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Best Portable Washing Machine To Forget The Laundromat

Why are we even talking about the best portable washing machine when we have the laundromat? It is true, the laundromat takes away your worries in return for money. Yet, many of us are still tired of it and trying to get themselves a good washing and drying machine for home. The reason could be that you find it a chore to go there and then wait for the turn, or you could be concerned about the charges.

Either way, you are going to get yourself a new portable washer and maybe even a washer dryer combo. When you venture out in the market for this, you will see that there are ton of choices but very few good advice. That is where we come in.

Washing machines aren’t too complicated. Or at least at the level that you need to know about them isn’t. That being said, the best washer and dryer of today comes packing a number of features that we expect almost all the products to have these days. For instance water levels, wash cycle programs, spinning speeds, castors, electronic controls and so on. In the list of washing machine reviews below, we tackle each of them one by one.

Best Portable Washing Machine Reviews

You wouldn’t want to come home with a standalone portable washer and realize that you also needed a laundry dryer as well. Right? Also, you could be glad that you didn’t spend more than a hundred bucks on a portable washing machine but not realize that the capacity is so small it will take the entire day to get the laundry done.

In order to ensure that we won’t get caught in one of these situations, we have also added a buyer’s guide at the end of this article as well as an FAQ section. Give them a shot, but if you just want the results of our washing machine reviews, we have got them explained below.

Best Premium Pick

Best Premium Pick


High-End Model with Top Feature Set

Although it is the most expensive product in our list of washing machine reviews, it also happens to be the best portable washing machine because no other washer you buy will have a feature set like this one!

With maximum wash cycles, water levels, and capacity, this is just the right thing for your apartment. it might be expensive, but it is also the most reliable, durable and sturdy choices.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

Magic Chef MCSTCW16W2

Cheaper with Similar Feature Set

If you aren’t ready to spend that much on a GE washer and dryer combo, how about the Magic Chef? Except for the missing casters and delicate wash, it has almost all the specifications of the more expensive GE portable washer and dryer.

You are talking about one of the best, if not the best portable washing machines that money can buy these days. It has a substantial number of water levels and wash cycles, it is also 30% less in weight than the GE and hence, a true portable washer.

Haier HLP24E Portable Washing Machine

The title of the best washer in town has belong to Haier many times in the past. It is still considered among the best portable washing machine makers in the market. The model we are talking about is among the top washers and dryers although it costs quite less than the GE model.

During our review it was one of the lightest washing machines in there. Another Haier model was the only one that weighed less than it. Leveling is also easy with its adjustable feet. In all aspects it is one of the smallest washer dryer that you will find. However, the Haier portable washer misses out on an important feature: casters.

Whether you will be moving around the washing machine or not is purely up to you.

It packs a stainless steel tub as well as a standard faucet adapter so that you can attach the washer to a sink and start the laundry. The top speed of Haier portable washer is higher than both the Danby model as well as the best washer by GE. In fact, at 800 RPM it was the highest that we tested.

Our reviewers have reported two downsides though. Firstly, it has only four wash cycles which can increase the hassle and second it also has just four water levels. While the water level choice is average, the wash cycles should have been more.


  • Best Portable Washing Machine by Haier
  • One of the Most Lightweight Washing Machines
  • Good Quality


  • No Casters
  • Less Wash Cycles
  • Less Water Levels

Danby DWM045WDB Portable Washing Machine

Lets start the day with the best portable washing machine for the budget focused buyers. The Danby is not the cheapest in terms of the price, however, it is the most energy efficient. Therefore, you will benefit from it in the long run. Just to put things in perspective, it might take 50% more energy than the GE model below.

Nonetheless, there are other selling points in this one. In our time with the product we were impressed by the number of washing cycles being offered. In total you get 11 which is the highest in our tested products, so we have our vote with it for the best washer. You can also adjust the water level to five different levels which is a fair number of choices.

This ensures that you are able to wash a variety of clothes and not worry too much. In total it has the capacity of taking 9.9 lbs and also has rolling caster to help keep that weight moving. Even the 740 RPM spinning speed of the washer dryer was satisfactory as it is higher than many.

This portable washer and dryer does lack some features like the much needed alarm that beeps at the end of the cycle and also pulsators. The Danby model also doesn’t have adjustable feet but it weighs average which means it will not be too hard to move.

Thereafter, a number of other things make up for the missing features, especially the price point. This model is much cheaper than many washing machines including the Haier portable washer and dryer we have reviewed and really liked.


  • 11 Wash Cycles and 5 Water Levels
  • 740 RPM
  • 9.9lbs Capacity


  • No Adjustable Feet
  • No Pulsators
  • No End of Cycle Beep

GE WSLP1500HWW Portable Washing Machine

While its height isn’t much different from the Danby model, the GE portable washing machine is by far the only fully-loaded choice you have. It does have a price to match that, but the performance outweighs many companies that say they make the best portable washing machine.

Moreover, it has the greatest capacity for a single run of clothes. While other washer dryer options don’t go any further than 1.6 cubic feet, the GE model boasts 2.6 cubic feet! Incidentally, the top spinning speed that it achieves is lower than many at 680 RPM.

For a portable washer and dryer combo, it weighs quite a lot. However, not everyone is moving about their electronics so its 90 lbs might not be an issue for you. You might also miss having cabinet handles so that you could easily take out the laundry, but most of us didn’t mind because out of all the washing machines we tested this was the top most quality of automatic laundry solutions.

Yet, we have picked it as the overall best washer dryer, and we stand by our word. First off, it is very compact as compared to inside capacity. Better than the Danby, you get seven water levels. Our washing machine reviews proved that it gives excellent results with eight wash cycles – all for different clothes and different levels of dirt.

