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Best Power Supply Units From Corsair, EVGA and More

Looking for the best power supply unit that would charge up your gaming rig? Well, you have come to just the right place! We have toiled for hours through tests and reviews of numerous PSU for computers aiming at exactly that. It is no easy job, and there are a number of key considerations you should have in mind. But first, a question. Why would you look for a strong computer power supply in the first place?

There are a number of things actually. For starters, the overall gaming experience gets enhanced thanks to a stable power. Needless to say, the added protection to the rig itself is as good a reason as the reduced costs of bills you will pay. If you are using a quality build, it is bound to help cut down the power drainage due to heat.

Reviewing the Best Power Supply Units (PSU) to Crank Up The PC Power

The first thing that will cross your mind when thinking about high-end models a Corsair power supply. But there are many more. To answer the question “what power supply do I need?” we will go through different aspects that make the best PSU.

Just to give you an idea of what an informed buyer should know, let us name a few. The efficiency rating of 80 Plus, Bronze, Silver and so on, which might appear all complex to you, is cardinal to how much power is lost to heat. This has an impact on how much power the computer power supply will have available for the rig. Which leads to the second question about your required wattage calculations.

Then there is the choice between a modular PSU, semi-modular PSU and traditional PSU models. Depending on how frequent your upgrades will be. To round up the rest, there is a warranty, protection mechanisms and compatibility matters in terms of connections and placement.

Best Power Supply for High End

Best Power Supply for High End

Corsair AX1600i

1600W Power Supply Beast!

If you have the most demanding hardware components packed inside your gaming rig, you will also need the wattage supply to match. With the 1600W Corsair power supply, you will not need to go any further. Its a Gallium based, fully modular power supply with 10 years warranty, need we say more?

Clearly, you will have to pay the premium price for this. But that’s about as far as the problems go with this PSU. It beats the competition with ease in all other aspects – well, almost.

Lowest Noise Producing PSU

Lowest Noise Producing PSU

Be Quiet! Straight Power 10

The One Thing It Does Better Than AX1600i

The first thing that needs to be cleared is that yours shouldn’t be a very demanding gaming rig. If you can manage with a 500-watt power supply, you will not find one quieter than this! It is also a semi-modular power supply so there’s that too!

One might say that it is a tad more expensive than a lot of its range. Yet, for the almost noiseless performance, semi-modular build, ATS, EPS, SLI, and CrossFire support. What more could you ask for?

Be Quiet! Straight Power 10 – Silent 500W Power Supply

best power supply unit be quiet straight power 10

While it may not be the most powerful in terms of wattage, the Straight Power 10 is the quietest. A computer power supply has to come with an in-built cooling fan, which can make even the best power supply quite loud. Be Quiet! is one of those models that will have you boasting how silent your gaming rig is.

But you will need to make sure that you buy a variant that will fulfill your power requirements. Be Quiet! comes in a number of wattage capacities ranging from 400W to 700W. If your gaming PC isn’t too demanding, you could settle for a 500-watt power supply.

Moreover, you’re also making two hits with one shot here. The PSU is also a semi-modular power supply. Which means that you get some detachable cables for easy installation and replacement. Also, the PSU has ATX form factor as well as EPS support, and also SLI and CrossFire support.

The efficiency rating of 80 Plus Gold was totally justified in the tests. But if we had to pick out one problem area, it would be the high price of the PSU.


  • Quietest of The Lot
  • Semi Modular Power Supply
  • ATS, EPS, SLI, CrossFire


  • High Price
  • Not the Biggest Capacity

Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W

best power supply unit thermaltake RGB PSU

Because of their history with RGB, we expected that a Corsair power supply would be our choice of the best RGB model. Yet, it is this beauty from Thermaltake that blew us away. Although it is just a basic 80 Plus rated, the capacity is 700W, which would be sufficient for the commonly juiced gaming rig.

For a 700W power supply, you can’t expect to run the baddest of gaming setups. Because you might end up including hardware that requires more wattage than what it can provide. Yet, you will also not get the sweet looks of this one in a price tag as low as this.

By far, it offers great value for money given the acceptable capacity as well as the super hot RGB combinations. We might not be able to praise the traditional non-modular choice of cables. But we do so for the good five-year long warranty. Which is not what every PC power supply manufacturers offer.

This PSU computer unit isn’t the most compact though. But it is as good as an ATX form factor can offer. Moreover, it costs much less than the Be Quiet! that we have reviewed above.


  • Best RGB Lighting PSU
  • Very Affordable


  • Not a Modular Power Supply
  • 700 Watt Capacity Ins’t The Biggest

Corsair RM750X – Best 750W Power Supply

best power supply unit corsair rm750x
Corsair power supply units are some of the best PSU models out there. Ranging from small-scale 500-watt power supply to the high-end versions offering above 1000W, they have got you all covered. The Corsair RM750X is possibly the best power supply among our list. Not only because of the modular PSU fitting, but also a state of the art 80 Plus Gold efficiency.

The version that we chose here was the 750-watt power supply unit. And although that is not the ideal capacity for the most high-end gaming PC setups, it is quite economical. If you compare the feature set of this one with other models of the same quality, you will see great value for money.

Moreover, it has a zero-RPM fan mode which allows it to be quieter than a number of other top choices. Add to that the gigantic 10-year warranty that it offers, and you have a winner. It is also befitting in terms of connectivity. Since it is a modular PSU, you don’t have to get caught up in the mess of all those cables.

