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Five Best Off-Road Scooters to buy in 2018

Scooters have been around for long providing an amazing mode of transportation and adventure. But for those who like to go off the beaten track, they may not be the best device to ride on. Instead, you will have to get the small, quiet and lightweight off-road scooters.

Although still looked upon as toys by some, these types of scooters have evolved with time becoming a great device for facilitating mobility and advantage.

Unlike regular scooters, they can effortlessly handle rough terrains, thus allowing for a smooth ride off the road. They scooters are also lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily carry them from one place to another. Moreover, off-road scooters are environmentally friendly as they don’t emit any smoke or toxic fumes.

The off-road scooters come in various styles and sizes, but whatever you buy make sure it has a strong deck and strong wheels to withstand the uneven terrain hence allowing for more fun and excellent riding experience.

The Best Off-Road Scooters Reviewed

We’ve compiled a list of top 5 models that we consider the best ones. The list is based on the features and prices of these modes, the customer reviews, and our own experience with them. So without further ado, here are our five best Off-Road Scooters.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Razor Pro RDS

Premium Performance

This scooter is suitable for all terrain riding thanks to its high quality treaded tires. The riser handlebars with Y-style designing and classic fender braking system offer greater control and safety on rough surfaces.

The Razor Pro RDS is beefed up to tackle the beyond-the-gate terrain. It’s a durable, lightweight scooter with some great features making it an excellent pick for riders.

Budget Pick

Budget Pick

Pulse Performance ZR1

Great Value

Designed featuring heavy-duty materials, the ZR1 delivers a decent performance at a budget price. It features heat treated aluminum deck, stainless steel foot brake and sturdy steel bars to ensure durability and reliability.

The Pulse Performance ZR1 is the ideal off-road scooter to enjoy your leisure time. It is highly affordable with some great features, though the weight capacity is limited to 180lbs.

#1. Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

Best Off-Road Scooters: Razor Pro RDS

First on our list is the Pro RDS dirt scooter by Razor, an excellent, futuristic device that delivers superior performance. The scooter is highly designed to ensure an enjoyable ride without experiencing a lot of struggles. The deck is made of an airplane grade, lightweight aluminum that not only enhances efficiency of the scooter but makes it durable as well.

There are Y-style riser handlebars with rubber insulation that improve the grip. In addition, the scooter features triple staked headtube for stability and strength. It comes handy when performing riding tricks protecting the device from any potential damage.

One of its key features is the strong tubular steel fork that is designed to tackle any rugged terrain and conditions. Apart from that, the Pro RDS has large 200mm pneumatic tires with aggressive tread pattern and the classic rear fender brake.

The scooter can support 220 pounds regular riding and 129 pounds for extreme riding.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Grip tape enhanced deck
  • Triple staked headtube clamp
  • Rear fender braking system for safety


  • Not foldable unlike other Razor bikes
  • Tires and tubes may wear out rather quickly

#2. STAR-SCOOTER Premium Pro Foldable Scooter


The STAR-SCOOTER Premium has a compact and lightweight design, dedicated to allowing a smooth ride without hassles. The device utilizes aluminum frame that helps cut weight as well as offers great maneuverability when riding.

This may be a cheap solution compared to other dirt scooters on the list, but it delivers an outstanding performance. It can accomodate up to 220 pounds making it a suitable choice for both kids and adults. Moreover, its low profile board adds to the stability ensuring you ride is as smooth as possible.

This off-road scooter is highly foldable, which means you can store and carry it with ease and convenience. It only takes a few seconds to fold and open this scooter thanks to its impressive build and design.

Other features include the incorporated suspension system with the large 205mm wheels that provide a stable ride with minimum impact.


  • Suitable for riders of all ages
  • High-quality aluminum build
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Highly affordable


  • Limited features

#3. Pulse Performance ZR1 Freestyle Dirt Scooter

Pulse Performance ZR

This freestyle Pulse Performance dirt scooter is built using heavy-duty materials that allow it to fight through rough and uneven terrain. With its impeccable design, you can easily cruise on gravel, asphalt grass and other rough surfaces.

It’s perhaps the most durable device on our list of the top off-road scooters. The ZR1 Freestyle features 6000 series heat treated aluminum deck that is able to withstand heavy-duty utilization. There is no risk of damage whatsoever even with heavy adults riding the scooter.

On top of that, the scooter boasts reinforced steel bars that assist in balancing the vehicle. The handlebar is also strong allowing for easy maneuvering.

The oversized knobby air-filler tires are in play to enable smooth ride in bumpy terrains. The wheels are furnished with ABEC bearings and polished steel foot brake to ensure safety and precise stop.