We specially loved the three choices of wash and rinse cycles. Just like any other premium brand, this one has an LED display. Those traditional knobs have been replaced by electronic controls as well. Last but not the least, it has a child lock too.


  • Premium Quality
  • 2.6 Cubic Feet Capacity
  • Best Portable Washing Machine Overall
  • Electronic Controls with LED Indicators


  • Very Expensive
  • No Cabinet Handles
  • 90lbs Weight

Haier HLP21N Portable Washing Machine

best portable washing machine Haier HLP21N

The best portable washing machine needs to be lightweight. Otherwise what good is a compact washer and dryer if it weighs a ton. Well not exactly a ton, but anything more than 60lbs is heavy for a portable washer. It looks like Haier knows this by heart because lightweight is all they are making!

We tested two of their products for our washing machine reviews and both the Haier portable washers managed to reach this list. While the Haier HLP24E too weighed quite less, the Haier HLP21N is the lightest at 43 lbs only. You can literally carry it to the first floor yourself.

The overall performance of the machine was fairly good although its functionality falls short of what GE and the Haier HLP24E had. For instance, you get the lowest capacity at 1 cubic foot as well as the smallest dimensions.

Its RPM was better than the GE which means it will spin the clothes faster. But will fall short of quality performance as it offers only three wash cycles as compared to eight by GE and 11 by Danby. Similarly, it has only three water levels that are half of what the best portable washing machine up there offers.

So why exactly is it here in this list? Because it truly is portable, in terms of the weight as well as the size. Not only that, it gets one up from the HLP24E since it has casters which the HLP24E was missing.


  • Mid Ranged Product
  • Lightest of All (Also Has Casters)
  • Smallest of All


  • Capacity Is Lowest
  • Less Wash Cycles
  • Less Water Levels

Magic Chef MCSTCW16W2 Portable Washing Machine

best portable washing machine Magic CHef

We would have liked to give you a product that was not as expensive as the GE WSLP1500HWW and still managed to be as fully-loaded as it was. We were close to that with the Haier HLP24E, and some more with the Danby model. Now with the Magic Chef MCSTCW16W2 we only missing a few areas.

After the GE washer and dryer, it has one of the highest water level choices and wash cycle programs. This gives you a lot more choice than most of the low-end models. It is s mid ranged mini washing machine that performs quite well.

The portable washer competes with the RV washer dryer except this is a new model. However, if you decide to buy this keep in mind that one thing it lacks is a delicate cycle program. While there are a total of six wash cycles, you will not have one dedicated for the most delicate fabric.

However, the portable washer dryer combo offered in the Magic Chef model is great. It offers you Air Drying of the clothes and also has a tub cleaning feature that works pretty well.

Just like the GE washing machine, it also has electronic controls ans well as an LED display. As far as the price is concerned, the Magic Chef is priced on the higher side, but then again, did you expect the best washer and dryer of 2018 to be cheap?


  • Choice of Water Levels
  • Choice of Wash Cycles
  • Lightweight


  • No Delicate Wash Program
  • No Casters
  • Pricey

Buyer’s Guide

    If portability is your concern then the mobility as well as the size of the washing machines become all the more relevant. Ideally, a portable washer dryer combo should be as small as possible without cutting down on the capacity too much. This way it will be able to fit in small spaces.

    Mobility is important to note since it is a portable washer and you’d want to “port” it somewhere sometime. Keep a check on how much the product weighs, a good weight would be around 60 pounds. This will make it easier for you to carry it to different floors.

    Last but not the least, the best portable washing machine will always have casters. These are the little wheels that allow you to push the washer and take it where you want. And no, not all washing machines have them.

    For the ones who are buying a washing machine for the first time, wash cycles are basically the different preset standards of washing. You can switch from one to the other depending on the fabric type as well as the type of dirt you have on it. It is obvious that more wash cycles means more choice.

    Water levels need to be maintained according to the volume of laundry that is being washed in the spin. You increase the water as you increase the laundry added until you reach full capacity. The GE clothes washer that we chose as our best portable washing machine has the greatest choices for both.

    How do you use a portable washing machine?
    If you aren’t going to the automatic laundry, get yourself the best portable washing machine and do it yourself. We’ll guide you through the operation as it is very easy.

    First off, you need to supply the washer dryer with water. Look for the water hose and attach it with the faucet. You will have an adapter with you that will come in handy here. Second, make sure that you have put the drain hose at the right place whether it is a sink, a drain hole or a tub.

    Moving on, you will need to add the detergent and the softener to the pockets. Now turn it on and let the portable washer complete its cycles. Once the cycles are completed it will ring an alarm. This is the point where you decide whether you want to use the dryer or hang dry the clothes.

    Last tip, do not lose the user manual when you buy yourself a washer dryer.
    What is the ideal capacity for a portable washing machine?
    The capacity of an apartment washer dryer should be one of the first thing that you consider. Before anything else, you should know how often will you be laundering. And then figure out how much load will you have every time you are with the portable washer. In the end compare that with the capacity given to understand how much of your laundry will be washed in a single round.

    We think that anything close to 1.5 cubic feet should be enough unless you are very clumsy and drinks keep falling on you ever so often.
    How much should I spend on a portable washing machine?
    There are premium variants of almost all the products; these high-end washer dryer combos can cost you close to a thousand dollars but you do not need to spend so much. On the flipside, there are washing machines that you can get in merely $200. We are also not advising you to go there.

    In order for you to get your hands on the best portable washing machine that doesn’t cost a fortune, you’ll have to spend between $400 to $500. That is unless you want only the premium product.

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