It is an overall best power supply unit that also doesn’t ask for a lot of load on your wallet. Not only that, you get the reliable track record of Corsair to sleep well at night.


  • Fully Modular Power Supply
  • 80 Plus Gold Efficiency
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Not a High End Capacity
  • Bulky in Size

EVGA Supernova 1000 T2 – 1000W Power Supply

best power supply unit evga supernova 1000 T2

Moving up the capacity ladder, one of the strongest contenders we had was the EVGA Supernova 1000 watt power supply. Apart from having a bigger watt capacity, it is also the best 1000W PSU that we came across in all our tests.

While the only problem of the EVGA model is its weight. There are numerous other things that can make up for it. We started off with the 80 Plus Titanium rating which is top of the line. Couple with the watt capacity, it was enough to power some of the very demanding setups.

It is also a modular PSU, something that edges it forward to being the best power supply for gaming. We expect the buyers will also want replacements and upgrades to the rig very soon. And obviously, a modular power supply makes life much easier in all those situations.

Moreover, it comes with the ECO mode like most EVGA models, which gives you even better performance at the 1000W. And, to add to the experience you could also make use of the Nvidia SLI support too.


  • 1000 Watt Power Supply
  • Great Over All Value
  • ECO Mode, SLI


  • Weighs More Than Expected

Corsair AX1600i – Best Power Supply for Over 1000W

We saved the best for the last. Yet another Corsair power supply that made us a fan was the AX1600i. But before you jump the gun here, let us tell you that this beast is only for the most demanding, fully powered rigs. Since it is serious business alone, the Corsair PSU is also sold at a premium price.

You will need to have no issues spending much more than the rest of the models here if you want the best power supply that the market has to offer. But if you ask me there are a few reasons why the price can also be justified.

It packs premium components, including the Cross Link software that monitors and controls. Due to the modular system, it is a lot less messy without so many cables. And you can even stop worrying about supply shortages when using multiple GPU solutions.

To top it all off, the Corsair power supply manufacturers will stick with you for a good long 10 years During that time, you can claim the warranty at any time if needed. Last but not least, you can expect a much more durable build in the AX1600i because it uses superior Gallium instead of Silicon.


  • Gigantic 1600 Watt Power Supply
  • Modular PSU with Superior Components
  • Gallium Based
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Expensive Product

Buyer’s Guide

    One thing that you will come across on all products is the power supply ratings. Mostly denoted as 80 Plus, going upwards for better and more expensive versions. The rating is basically a measure of how efficiently the AC power is converted for your gaming PC. At the standard 20%, 50% and 100% loads, here are how the different 80 Plus ratings work:

    • 80 Plus: at least 80% efficiency at all three levels of load
    • 80 Plus Bronze: 82%, 85%, 82% respectively
    • 80 Plus Silver: 85%, 88%, 85% respectively
    • 80 Plus Gold: 87%, 90%, 87% respectively
    • 80 Plus Platinum: 90%, 92%, 89% respectively

    Before you decide to buy the best power supply for your gaming PC, make sure you know how much wattage you need. It would be a mess if you come home with a super cool PSU only to find that it doesn’t fulfill your power requirements. In order to do this, you can manually check with each part you are using. But that way you could risk an error. Instead, you could get help from a good online PC power calculator. Moving on, keep a couple of hundred watts extra so that an upgrade doesn’t bother you.

    These days, a lot of PSU computer models come with full or semi-modular support. Essentially, having a modular power supply makes life easy for those users who will be playing around with new installations as well as upgrades. Having detachable cables means all those experiments get easier.

    The form factor of your power supply is very important because you don’t want to buy a PSU that will not even fit the case of your computer. So the first thing to do is to match the form factor of your case, say ATX, with the PSU you are buying. Even then, it is suggested that you measure the space provided in the case. There are some high wattage computer power supply models that are a little longer than the standard. Make sure you don’t order the wrong size!

    What is a PSU?
    PSU is the abbreviated form of Power Supply Unit. Which, for the uninitiated, is the source of all things holy and beautiful in your gaming rig. In other words, the power to crank up your computer is provided by the power supply unit you have installed. What it does is that it takes the AC current and converts it to DC for the computer parts to consume. There are different types of Power Supply Units available in the market. There are differentiated on the basis of their watt capacity, form factor, modular build and so on.

    What power supply do I need?
    To start with, you need a PC power calculator to determine how much wattage does your computer need. The best power supply should at least promise 50% in addition to the calculated wattage. You can find a good PC wattage calculator with a simple Google search. Just make sure that you play it safe by adding the additional watts to their calculation. Then you can decide whether the 500-watt power supply will be enough or you need a 600-watt power supply or even 750 watts.

    What is a Modular Power Supply Unit?
    You might have come across PSU computer units with different choices for cable connections. Some are permanently attached while others can be detached. A Modular Power Supply Unit is one that allows you to detach all cables at will. These are followed by semi-Modular Power Supply Units that have some permanent connections and some detachable ones. On the other hand, traditional or non-Modular Power Supply Units do not have any detachable cables. The best power supply unit models for gaming these days are modular. While they are quite expensive, the Corsair power supply models of the AXi Series are fully modular.

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