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Best Portable TV To Buy; Top Products Ranked and Reviewed

It is true that for watching TV, need to physically be in a certain location has been eliminated now. While that has a lot to do with the internet, portable devices played a major role as well. If you are one of those guys who prefer to have a TV for television watching, a portable TV is just the right thing for you.

Incidentally, you have also come at the right place if you are not sure where to start! We have a very detailed buyer’s guide at the end of this article that can answer most of your questions. Moreover, if you do not want to make the choice yourself, we will do it for you here.

Best Portable TV Reviews and Comparisons

You cannot go out and simply buy a mini TV the shopkeeper wants to sell right? So, there will be a number of things you will need to consider. First off, keep in mind that mostly a portable TV will be used when you are not at home i.e. during travel. You might want it for the hotel stays, or even the beach resort.

Either way, you will not only need to consider the size of the device but also things like DVD functionality, SD card compatibility, connectivity solutions, signal strength, controls and so on. You should be asking yourself whether you want a battery operated TV or just a portable digital TV that would work fine when you aren’t in your TV lounge?

Like we said, if all those questions sound grueling to you, we are going to answer them for you and allow you to get your hands on the best portable TV out there.

Best Overall

Best Overall

DBPOWER 9.5″ Portable DVD Player

Great Design, Batteries and Display

Not all the portable TV models out there can be called fully loaded but not this one. You are not only getting an in-built DVD player but also batteries that last long. The image quality is good as well!

Quality-wise a much better version than many of the products here. It really was a tie between three options that had competing overall value. This is the first one we believe should be what you buy.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

Miro by ZBinno

Smart Functionality!

While this doesn’t even look and work like a traditional portable TV, the Miro is a step ahead of the rest thanks to smart functionality. It comes with Android 5.1 and also has WiFI. There is touchscreen and finally speakers that are good.

No doubt this is quite an expensive product, but look at the quality of what you are getting in comparison to the rest! It looks more like a high-end bluetooth speaker with an Android OS and TV functionality.

Tyler TTV703 Portable Widescreen LCD TV

Now there is a more traditional look we get in a portable TV, and I mean it in a good sense. Even when you are looking for a small portable TV, you’d prefer it if the model has some aesthetics of a regular TV. For starters, you’d want for it to have a proper TV stand and a proper remote.

The Tyler TTV703 is a 10″ portable LCD TV that has been tried and tested by many before us. Nonetheless, we had to do our part and so this tiny TV was also reviewed. It is not a portable TV with HDMI input, but you get a USB port and also a slot for an SD card. Of course that is in addition to the AV input so that you can also plug in a DVD.

Moving on, our testers report that the NTSC as well as ATSC signal reception was satisfactory which means if your area has coverage, the portable TV will not let you down.

You can run power it through the AC/DC adapters they send you or you can replace the wired method with rechargeable batteries that are also built-in.


  • Reception is Good
  • USB/SD Slots
  • Built-in Rechargeable Batteries


  • In-built Speakers Aren’t Exceptional

SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD Display with Digital TV Tuner 9″

The next choice of portable TV is a very similar looking 9″ LCD TV from SuperSonic. The company has been around for some time now and are better than most in terms of standards. This is a portable TV for car that also comes with a car charger in the bag.

Nonetheless, it is not just for use in the car. You can also use it has a handheld TV and even put the stand back on so that it can be set atop your desk. Remember a good portable television needs to provide you some prerequisite features like tuner that is digital, a USB input and an SD card slot.

It is better if you also have rechargeable batteries or at least a car charger, or both. In the case of the SuperSonic portable TV, you get all this and more. Since it is an AC/DC TV, you can charge the batteries and also use the AC adapter to play content.

We specially liked that it has not one but two AV jacks as well as a well buttoned remote control. We would have loved a small HDMI TV better, because of the better videos that it would be able to play.

The SuperSonic digital television has a resolution of 800 x 480. Yet, the picture appears quite clear for the screen size. We aren’t too sure about the internal speakers though.


  • USB and SD Card Slots
  • Good Picture Quality
  • Removable Stand


  • Internal Speakers Aren’t Reassuring

GAEMS M155 15.5″ HD LED

I wouldn’t consider anything over a 13 inch TV size to be a portable TV, but we might have made an exception in this case. The GAEMS M155 is a better looking battery powered TV that imposes itself more like a tablet than a handheld TV. Alongside better looks, the company also boasts of gaming capabilities. However, since I have a gaming background myself I wouldn’t put my money on it for some of the hardcore games.

The portable digital TV has a good 15.5 inch screen (the size of my laptop screen to be honest) and comes with a much needed protective cover. Not only that, the cover also works as a stand so that you can watch while your hands are free.

Most of the buyers would want an HDMI input slot, and with the GAEMS M155 HD LED you get one. Just plug in your headphones and go back to watching your favorite TV shows no matter where you are.


  • Comparatively Larger Screen
  • USB Port
  • HDMI Port


  • 720p Resolution Might Not Be Too Great

DBPOWER 9.5″ Portable DVD Player

The DBPOWER portable TV is probably the best product we tested for these reviews. Not only is that because the video quality of the 9.5″ screen is good but also because the high capacity play time it offers.

Since it has better batteries than the rest, the DBPOWER mini TV can keep you company for as long as five straight hours. A rare battery operated TV would boast of long hours viewing time. Even when you run out of charging, this portable digital TV can be recharged through AC power at home or DC power with a car charger.

