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Best Monitor Stand and Monitor Arm Tested for Ergonomics

Looking for the best monitor stand to buy for your workstation? Welcome to the gang! Often in the office, I get the feeling that my work would get easier if I had a monitor mount for added flexibility. Thanks to the research conducted for this list, we will have enough monitor riser and arm solutions soon.

It is not as tricky as picking up the display unit itself. But there still are s few considerations to make. For instance, I’ll be asking myself, how big is my monitor screen? Do I need a single monitor or a dual monitor stand? How much flexibility do I need in the adjustment solutions?

The Quest of Choosing Top Ergonomic Monitor Stand and Monitor Arm

While checking what the product packs, the overall height of the workstation matters a lot. Thus, you should consider how much height flexibility will you get. Moreover, the material used by the stand can also vary. The choice is between a luxurious look of a wooden stand and a more ergonomic monitor arm that doesn’t look as good.

The material used also has an impact on the durability and sturdiness of the product too. Unless you are on a very tight budget we would not suggest a flimsy plastic stand. Also, many monitor stands have storage space in terms of shelves and drawers. In case you want more storage solutions. However, you could spend a little more on a monitor arm and get rid of all that mess on the desk.

Best Monitor Stand for Single PC

Best Monitor Stand for Single PC

Ergotron Arm – LX Desk Mount

Most Reliable, Well Tested

Ergotron arms are some of the best that the market can offer. At a 13″ height range and classy aluminum finish looks, it did impress us at least. If not, the product also comes with a wide range of angles as well as a 10 year warranty!

The market leading 10-year warranty is a cherry on top. Because we are sure in 10 years time we won’t be needing monitor stands anymore. But it is the durability of Ergotron that sells.

Best Monitor Stand

Best Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Monitor Stand

Amazon's Simplicity and Reliability

If you are not into monitor arms, the best monitor stands have a variety for you. But why worry too much when you get all the basics done with a much cheaper AmazonBasics product? Much cheaper than the most, it is also quiet sturdy.

If it is not the high-end features that companies offer with their luxury stands, go easy on your wallet. Pick up the AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand, as it will cost a lot less than the rest.

Ergotron Arm – LX Desk Mount

monitor stands ergotron arm

Starting off with a monitor arm doesn’t mean its a bias against getting monitor stands. But the Ergotron model is one of the best monitor arms out there so it deserved a spot here. Apart from the benefit of panning, tilting and rotating that monitor arms bring you, it offers wide vertical and horizontal ranges too.

This means you have a lot of choices to move around on your work desk. Adjust the chair and then the monitor at will, and pan to either side as much as you want. The build quality of the Ergotron arm is exceptional as well. While most of the models come in a matte finish, the Ergotron LX shines bright with a shiny aluminum touch.

To top it off, you get a warranty life longer than the time you will need the arm for. It’s a good 10-year long peace of mind we are talking about. Nonetheless, it is one of the more expensive products on the list. So make sure you are comfortable in spending more than, say, the AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm.


  • Aluminum Finish Looks Good
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Wide Adjustable Ranges


  • Expensive Product

Fitueyes Wooden Monitor Stand

Best Monitor Stands Wooden

More old school people like myself might be more comfortable with a traditional monitor riser made out of wood. If a monitor arm isn’t your preference, how about a premium quality wooden stand with a quality matte black finish?

You can choose between the model that comes with shelves or the simpler one without a shelf. With the additional shelf though, you will get a handy slot for important documents. And that’s in addition to the space below the shelve to store things that might get lost otherwise.

It is possibly the most basic looking stand, but there’s quality in it. The sad part is that it comes in black silver only. We are sure if there were more choices of color, this would have sold even more. Nonetheless, its asking price isn’t too high, so maybe we could balance the two?

Bear in mind that this is a simple solution that will only let you elevate the angle at which you view the screen. You will not be able to tilt or pivot the viewing angle without having to manually adjust the monitor itself.


  • Quality Wooden Product
  • Best One of The Best Monitor Stands
  • Affordability


  • Only Allows Height Elevation, No Adjustments
  • Comes in Black Only

AmazonBasics Monitor Stand

Best Monitor Stands AmazonBasics Metal Stand

Standing true to the name of their product line, the AmazonBasics stand is just that: basic. It has all the features that are strictly essential like durability, stability, and a design that doesn’t look bad. But that is as far as this one will go.

Don’t expect any of the extra liberties that a monitor arm can get you. But if all you need is a way to make the display screen meet the eye at an ergonomic level, AmazonBasics stand will do it for you.

It doesn’t give the low-grade looks of the AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand. And on top of that, it also adds the firmness of a quality metal build. In short, this could be the go-to product for anyone who wants a basic solution to the quagmire. No cosmetic elements, no added features.

But if you were looking for some notable features, Amazon will disappoint you. Not only that, but you might also get put off by the price. Butthen again, it is the quality and durability of AmazonBasics you will be missing if you decide against it.