  • Heat-treated aluminum deck
  • Stainless steel foot brake
  • Reinforced steel bars
  • Reasonable price


  • A bit heavy for children
  • Requires some assembly

#4. Razor Black Label Pro Kick Scooter

Razor Black Label Pro

Razor is known for its high quality products, and this dirt scooter lives up to its name. It’s constructed using aircraft grade aluminum that lets riders enjoy high versatility as they can cruise on almost all types of surfaces be it asphalt, grass or pebbles.

The deck is lightweight to maintain portability of the device. In addition, it features non-slip coarse surface complete with slick spots offering firm grip to maximize your riding experience.

With Razor Black Label, you shouldn’t be worried about skidding even on the grass surfaces thanks to its aggressive treads. The scooter features large whets with air-filled pneumatic tires that ensure perfect surface grip. Further, the BMX style tubular fork is strong and steel made enabling utmost support.

The rubber insulated handles offer better scooter control along with feeder leg braking system that is ideal for safety and precise stop.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Suitable for use on multiple terrains
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Rear fender brakes


  • Not fit for adults on off road conditions

#5. Xspec Freestyle Pro Dirt Scooter

Xspec Freestyle Pro

This high quality off-road scooter is made to help you develop your scooter skills. It’s built using a commercial-grade aluminum material that not only makes the scooter durable but also keeps the rider safe and confident as they enjoy the smooth ride even on the toughest terrains.

This scooter comes with large air-filled tires equipped with ABEC bearing that ensure you experience a smooth ride free from bumps. Further, the steel alloy bar is strong and offers a reliable support along with the advanced cross-bar design for outstanding look.

The rider also gets great control with the fender brake and fixed handlebar. For a better grip and safety, the scooter features the specially designed rubber grip tape which performs far better than the traditional ones.

The Xspec Pro can handle up to 220 pounds of weight. It is available in a variety of colors, including Black/Gold color and Orange/Black color.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Large air-filled tires with ABEC bearing
  • Sturdy steel alloy bar


  • Cannot accept more than 220lbs weight

Best Off-Road Scooters - Buyer's Guide

    The off-road scooter pricing will vary greatly depending on your specific needs. You can find all terrain scooters, ranging from low-end, no frills models to mid-rangers to all the way to premium ones.

    The higher-priced models do come with advanced features and better level of performance, but if you are unsure of what to buy, an intermediate version may be the better starting point.

    Not to mention, take into account who’s going to be riding the scooter: whether it’s just you, or the whole family? In some cases, you can grab a solid, well-rated off-road scooter for half the price of a higher end model.

    The majority of scooters are designed with youth in mind. There are only a few of them that rate for riders over 220lbs, so make sure you understand the specs.

    Since off-road scooters are lightweight and compact themselves, your weight should fall below the rated capacity of your preferred unit. Also, keep in mind the performance of the scooter will decrease based on the weight it carries.

    Just like weight capacity, you also need to check the height limit when purchasing an off-road scooter. Some have handles in the range of six feet, so ensure that you buy the right size for you.

    These options more or less remain the same between product lines.

    The standard off-road scooter comes with a pnumatic tire of varying size. A quality model will opt for an air-filled tire for making your ride smooth even in bumpy terrains.

    In addition, try to choose models with bigger wheels as they offer better maneuverability.

    For suspension and brakes, they are all some variation of the same thing. Most models will feature the rear feeder leg braking system that is perfect for ensuing precise stop when riding anywhere.

    It’s important that your off-road scooter is made from high quality materials for durability and better performance. Aluminum is the perfect choice in this respect as it not only enhances durability but also makes the device lightweight for high versatility and maneuvering.

    Further, off-road scooters come in different shapes and designs that expand your choices and options. You can easily choose a model that reflects your personal taste and style.

    Aren’t off-road scooters a kid’s toy?
    This may be true of the scooters of old, but today’s models are much more advanced with superior ride capabilities. They are capable of tackling all types of terrains, including asphalt, grass or pebbles. While they are still targeted to young riders, there are a lot of models that can equally accommodate adults.

    Which Handlebar style should I opt for?
    Handlebars come in two basic styles: Y-style and straight or flat style. There is not so much difference between the two as far as the performance is concerned. They both have comfortable grip so it’s just matter of choice and preference.

    Are they safe to operate in lousy weather?
    As is the case with any travel, we don’t recommend riding an off-road scooter in nasty conditions. With that said, a lot of models are waterproof to some extent that will at least get you through this rough patch.

    Are off-road scooters safe?
    When riding under normal conditions, absolutely. They are as safe as a bicycle or skateboard. Wear a helmet and/or other safety gear to minimize the risk of injury.

    How do I stop?
    A lot of off-road scooters come with rear fender braking system that can be used precise stop. Many riders prefer to use their shoe to brake on the rear wheel, but only use these techniques if you are not going too fast otherwise your soles may wear out quick.

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