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Best Qi Wireless Chargers for iPhone and Android

Whether it’s to preserve your smartphone’s charging port or just for the convenience of getting rid of wires, investing in some Qi wireless chargers for your daily driver is never a bad idea.

Qi is the technology name used for wireless charging, and it’s quickly become the standard one in the industry among all major Android and iOS devices.

Best Qi Wireless Chargers

Qi wireless charging technology has come a long way in the past few years. You’ll find an endless list of Qi wireless chargers if you try to search for them. We’ve made life easier for you by handpicking the 6 best ones in the market right now and reviewing them.

Make sure you read our buyer’s guide to understand what the fuss is all about too. It’ll surely help you make a better purchase decision for your wireless charger.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Anker PowerWave

Slim and Fast

The Anker PowerWave is a slim Qi wireless charger in a pad form that provides 7.5 watts for iPhone and 10 watts for Android devices with fast charging capabilities.

Anker’s PowerWave is our favorite Qi wireless charger because of its slim design and great performance. It also is the least fussy pad styled charger when it comes to your phone’s positioning and alignment.

Premium Pick

Premium Pick

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible

Best of Both Worlds

This Samsung Fast Charge wireless charger brings both the pad and stand format in a single product. Thanks to an adjustable slider, it can be used in either form.

Why not get the best of the pad and stand type Qi wireless chargers in a single package with this Samsung product? It’s an ideal solution for anyone who wants the benefits of both.

Anker PowerWave

Anker makes some of the best smartphone products out there, so it’s a given you’ll find more than one of their Qi wireless chargers on our list. Our top pick and favorite Qi wireless charger is the Anker PowerWave for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s one of the most forgiving circular pad styled chargers out there in-terms of placement. It doesn’t require you to place your smartphone in a very specific manner, essentially making the wireless charging experience as convenient as it should be.

The large rubberized circumference ensures your phone doesn’t slip anywhere, and an elegant LED light indicates the charging status. What’s more, the Anker PowerWave provides 7.5W fast charging for the latest iPhones and can run up to 10W for the fast charging flagships of Samsung, LG, Huawei, and others.

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with the Quick Charge 3.0 AC adapter that gets the best out of this Anker wireless charger. You’ll have to buy that separately, but it’s well worth the investment if you want the most reliable Qi wireless charger for iPhone and Android.


  • Fast charging
  • Slim design
  • Doesn’t require very precise placement


  • AC adapter has to be purchased separately

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible

Qi wireless chargers usually come in two form factors: stands of pads. Both bring their own set of conveniences, but sometimes one works better than the other in a given situation.

Samsung decided to go down the “why not both?” route and create a convertible Qi wireless charger, and we love it to bits for its practicality and performance. Embedded with a whopping 3 coils instead of the regular one or two, this Qi wireless charger from Samsung can behave as a stand or by folded into a pad.

It provides 9 watts of power for fast charging Samsung phones. But it doesn’t limit the technology to Samsung smartphones alone – you can fast charge the latest iPhones as well as other brands like LG and Sony.

The fast wall charger is included in the set, so you don’t need to go out searching for another. It is pricier than many other fast charging Qi wireless chargers, but it’s the only one that brings both form factors to the table.


  • Fast charging
  • Provides both stand and pad form factors
  • Comes with 3 coils so alignment isn’t a problem in either forms


  • Bulky, especially in pad mode

IKEA Nordmärke Triple Pad

This seemingly odd slab of wood can be easily mistaken for a chopping board. In reality, this is a unique Qi wireless charger that can charge up to three devices at a time. If the design doesn’t make the IKEA Nordmarke unique than its multi-phone charging certainly does.

The charging pad is over a foot long and just over 5 inches wide, so it’s not something you’ll be carrying around with yourself in a laptop bag often. However, this is reasonable given it accommodates three phones at a time.

It works well for families or individuals with multiple phones and can rest easily on an accessible table in the living room. The charging spots on this IKEA Qi wireless charger are raised rubber plus symbols. Despite this design choice, the pad is quite slippery for a wireless charger. A white light next to each spot indicates the charging status of the respective device, though you probably won’t be able to see it because most phones are large enough to block the light.

IKEA Nordmärke doesn’t have fast charging, but it does offer a 2.4amp USB Type-A port on the side to plug in any additional device wish to charge with a tether.


  • Charges three devices
  • Elegant design
  • Additional USB-A port on the side


  • Slippery top
  • LEDs get covered by most phones

RAVPower Wireless Charging Stand

The RavPower Wireless Charging Stand has a slightly different design than what most stand type Qi wireless chargers. The wireless charging standing as a distinct filleted rectangle body that encapsulates two very large coils that practically run across the entire stand.

