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Best Smart Locks to Buy in 2018

The best smart locks that you can buy in 2018 are mostly not going to be cheap and there is a fair reason. We are looking for a device that would help push up the home security so there should be no compromise here. A number of manufacturers are offering valuable features but it is up to us to gauge what is being offered against the price they are charging for it.

Obviously, companies that have a reputation in the past are more reliable than new entrants because it is your home at stake. However, there are some rather new door lock manufacturers that make some of the best smart locks in the market. Which is why we are going to have a variety of choices for you in this article.

Best Smart Locks in 2018

We have befriended a number of old as well as new products in the smart home security niche. As a result we have come up with a to the point list of smart locks that will serve whatever purpose you want. We have covered areas ranging from smart functionalities, alarms, design, durability and mode of locking/unlocking. We have also shortlisted two of the best choices for you right here.

Strongest of the Horde

Strongest of the Horde

Samsung Smart Door Lock

Commercial Grade Security and Features

If price is not a concern, this should be your first, second as well as the third choice. With state of the art smart functionality, commercial grade security protocols and a sleek finish, this is one of the best smart locks out there.

You get emergency unlocks in case of fire alongside alarms. There is a two step authentication at the keypad. Also, despite being all sleek and stylish it is a very tough to break smart lock.

Budget Alternative

Budget Alternative

Lockitron Bolt

All Basic Functionalities in a Budget

While there are smart locks that could cost a fortune, this rather new entrant gives you at least the basic features in a low price. It gets you auto-unlocking without a key and has so far performed smoothly with whatever it packs.

You hardly get satisfactory products that are priced at below average but Lockitron appears to do it. The investment isn’t asking much and you get to upgrade your home to at least bare minimum smart functionality.

Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage locks have been all the rage ever since we started turning towards smart locks and away from the traditional ones, and the Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt lock is living up to the reputation.

The Deadbolt lock, or the Schlage Connect, as it is usually called brings you a button free keypad which is very resistive and very responsive. You will be in an out in a second. However, all good things come at a price and some have a higher asking price. This truly is one of the best smart locks for your home but it is going to be expensive too.

While some of the customers might get put off by the size being slightly bigger than the August Smart Lock above. There is a fair justification as the Schlage lock comes with an ANSI Grade 1 rating. In other words you are putting your hard earned $200 into a commercial-grade product, nothing less.

Since is also has a key unlocking facility, you will not need to worry about the charging running out on you unexpectedly. Talking of, unexpected break-ins will not go unnoticed with the Schlage Deadbolt. It has a shrieking alarm that rings like all hell just broke loose.

The Schlage smart lock is one of the best smart home devices to digitize your style of living with state of the art Z-Wave wireless connectivity. This can be used to connect smartphones and computers with it but it has no dedicated app. This means just like the August lock you will need an automation system for your home.


  • Quick Usage Keypad and Key Features
  • ANSI Grade 1 – Commercial Grade Security
  • Stylish Design
  • Loud Alarms


  • High Price
  • Bulky and Needs More Space
  • No Dedicated App
  • Needs Charging

Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-H635

We have tried and tested for you a number of different home locks all claiming that theirs is the best smart lock of the year 2018. Almost all of them come with different level of functionality as well as price tag. This Samsung smart lock falls at the high end of both.

Since Samsung is leading the race in smart home technology, as it boasts of major security enhancements. For instance, you can enter the PIN without opening the keypad. Even before entering the PIN you enter one random number prompted by the smart lock. This is so that onlookers are unable to guess the exact PIN. Not only that you get one master pin and up to 20 RFID tags to use on this.

With Samsung at the helm you are in safe hands as even in the case of a fire emergency. At a certain point of heat the locks will not only sound an alarm but also unlock themselves so that you don’t get trapped in. Another problem with smart locks was charging, but even if your battery gets rained on this one you can use a 9V battery from outside and unlock it.

With all these features handy, we were sure this deserved to be among our list of best smart locks. Especially since we think there is a fair justification of the high price you will pay for it.