It is a fully loaded small TV with DVD player! For instance, there are USB ports, SD card ports, AV jacks, and virtually everything that you’d demand from portable TVs. Usually, flash memory of a small portable TV would be very less. However, the DBPOWER allows you to pick up from where you lest even after a day’s time.

I had always wanted a mini TV for bedtime watching that had long lasting batteries and comparatively clearer images. Looks like our testers found me one! Even the build quality is better than the rest.


  • Batteries Last a Long Time
  • Better Quality
  • In-built DVD player
  • USB and SD Card Slots


  • No Stand
  • Twisting and Turning Mechanism

Miro by ZBinno

We didn’t all the product to be so similar that it gets bland. Therefore, we have included a quite different looking portable TV to our reviews. That doesn’t matter it is not equally worthy, though. Miro by ZBinno is probably the only product we found that had a worthwhile WiFi functionality.

While it is nothing more than 5.5 inches in screen size, you get smart functionality with Android 5.1 which literally changes the game. If those countless apps don’t cut it for you, the Miro has a clickable screen which allows all basic navigation tools. However, we found that it would be better to keep the basic touch facility where it is and rely more on the remote.

There also is a DC adapter charger and an audio cable. Moreover, as you might have already figured out, this is being pegged as a media center because it has two subwoofers on the sides. Naturally, it had better audio quality than all the other devices.

If there had to be one area that would disappoint you in case of this portable digital TV and media center, it will be the price. Most of the portable TVs out there are not as expensive but since this one is a Android based TV, it will set you back more.


  • Android 5.1
  • Good Speakers
  • Touchscreen
  • WiFi Functionality


  • Quite Expensive
  • Touch Quality
  • Not As Slim As The Rest

AXESS TVD1801-13 13.3-Inch LED HDTV

A 13 inch TV is one of the most sought after portable TV sizes out there and AXESS TVD1801 is 13.3″ to be exact. However, what sets it apart from the rest of them is how it can offer a better resolution than many. The company boasts 1366×768 pixel resolution and a 500:1 contrast ratio.

This is important because mostly the resolution and contrast ratio of a mini TV would be so low that the manufacturers wouldn’t even mention it on Amazon. You can use it in the car through their 12V technology and also make use of the antenna jack to gain greater coverage.

Other than the antenna jack it includes one cable jack, VGA, an audio jack, AV jack, USB and SD input, Coaxial audio jack, CVBS input and lastly an HDMI port.

Needless to say, this portable TV with HDMI also has a remote control which makes a fully loaded product except for one thing. The AXESS portable TV doesn’t have a DC supply feature.

Last but not the least, for the features being offered a slightly higher price tag is fine with us. What do you think about this portable TV?


  • High Resolution
  • Great Features
  • Built-in DVD Player


  • Antenna Sold Separately
  • Higher Price

Philips PET729/37 7-Inch LCD Portable TV/DVD Player

Probably the only company name that I have heard outside of portable TV makers while testing for them was Philips. This is 7″ LCD sold by Philips as a portable DVD/TV player. It is an old version, but still up for sale.

Before you dig into the contents and plan that you want this one, keep in mind that it is a high end product. You are going to pay more than what you expected if you want this one. With that out of the way, lets get to the features and what we make of them.

For starters, this is a battery operated TV that can last for up to three hours. Other than the DC input you can also crank it up on AC when you are not in the move, though.

The mini TV is being sold at a number of places for having a 1080p resolution but that isn’t true. You do get a very good quality of video but not 1080p. Our testers approved of the free to air digital TV channel reception as well as the added features like MP3 playback, and an FM radio.

Just as the title says, it is a battery powered TV with built in dvd player Walmart and Amazon have been selling for a while now.


  • Build Quality
  • Built-in DVD Player
  • Good Remote Design


  • High Price

Buyer’s Guide

    Since the product you are buying is a portable TV, it will need to have a number of options for you to connect with it. However, it will be important to note that the connectivity features are usable when you are in the car or simply not in your home. Look for stuff like USB ports, SD card ports, HDMI ports, and so on.

    Some of you might want a small TV with a DVD player. If it is not built-in you might need a dedicated jack for that as well. Another highly important feature is the antenna since that is what your coverage strength will depend on.

    The second most important aspect in anything portable is power issues. How long will the batteries last and when they are out how long will it take to get a full charge? There has to be a car socket that attaches the portable TV through the car adapter. Would you buy a model that has a dock for charging? Since those are expensive, would you prefer them? We believe a simple AC/DC solution does the trick, though.

    It would matter a lot for a display device to have a good image quality. For a pocket TV you cannot go asking for major pixels but we can give you an idea for generic 7 inch and 9 inch screens. If you are getting anything around 800 x 400 pixels you should go for it.

    Similarly, an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3 is suitable depending on the model you have. The former applies to widescreen TVs while the latter for the usual ones.

    What is a portable TV?
    Portable TVs vary in sizes ranging from 5 inch to 21 inches. These are basically lightweight and light specification holding television devices. These devices aim for being used on the go and so they mostly use rechargeable batteries. Manufacturers mostly use TFT LCD screens or OLED ones.

    Can I play games on a portable TV?
    Not every mini TV will have gaming compatibility since that requires not only connectivity solutions but also a certain quality of display. However, there are some models in the list above that have been included specifically for buyers who might want to crank up a game on them.

    Most of the models are incapable of playing any good video games though.

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