As a result, you have the option of charging either in portrait or landscape mode without any hassle. The station housing the coils itself is made of silicone, so your phone isn’t going to slide off easily as it charges. There’s also a small LED at the base that displays the status of your wireless charging.

The RAVPower Qi wireless charger is capable of delivering 7.5 watts of power to the newest iPhones for fast charging. Additionally, it can deliver 10 watts to all Android devices that support fast charging. You also get the designated Quick Charge 3.0 adapter in the package, so you can charge fast out of the box.


  • Fast charging
  • Coils cover a large area
  • Prevents easy slippage


  • Some quality control issues
  • Struggles with thicker cases

Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

The Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand is an affordable stand version of their PowerPort Qi wireless chargers. The stand is mostly made of plastic and has a blue LED light that glows to indicate when the charging is engaged.

The base of the Anker wireless charger stand is rubberized to prevent your phone from slipping. Out of most of the stand format Qi wireless chargers, Anker’s PowerPort has perhaps the best angle for your phone to rest at. Face ID or eye scanning for unlock is quick due to the angle, and notifications are supremely easy to read.

As with most stand styled chargers, this one lets you charge your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. The stand is also designed to work with the thickest Otterbox styled cases out there.

The Anker wireless charger itself is rated at 5 watts, so it doesn’t offer any fast charging. While this is a bummer for some, it’s not a deal breaker for many others as it allows the charger to operate at safe temperatures.


  • Good value
  • Angle is great for Face ID and face recognition
  • Works even with thick cases


  • Flimsy design
  • Base is really light and can topple when phone is picked up

Belkin Boost Up

Belkin’s Boost Up is a highly popular option for iPhone users as it has been fine-tuned specifically for the Apple devices. This Qi wireless charger was made in close collaboration with Apple, so it’s often one of the first choices for anyone with an iPhone.

Because of this, it innately supports 7.5 watts fast charging for the latest iPhones. Additionally, this Qi wireless charger can work with any Android phone as well, though it will be limited to standard 5 watts charging instead of the 10 watts you’ll see in Android-focused devices. There is a 10 watts version available with a different design altogether but we don’t think it’s a good idea to pay extra for it when there are equally good (or better) options for Android available.

What the Belkin does offer that few others do is a 3-year warranty on this device. This makes it a reliable investment even if it will cost you a little more than other wireless chargers. The included AC adapter also comes with a 5-foot long cord, which is more than what you’ll usually get.


  • Fast charging for iPhone
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Long cord provided with the charger


  • Limited charging power for Android
  • Needs precise alignment
  • Pricey

Buyer’s Guide

    Qi wireless chargers come with different powers, which directly dictates how fast or slow they charge. Till recent times, the industry standard was 3.5 to 5 watts of power. Since the standardization of fast charging in all modern smartphones, many manufacturers have begun to release 7.5 watts and even 10 watts wireless chargers.

    iPhone 8, X, and the XS series all utilize 7.5 watts for fast charging. Android smartphones, on the other hand, utilize 9 to 10 watts for their fast charging process. If you want a fast charging wireless charger for your smartphone, you should opt to get a 10-watt one. Most 10W wireless chargers will also adjust their power to provide 7.5 watts for the iPhone.

    Do note though that fast charging Qi wireless chargers generate heat and may utilize a fan for cooling. This can make them bulkier and heavier.

    Qi wireless chargers primarily come in two forms: pads and stands. Pads are discs which you lay your phone on to charge. Stands are what docks once were. Both form factors have their advantages and disadvantages.

    The biggest advantage pads have over stands are they are highly portable. Because they are relatively flat and shaped like saucers, it’s easy to tuck them in a bag while traveling. However, they generally require the user to position and align the phone in a specific way to ensure wireless charging.

    Stands allow you to charge the phone in either landscape or portrait mode, as they often incorporate multiple coils. However, because they are, well, stands, they take up more space and are harder to take around.

    Whether your Qi wireless charger of choice is a pad or a stand, you want it to have a texture that prevents your phone from displacing while it’s a charge. This means the material should be grippy enough to withstand vibrations from texts and calls.

    It’s also important to consider the weight balance of stand type Qi wireless charges. Picking up the phone shouldn’t topple the stand in any way.

    What kind of cases can a Qi wireless charger charge through?
    As long as your phone’s case has no metal components and isn’t unreasonably thick, most well-made Qi wireless chargers will work with it just fine.

    Is Qi wireless charging safe?
    Yes. Wireless charging is safe as it doesn’t generate a field any stronger than regular radio waves. Some fast wireless chargers can get heated, but they often come with ventilation systems to dissipate the heat if they are of good quality.

    Is there really a massive difference between fast charging and regular charging?
    When it comes to Qi wireless chargers, the difference between the two speeds isn’t as huge as it is with cable charging. However, even 20-30 minutes of a difference is significant enough to warrant the purchase of a fast charging wireless charger if your phone supports it.

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