Samsung has designed this lock very articulately and we are not just fans of its sleek and metallic look. It also uses a Mortise locking system instead of the comparatively simpler cylindrical deadbolt locks. However, you will still have to pull a lever to open the door.

A cherry on top? You get to customize door locking and unlocking sounds.


  • Fire Emergency Protocols
  • Extra Layer of Security for Keypad
  • Tried and Tested Against Break Ins
  • Emergency Power Contact On Front


  • Quite Pricey
  • Limited RFIDs

August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled – 2nd Generation

Clearly when you are buying for yourself one of the best smart locks out there, the key consideration is the security that it can provide rather than the price tag that it comes with. Which is why the rather pricey August Smart Lock has made its way to our results.

Despite being on the higher end of the price spectrum, this 2nd Gen piece of hardware is one of the more reliable options out there. This is a Home-Kit enabled version of the infamous August. It allows you to keep a check on who is entering or leaving using your mobile. Also your smartphone is converted into a key with codes that can be shared around.

The company also boasts that unlike most of the other smart locks it doesn’t require much effort while installing. It is a wireless solution which is why you have to worry less about how you will manage all the prerequisites of getting a smart lock.

That being said, the wires are replaced by batteries which means you will have to deal with charging chores. However, this will also ensure that the door lock stays on even when the power goes out. A feature you wish all of the best smart locks had.

One last downside of this one is that if you wish to access the smart lock remotely you will need to get help from additional components. While we are talking about the best smart locks available, many of them are still lacking in this regard.


  • Highly Durable
  • Battery Charged, So Power Outages Don’t Matter
  • Easy Installation


  • High Price
  • Additional Components Needed for Remote Access
  • Requires Regular Charging

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 2nd Generation

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 2nd Generation is the new big thing from the makers of Kwikset Locks. The company that has been working on touch to unlock smart lock for a while now. And, that is what makes it one of the best smart locks out there. The Kwikset Kevo comes with functionality that lets you open the door with a tap on the lock itself with your finger.

We are talking about the second generation of the Kwikset smart locks. These take a smarter shape taking less space on the interior and are also much more durable against unwarranted attempts of breaking in through force.

There are other improvements that the new smart lock has. For instance it is now easier to install and comes with unlimited number of paid digital keys. These keys can be used permanently or passed on for a temporary period of time.

It is, however, an expensive solution. Remotely controlling your lock is only possible either through bluetooth or through the Plus version that costs an extra $100. The Plus version lets you connect the Kevo app with your router at home. Now you will only need an internet connection be connect with the smart door lock.

Like we said previously, we have tested a variety of solutions to pick up the best smart locks in 2018. So in this list there are also going to be some expensive solutions. The Kwikset Smart Lock is there because of the security of close range bluetooth based authentication and the tried and tested durability.


  • Touch Finger to Open
  • Close Range Authentication Means More Security
  • Tried and Tested Against Physical Force with ANSI Grade 2 rating


  • Only Plus Version Has Proper Remote Access
  • Higher On The Price Spectrum
  • Lacks Some Features of Other Competitors

Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave

Yale has always had something to offer and alongside compatible smart home connectivity apps like ZigBee and Z-Wave it offers great value.

For starters your old deadbolt lock can be replaced by this smart lock so that you can use a 4-8 digit code to enter. There can be a total of 250 pins that you can store in there. You can also go in the traditional way with the key, but we’ll leave that for emergencies if we were you.

Also, this smart deadbolt lock lets you have a privacy mode, re-locking feature as well as voice assistance. The latter lets you lazy around as you shout the orders to the home lock system. The installation process of the Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt smart lock is pretty straight forward and you can replaced the old deadbolt door lock with it just with a screwdriver.

While it does help you getting rid of the key, the complete integration of this door lock with the rest of your smart home technologies can be done only through an upgrade and separately sold Yale Network Module. It is Z-Wave and ZigBee compatible and also works well with Amazon Alexa. Which means there aren’t going to be a lot of compatibility issues with this one.

