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The Best Sleeping Bags for Kids You Can Buy in 2018

When it’s time to go for camping with your kids, you’ll need to pack a lot of things with yourself. One thing you shouldn’t forget to pack are sleeping bags for kids.

Kids sleeping bags are designed to maximize thermal insulation for the little ones as well as provide maximum comfort. There are a plethora of different sleeping bags for kids available in the market right now, and as a parent or guardian it’s up to you to decide which one suits your needs.

Factors like height, the temperature of where you’ll be camping, and age all play a huge role in your decision.

The Best Sleeping Bags for Kids in 2018

We’ve shortlisted and reviewed some of the best sleeping bags for kids available in 2018. All these bags provide great thermal insulation, comfort, and come at reasonable prices.

To help you with your purchase, we also have a buyer’s guide at the end of the list, breaking down some of the essential factors you need to look for.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Best Sleep Ever

The Kids 30 Degree sleeping bag for kids is another fantastic product from Coleman. This sleeping bag is rated for temperatures as low as 30 degrees and can accommodate children of height up to 5 feet. It provides great insulation and also features an interior pocket.

Coleman dominates the camping products market, and they’ve done it again with the Kids 30 Degree sleeping bag. This bag delivers comfort, warmth, and durability at a great price.

Best Value

Best Value

Wenzel Backyard 30 Degree

Minimalistic and Efficient

The Wenzel Backyard 30 Degree provides a minimalistic experience. This sleeping bag for kids is rated for temperatures as low as 30 degrees and is designed for children as tall as 5 feet 6 inches. It offers great thermal insulation at an incredibly affordable price.

When on a budget or just looking for backup sleeping bags for kids, there aren’t many products better than the Wenzel Backyard 30 Degree.

Coleman Kids 30 Degree


Coleman tends to make the best camping products around at incredible prices, so it’s no surprise that one of their sleeping bags for kids makes it the top product in our list. The Coleman Kids 30 Degree sleeping bag has a smart design with plenty of insulation.

It is rated at 30 degrees, which is ideal for camping trips in cold weather. The insulation is achieved from the polyester fabric which is breathable, so the temperature is regulated in milder climates.

The bag also has an adjustable hood that allows you to modify the ventilation and regulate the temperature. There is a small interior pocket as well where you can keep useful items.

The bag is ideal for kids up to 5 feet tall. Of course, like with most kids sleeping bags you’ll likely want a replacement when your child is a few inches shorter than that.

The bag comes in two colors: blue or pink, making it ideal for girls and boys.


  • Simple and effective
  • Good value
  • Interior pocket is useful
  • Great thermal insulation


  • Packing size isn’t as small as it should be
  • Not suitable for taller kids

MalloMe Single Camping Sleeping Bag

Feature-wise, the MalloMe is one of the best sleeping bag for kids you can buy. This bag features a hybrid design that combines the best features of a mummy bag and a square bag design. It’s simple, sleek, and modern looking.

What makes this bag stand out from the rest is its waterproof outer shell material. This is ideal for wet and rainy camping days. Additionally, this bag is rated at a super-low temperature of 20 degrees. From that spec alone you’re assured that your child will stay warm even during the coldest camping trip.

The bag is also a hybrid, ideal for kids or adults. It is designed for individuals up to 6 feet tall, so you’ll know that the investment will be long lasting. Of course, this does mean that it’s not ideal for very small children, but if you have a tall child this is the bag to get.

The bag also comes with a sleek carry. It is lightweight, comes at a great price, and offers unparalleled performance.


  • Waterpoof outer shell
  • Great insulation up to 20 F temperatures
  • Long enough to be used for taller kids
  • Great hybrid design


  • Can be too large for smaller children

Coleman Youth Kids Sleeping Bag

Yep, it’s another product from Coleman, confirming their presence and reputation for making excellent camping products. The Coleman Youth Kids Sleeping Bag differs from the 30 Degree in several ways. Firstly, this is a square design instead of the mummy bag design, giving the child more wiggle room than normal.

Secondly, the bag is rated at 45 degrees. This is a higher temperature than the Coleman 30 degree, so if you’re camping in cold conditions where temperatures would drop further, you should consider other products.

However, in cool climates this is perhaps the best bag out there for the money. At just around $22.50, you get an affordable yet great polyester sleeping bag that can accommodate children up to 5 feet 5 inches tall. The length of the bag is ideal and means it’ll last children as they grow for several years.

It features ThermoTech insulation and has a ZipPlow system that plows away fabric to prevent any snagging while zipping the bag. It also comes in three different colors. Because of its price and offerings, we believe this is one of the best sleeping bags for kids you can buy.


  • Simple square design gives good wiggle room
  • Great value
  • Taller than other sleeping bags for kids


  • Not ideal for colder climates

Kelty Woobie 30 Degree

The Kelt Woobie is a cute and cuddly kids sleeping bag for smaller kids. It features a mummy styled design and is aimed specifically for smaller children. It is incredibly lightweight and effective in thermal insulation, which is why it is rated at 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bag has a maximum height of 4 feet 6 inches, so it’s obviously not going to work for taller or older kids. Kelty rates this bag for ages up to 6 years, but we believe that children even up to 8 years can fit comfortably in this bag. The mummy design will keep the kids warm and cozy.

This bag is ideal for three seasons camping for young children. It is lightweight and comes as a reasonable price for sleeping bags for kids. It is available in two colors: hot pink and viridian.


  • Great mummy design
  • Provides good insulation
  • Perfect for small children
  • Lightweight


  • Some kids will outgrow it pretty fast

Wenzel Backyard 30 Degree


When you’re looking for sleeping bags for kids that just function as intended without costing you anymore than what’s necessary, look no further than the Wenzel Backyard. This sleeping bag strips down all the bell sand whistles and offers a basic experience at an incredible price.

