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Best Night Driving Glasses for Quality and Comfort Reviewed

Before we dig into the list of best night driving glasses that we have reviewed for you, a healthy advice. Better safe than worry they say, and rightly so, if for a few extra bucks you could save yourself from the intense glare of traffic headlights, we suggest you do that. By using a good quality of night driving glasses, you can effectively reduce chances of getting blinded by light. Hence, potentially save an accident from happening.

If you have already made up your mind to get your hands on a night vision glasses, we’ll help you in the purchase right away. Clearly, there is a major difference between sunglasses and glasses you wear after the dark. This is because the light source they need to mitigate is different in both situations.

Similarly, there is an array of differences in terms of features between the two. So keep in mind that you are looking for things like polarized lens, UV protection (yes, even in the might too) as well as the lens material and tint.

Best Night Driving Glasses Reviewed by Experts

Don’t worry though, with us you are in safe hands as we have labored on and on about anti glare glasses, those out of the world yellow glasses as well as driving glasses in general. Once we are done with the product reviews and the buyer’s guide, you will be able to pick up the best night driving glasses with no effort!

Overall Class

Overall Class

Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator Night-Lite

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Why do we think these are the best? Because they are friggin’ aviators! But honestly, the company has a good reputation and the model has state of the art features like UV400 protection, very good contrast, scratch resistance and effective glare reduction.

We believe the Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator is an overall best because it manages to practically do what it promises. Make a luxury statement because the value for money on this one is still good!

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

Soxick Men’s HD

Sporty Look, Highly Durable and Effective

If you are more into the sporty designs and not Aviators, go no further than the Soxick Men’s HD. Packed with UV400 and almost same features as the Eagle Eyes above, this one is also cheaper. We found it to come very close to performance with it as well.

Although you can get some of the best night driving glasses for anywhere between $20 and $30, we have instead focused on getting you quality. The Men’s HD is lightweight, and has a very impressive design. The best part is it comes packing all features of a good pair of driving glasses.

Clear Night The Original Night Driving Glasses

To start off, lets discuss one of the TAC glasses. Clear Night The Original has a polarized lens and comes with a silicon based pair of nose pads. Due to these, longer use of the night vision glasses is much easier. So when the next time you are out for a long road trip you can take it as a companion.

The metallic frame on the other hand didn’t really sit well with most of our testers. Many of us are of the opinion that having a non-metallic case might have made it more durable. This would have been our first pick for the best night driving glasses had it not been for the frame.

It looks like Clear Night tried to add a bit to they style quotient of the yellow sunglasses. Not that they failed at it, but it looks like the design has come at a cost of durability. There is no frame on the lens which means it can be broken easily.

With the TAC polarization though, glare is truly reduced to a bearable level and the coating also works as a scratch resistant. The grips on the arms were surprisingly more solid than we expected, maybe that would help keep them safe.


  • Long Wear is Comfortable
  • TAC Polarization
  • Impressive Look


  • Design Isn’t Durable
  • Metallic Frame
  • Value for Money

Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator Night-Lite

We are sure that you want only the best for yourself, so how about a pair of the best night driving glasses that are also “certified space technology!” You read that right, Eagle Eyes is basically a NASA certified company that originally made glasses for the astronauts. Now, they are making life easier for night driving here among us Earth-folks.

They have built their own technology and an evidence is how the Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator is not even polarized. Clearly, any one would ask how they manage to help in driving after the dark?

What they actually do is make use of certain architectural changes in how they make lens. These changes have aided them in stopping the glare effectively and also helped them boast of being one of the best night driving glasses you an buy.

Needless to say, the anti-reflective coating is very successful in fighting the glare too.

On the other hand, while they have made the frame out of stainless steel, it could have been more durable too. That is not the case with the lens though, we found that the lens are quite durable thanks to dual surfaced scratch resistant layers.


  • Better Contrast Due to Micro-Infused Lens
  • Good Scratch Resistance
  • Glare is Effectively Stopped


  • No Lens Polarization
  • The Metallic Frame Isn’t The Best in Durability

Duco Night Vision 8953Y

Flexibility and problem solving are the words that Duco goes by. In all the time that we were reviewing different driving glasses, there hardly was one that offered more than one sizes of the glasses frame. However, with the Duco Night Vision 8953Y you get to choose the one that fits you.

The design is quite intricate, with the intention of being used as a fitover glasses. These are for people who already are on prescription lenses and will need to wear them in order to drive. The Duco Night Vision 8953Y has space to snap on the prescription lenses and even provides slits in the design so that the internal sides of both the lenses doesn’t get foggy.

We found that to be a bonus point that couldn’t be ignored.

Moving on, the frame also has a side panel to give more cover to your eyes against vehicles coming from the sideways. One more thing that our testers liked in the model was how they use silicon based nose pads. These are always better than the stilted ones that you usually get.

Thanks to the nose pad, these are one of the most comfortable glasses for night driving.


  • Effective Glare Reduction
  • UV400 Protects Well
  • Durable and Lightweight Frame


  • Fitover Functionality Might Not Work with All Prescription Lenses
  • Low Contrast Boost
  • Polarization Isn’t The Best

Soxick Men’s HD

Want to go out after the dark and still look like an active beast? How about the Soxick Men’s HD to give you that look while you’re driving at night? The anti glare glasses are probably the hottest looking model that we have covered so far.

Apart from being so sporty and good looking, there are other reasons why we have picked it up among the best night driving glasses you can buy. For starters, these boasts of night vision HD and promise that even the best glasses don’t help driving at night as much as they do.

