extremely important part of your selection. This is the actual working area of the trampoline and will directly determine the tension, ease of operation, and the amount & type of activity one can do on the mini trampoline.

    A large bouncing surface area is always great, but given the restrictive size of a mini trampoline, it’s not always possible to have one sufficiently large enough to pull off some crazy stunts. Regardless, try to find a trampoline with a generous bouncing area for utmost comfort and experience.

    If you’re someone tall or broad, then this doesn’t become optional; certain trampolines have a bouncing area less than 30” which would be too small for a lot of taller individuals.

    Here’s where you must decide: do you want a more compact and portable mini trampoline or a more robust yet heavier one?

    There are many trampolines in the market that are extremely lightweight, can fold, and be handled with just one arm. There are others that are heavier and more complicated to set-up. While the former seems like the obviously better choice, it’s not always the case.

    A trampoline that has hingers for folding offers excellent portability and can be stored easily, but the hinges also compromise structural integrity. Similarly, portable parts usually means lighter and less robust material, which will decrease the durability of the trampoline.

    Some trampolines strike a great balance between the two, but they are almost always at the higher price point. Ideally, you want to get as close as possible to a fine mix between portability and weight with as much compactness as possible.

    What’s the best mini trampoline?
    The ideal mini trampoline is one that is excellent for both recreational use and workouts, is easy to set up, comfortable to use, and utilizes a great suspension system.

    Is a stabilizer bar necessary?
    No, it’s not, but it can vastly increase the amount of exercises an individual can perform with a mini trampoline. If you can afford it, we highly recommend buying one.

    Can I use fitness-focused trampolines for recreational purposes?
    Yes, you can, but to a limited extent. Most of the fitness-focused trampolines either have a bouncing area too small for recreational purpose or feel too stiff for it. There are some products that offer a good balance of both, but they are also costly.

    Why do I even need a mini trampoline for exercises?
    Mini trampolines are not only great fun, they also greatly improve the effectiveness of aerobic exercises by lowering the impact on your joints. Fitness experts recommend trampolines for aerobic exercises as well as balance and flexibility.

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