Let us tell you beforehand though, that you aren’t going to like the price of this one as it is close to the high end usually. This is not the product you are looking for if you want a cheap solution. However, those of you who are more into the features of the products are going to have a hard time ignoring this as feature wise this is one of the best smart locks of 2018.


  • Voice Commands
  • Keyed and Keyless Entry
  • Z-Wave, ZigBee and Alexa Compatibility


  • Expensive

Lockitron TRON200QS Bolt-Alexa Enabled Smart Lock

Not everyone wants to spend too much on these gadgets, so we have also included a couple of substitutes that are going to be more price friendly. First in that group is the Lockitron Bolt, which brings a very basic set of features and a commendable price.

Now, we are not saying that if you compromise on price it will result in the quality of security being low. That is certainly not the case with this smart lock because so far all the reviews have suggested a rather satisfactory performance.

It should however be considered that the Lockitron Bolt is a rather new model therefore we don’t have a very large amount of data relating to its long term performance.

While continuing to be cost effective for you, the rather new entrant into the competition brings you a feature called Lockitron Sense. This feature lets the door unlock as you arrive at the doorstep and as a result you get to thank someone another day for ridding you of key use.

You are getting a complete keyless entry like most of the best smart locks out there.

What we can say about this below $100 smart lock is that it is promising with its decor friendly design and style as well as the basic features anyone would want in a smart lock. What remains to be seen is how well it performs after being older than a year. The manufacturer is rather new to the limelight and there isn’t much of a history to go on.


  • Completely Keyless
  • Very Economical
  • Lockitron Sense Allows Auto Door Unlock


  • Brings Just The Basic Functionality
  • Long Term Performance Not Evaluated

Buyer’s Guide

    Okay so there are a number of variants you can choose from when it comes to style but as far as the basic design is concerned it is a choice between two. Firstly, you could go for a lever style lock that packs a keyhole or a keypad for unlocking as well as a lever to open the door. In this case, all three are packed together in one unit.

    On the other hand you could pick a deadbolt smart lock which comes without the lever. With just the deadbolt lock that could either have the keyhole, they keypad or both, this is usually more convenient. Many of you will only need to replace the old deadbolt lock with a smart deadbolt lock and retain the lever you already have. Others might even opt for a smart lock that automatically does the job of a lever.

    In the traditional style of door locks, there used be only keys. With the turn towards technology and smart home functionalities, we now have keypads replacing the keys in most of the cases. Since most of the companies are still making these variants of their smart home locks, you get to choose which one you want.

    Here’s what you should consider: the keypad allows a larger number of pins to be circulated among people that are going to have access to your locks instead of handing over a physical key. While having one with a key functionality ensures you never get locked out if the battery drains or the power is out.

    Even some of the best smart locks continue to sell without a dedicated app in which case it adds to the hassle of turning your crib into a smart home. If there is no dedicated app you will need additional resource like Samsung SmartThings to remotely control the lock.some Schlage locks and some from Kwikset are among these.

    While a number of the best smart locks like August Smart Lock, Kwikset Kevo and many others do not require external smart home hub. A large number of locks come with functional apps like Z-Wave and ZigBee to overcome the gap and these two are doing well.

    One last thing that you should consider is whether the smart lock has an alarm system or not. Naturally, we don’t need to tell you why you want your front door lock to ring a siren if someone tries to break in.

    What is a smart lock?
    It is basically a hybrid of mechanical and electrical technology with smart features that allow you to unlock and lock your doors through instructions transferred to it wirelessly.

    Are smart locks safe?
    When we used keys we had the trouble of losing them to a thief, now we have the risk of getting things hacked. However, we cannot say that smart locks are any more risky than the traditional key locks because these even come with alarm systems, multilayered electronic security as well as ANSI 2 ratings in some case. To be honest, the best smart locks are way ahead of the best traditional locks that we used to have.

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