Although the frame is metallic all around, the Aluminum Magnesium used is very lightweight due to which you’ll experience almost half the weight. This in turn will help increase the time you can put these glasses on without getting tired. The night glare is effectively curtailed due to the anti-glare features.

The lens on these yellow sunglasses are 100 percent polarized which aid against the glare and also keep the vision clearer. Moreover, there is UV400 protection which is a high quality protective mechanism against UV layers. Although you get more of them in the day, it is best to have UV protection in the night too.

Oh and did you know Soxick was originally there to assist the German military with wearing aid? It looks like they are based out of China now, but they have succeeded in making high quality night vision glasses for commercial use.


  • Great Design
  • Lightweight Aluminum Magnesium Frame
  • UV400 Protection Actually Works


  • Not Suited For Bigger Faces
  • Headlight Glare Reduction Could Be Better

BLUPOND Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses

While some of the other companies discussed have been around for a while, BLUPOND is a rather new entrant in the market. They have only been in the business for three years and some of their glasses are the best night driving glasses money can buy. Called the Knight Visor, this beauty comes packing a punch.

The look and feel of the product is pretty impressive, and the whole package has a lot more to offer than just the nightsight driving glasses. But we’ll get to that later. Our testers agree that the HD glasses offer a fair amount of glare reduction as compared to other yellow tinted glasses.

These HD vision sports glasses do much better on the road than in the group to be honest. Apart from being used as nighttime driving glasses, they are good for day-time use as well. That being said, it would be a little misleading to call them true HD glasses since our testers didn’t see any improvement in clarity over the substitutes.

On the up side, the TAC and polycarbonate coverage is quite consistent and durable. There also is the UV400 protection against the rays which could come in handy here and there.

Last but not the least, when you buy the BLUPOND Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses you are also going to get a complete kit that includes a cleaning kit, a screwdriver for adjustments needed, a pouch, glasses clip, and that sporty hard case.


  • Good Looking Sporty Design
  • UV400
  • Durable and Shatterproof
  • Kit Included in Purchase


  • Contrast Isn’t Any Better
  • Fitovers Might Not Be Possible

Besgoods Night Vision Clip-on Flip up Sunglasses

We included this last option among the best night driving glasses so that you guys can have some more versatility. We have discussed rimmed glasses with metallic frames as well as with plastic frames. Also, a few semi rimmed driving glasses were also tested. Now, we have a clip-on version, in case you’d fancy one.

These are also polarized glasses with a UV400 protection to work against UVA and UVB. We had also seen that practically the frame is able to reduce the glare though we wouldn’t say the same about vision improvement as claimed by the company.

That being said, the design while bringing you something different, is not too practical. If you want to clip these on you’ll need prescription frames that are of a size and shape these will fit on. Other wise they will be useless to you.

Such unorthodox designs also have an affect on durability of the product. Nevertheless, if you’d want to venture this way, take notes on these dimensions:

  • Lens Height-1.42in(36mm)
  • Lens Width-2.36in(60mm)
  • Bridge-0.59(15mm)
  • Frame Total-5.31in(135mm)

Moving on, the clip is metal with rubber covered tips so that the glass isn’t scratched, and the grip on the clip is pretty strong. It will stick to where you put it. Whether it is the best night driving glasses choice or not is a question we leave for you to decide. We do think it is one of them.


  • Uncommon Design
  • Suitable for People with Prescription Glasses
  • UV400 protection


  • Durability Issues
  • Rimless Frame
  • Not Usable Independently

Buyer’s Guide

    Primarily there are two colors that are used for night driving glasses, these are yellow and amber. However, the best night driving glasses prefer the yellow over amber. This is so because yellow can overcome the blues in a much better way and also enhance the light when there is low light. The amber variants also do the same but not as good as yellow.

    That being said, if you are going to wear the driving glasses more during dusk and dawn then amber could be your go to choice. You should also know that yellow distorts the colors more than amber but that shouldn’t be your concern while driving in the night.

    This is another highly important aspect of driving glasses since glare is a major concern. The key behind most of the anti glare glasses is how they are polarized to deflect rays of light entering your eye head on. This way you don’t get affected by the glare (or at least get less affected by it).

    Some of the best night driving glasses are polarized although not all. There also are that polarize the light through different ways. For instance, the Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator is not traditionally polarized but uses architectural measures to reduce the glare. Either way, you need to cut down the glare and for that polarization is the most common solution.

    We have all heard that the sun emits UV rays that are harmful to our eyes. In order to keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays, you should pick some night vision HD glasses that have higher UV protection. UV400 is a good standard.

    So naturally, we don’t expect you to wear the driving glasses only at night. Many of you will also be using them in the day and for that the UV protection is a must.

    What type of lens should I buy for my driving glasses?

    Primarily there are two types: the Polycarbonate based lens and the Tivex/SR-91. Polycarbonate is largely used in manufacturing some of the best night driving glasses not only because it is cheap but also because it is durable. When you see the word shatterproof written on a lens, chances are it is made with polycarbonate. On the downside, visual quality is slightly lower with this material.

    The Tivex/SR-91 on the other hand is very uncommon but it outperforms the polycarbonate by far. Tivex is able to last longer and clearer apart from being comparatively lightweight. However, most of the things you buy with Tivex are going to be much more expensive.

    Are the yellow sunglasses any good?
    Well, yes! The yellow color of the lenses is there because it is helpful in amplifying the low lights we face in the night. It helps make the dark clearer to us by doing that and by also removing the blues from the vision. Yellow sunglasses are especially good for the night.

    You could also opt for an amber variant if you don’t like yellows, but that would not be as effective in improving the low light as yellow.

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