  • Quality Basic Solution
  • Good Metal Build


  • Slightly High Price
  • No Added Features

Loctek Fleximounts Dual Stacking Arm

Best Monitor Stands Loctek Fleximounts Dual Stacking Arm

To start with, the Loctek dual monitor stand is great for adjustable positions. The company literally boasts of how the flexibility of its arms allows you to stack up to the screens next to each other horizontally as well as vertically.

You can even twist them around and place two screens that are facing the opposite way. Such versatility was only possible with a good build quality. And in our tests, Loctek proved its worth as far as the quality is concerned. It is a true high-end product with a price tag to match.

Keep in mind, however, that the monitor arm in question is good for two 27″ screens. Anything more than that will weigh it down. This is because the weight capacity the arm is 11 lbs on each side. But if that is your size, you will be more than thankful to us for the 15″ height adjustment range it offers. Just like we couldn’t ask for more rotation, swiveling, or tilting options.

To make things even better in the design category, the monitor arm could have added a hollow form. In case you didn’t know this is good for hiding all the mess that your cables would make. Other than that, the only problem for you would be if your display screens are larger than 27 inches.


  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
  • Premium Build Quality


  • Maximum 27″ Screen Size
  • Not Hollow

Mount-It! MI-2753 Triple Monitor Stand

best monitor stands mount-it

Not everyone is content with having two display screens playing out their content or work. Sometimes, it demands three, and for that, you will need a very strong monitor mount. That is in case you aren’t able to get a good 3 monitor stand like this one. Mount-It makes various monitor arm versions. But among triple monitor stands, the MI-2753 is the best.

Taking it a notch ahead of the entry-level Mount-It! MI-753 model, the MI-2753 supports 3.3 lbs greater than the Loctek Fleximounts dual monitor stand. Which means you can stack up three 32 inch monitor screens and worry about nothing but the weather.

For a much greater connectivity than the rest of the lot, you get a dedicated USB 3.0 port as well as a microphone and audio jack right at the bottom for easy access. It was also one of the more ergonomic designs that we have come across, given that they had to balance the weight of three big screens all tilting, swiveling and rotating (360 degrees!).

However, on that front, it is important to note that you only get a 15-degree tilting with these but in the Loctek model above, there is 90 degrees of room!

You might also get lured in due to the price point. Incredibly, the MI-2753 doesn’t cost as much as other high-end models that offer similar ergonomic benefits an build qualities. So there is good value for money too!


  • Great Ergonomics
  • Supports Three 32″ Screens
  • Good Value for Money
  • Dedicated USB 3.0, Audio, and Microphone Jack


  • Tilts Only 15 Degrees

Buyer’s Guide

    That is the first question you need to ask yourself. Will your requirements be fulfilled by just a monitor riser instead of the sophisticated monitor stands? Is the shelve space what you look for? On the other hand, you might want a cleaner desk for paperwork so you’d prefer a monitor arm. Even though there are dual monitor stand models and risers available, some of us prefer to buy a dual monitor stand or a triple arm, in case we are using three displays.

    Half of the idea behind looking for the best monitor stands is to get more comfortable in the workstation time. Ergonomics play an important role, there for a display that can be tilted, swiveled, and rotated at will is what you need. Moreover, when you are looking at monitor arms you will see that they offer different degrees of adjustment in each of those categories. You should aim for what you need instead of the maximum versatility at the offer if you want an economical deal.

    The type of material is important in case of the monitor stands because their durability depends on it. Other than that, there are some devices that emit more heat than the others, and some surfaces might not be the best at ventilation. Moving on to monitor arms, the material matters more in the aesthetics as well as the sturdiness of the stand. Most of the time you will come across aluminum bodies with either a matte black finish or the trademark aluminum shine.

    What height levels should my workstation be increased by the monitor stand for better comfort?
    A lot of work has been done of late in the ergonomic uplifting of workspaces. In fact, the idea behind a monitor arm or stand is to give more comfort to the computer user. In case of the standard desk, chair and monitor heights, there is about four inches of adjustment required. If your monitor is lifted by just four inches, it will most probably be at the optimal height level for your eyes, and therefore, your neck and back too. But this is with the condition that you have not adjusted the heights of the desk, chair or the monitor itself before.

    What is the difference between a monitor stand, monitor arm and monitor riser?
    Generally speaking, a monitor riser and a monitor stand are the same things. These are platforms that are placed under the monitor to give you increased height. You need not to install anything and most of the times they allow you different levels of height as well.

    On the other hand, monitor arms are more sophisticated solutions allowing up to four screens to be loaded on them. These are not only height adjustable but also angle and depth adjustable. Most of the times you will see that they are more expensive than the stands.

    Nonetheless, it is to be kept in mind that all most all the time, sellers use the two terms interchangeably when marketing for either a computer stand or a computer arm.

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