The Wenzel Backyard is rated at 30 degrees, so it works quite effectively in cold weather. This bag has a mummy styled design and utilizes soft polyester insulation that locks in heat. It also has a drawstring hood for extra warmth. The fabric is breathable and will allow you to use this bag in milder weather as well.

The Wenzel Backyard 30 degrees kids sleeping bag is also quite long. It has a length of 5 feet 6 inches, meaning your child won’t outgrow it soon. It comes in two colors: green and purple, and is ideal due to its no nonsense design and incredible value.


  • Minimalistic design and performance
  • Good insulation
  • Ideal length means kids won’t outgrow it too fast
  • Fantastic value


  • Not as feature-packed as other sleeping bags

Kelty Big Dipper 30 Degree


No one will blame you for getting the best products possible for your kids, especially when keeping them warm, comfortable, and well rested is the objective. The Kelty Big Dipper is one of the finest made sleeping bags for kids you can buy.

This bag has a very cozy build and design that utilizes the best features of both mummy styled bags and square shaped ones. It is primarily a mummy styled sleeping bag, so it is excellent at retaining heat and thermal insulation. Rated at 30 degrees, this bag is ideal for cold climates when camping, and works very will in milder weather too due to its breathable fabric.

In addition to its regular length, there is also an expandable foot section in the bag that will accommodate slightly older children. It is 5 feet in length, which is ideal for most children up to 10 years.

The Kelty Big Dipper comes in two colors: an ocean blue and a purple. It is slightly costlier than other sleeping bags for kids, but the quality and performance are well worth the price.


  • Great design
  • Excellent insulation
  • Very comfortable and cozy
  • Overall great build


  • More expensive than other options

Melissa and Doug Augie Alligator


This cute and cuddly sleeping bag for kids is more than just its looks. The warm, welcoming Augie alligator bag from Mellisa and Doug combines a cheerful design with some great features.

The sleeping bag is generously proportioned, measuring 5 feet 8 inches in length, ideal for taller children and even teens. It is also quite affordable and extremely lightweight.

Though Melissa and Doug don’t give any temperature rating for this bag, we feel it’s quite warm due to its high quality polyester and snug fit. It is ideal for milder and cool temperatures, though we wouldn’t risk using it when mercury drops below 40.

It is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at less than 2 pounds, which makes it very easy to pack away during trips. This is one of the cutest high quality sleeping bags for kids you’ll find, and it functions perfectly as intended.


  • Cute, kid-friendly design
  • Provides good insulation
  • Very comfortable and cozy
  • Great build quality


  • May not be suitable for colder weather

Buyer’s Guide

    One of the two most important factors in your decision should be the length of the bag. Children grow very fast, which means buying a small bag that your child fits in right now might not fit after a few months.

    For this reason, you want to buy a sleeping bag with a few inches of allowance. Depending on how often or for how long you’ll use the bag, you should consider extra allowance.

    However, don’t buy oversized sleeping bags for kids as they won’t be as comfortable or provide the same kind of thermal insulation. A snug fit with some wiggle room for the feet and arms is the right way to go.

    Remember: length is the primary determining factor for durability in sleeping bags for kids.

    The other important factor you need to consider is obviously comfort. Comfort not only comes from the shape and material choice of the sleeping bag, but also how well it insulates.

    Many sleeping bags can keep the child warm, but they don’t do a good job of regulating the temperature. If you’re camping in an area where the weather changes fast and to the extreme, you won’t a sleeping bag for your child with breathable fabric so the temperature stays warm but always comfortable.

    Similarly, you want the sleeping bag to be lightweight but padded well enough to provide the cushion for the head, back, and legs.

    Thermal insulation is extremely important when camping out in cold weather. Heck, you probably wouldn’t be searching for dedicated sleeping bags for kids if it weren’t for the thermal insulation.

    Most bags have a rating listed with their name. Usually these ratings are quite accurate, verified through actual testing. The thermal insulation is often directly correlated to this temperature rating, so bags with lower ratings provide better insulation and keep the child warmer.

    Just what type of rating you want will depend on where you’re camping.

    Finally, we have the type. Sleeping bags for kids usually come in two designs: mummy styled designs and basic square designs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Mummy styled designs are excellent at providing better thermal insulation and are a snugger fit. They keep your legs and arms warm and provide the effect of being hugged by a warm soft individual. This does however restrict movement of the limbs.

    Square shaped sleeping bags provide more wiggle room, but they are not as snug and can fold and move around rather easily. They also may or may not provide effective insulation, depending on the design of the bag and location of the zip.

    There are also a few bags that are hybrids, combining the perks of both types while also eliminating the disadvantages.

    How much do dimensions actually matter?
    Dimensions are arguably the most important part of your buying decision. You don’t want a sleeping bag that is too small or too loose for your child. Similarly, people often neglect the importance of width as well. A wide sleeping bag will provide more space to move, but it will also fold and twist, which can be very uncomfortable.

    How often should I clean sleeping bags?
    Sleeping bags should be cleaned as often as possible because they are often used in uncontrolled outdoor conditions.

    Are there any dangerous materials used in sleeping bags for kids?
    Companies that design and manufacture sleeping bags for kids ensure there are no additional materials used that could be potentially harmful to your child. Most of them utilize polyester and/or other materials that are used in adult sleeping bags, which are safe.

    Do most bags work in all seasons?
    Seasons are different in different locations, so this will directly depend on where you’re planning to camp. Most sleeping bags designed to provide insulation at very low temperatures also work well in milder climates as well, but they are definitely not ideal in hotter conditions.

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