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Best Smart Scale Models to Track Body Fat and Other Biometrics

Every new day brings an innovation that is a welcome addition to life for many, and a smart scale is one of those. And with every passing day, they are getting more accurate, convenient and affordable. We have so many body mass scales to choose from that offer a range of different features that you might or might not use.

But on the flipside, more features mean the buying process is getting trickier and it is not as simple as just getting a Garmin scale. There is a lot of competition now and names like Withings, FitBit Aria, Tanita, and Renpho scales are claiming their fair chunk.

Reviewing The Best Smart Scale Models in 2019

Since the idea is to automate things and get assisted as much as possible in monitoring your health, we have prioritized related aspects over aesthetics. For instance, it matters more than the bathroom scale is waterproof than having a good looking design.

Similarly, a weight scale that offers greater syncing choices should be preferred over another one that, say, is compact. This is usually achieved by offering dedicated apps as well as compatibility with the more renowned health apps like MyFitnessPal. Other than that, factors like durability, build quality, biometrics offered and capacity are some of the things we have considered.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Withings Body+

Premium Build, Consistent Accuracy

Although it cost more then many of the competitors, Withings Body+ Smart Scale has Nokia Health’s legacy to maintain. Which it does well with a large range of health metrics as well as special modes for pregnancy and babies.

The Withings scale also has the premium looks to match its price as well as your decor. With the exclusive value adding modes you also get to track the health of your family.

Affordable Alternative

Affordable Alternative

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Scale

Competing Quality at Half Price

There are a number of features that brands ask a higher price for, like a larger range of measurements and greater compatibility. The Weight Guru’s scale covers it all in style.

While it relies on Bluetooth alone and needs a better battery life, the price they ask for it is much low especially if you look at the level of reliability at offer.

Garmin Index Scale

Garmin Index Smart Scale

While the first thing you’ll note is the sleek finish of this body fat scale, there is more to it. For starters, it measures a number of metrics that will help you keep track of your body health. To be exact, you will be able to track your skeletal muscle mass, weight, body fat, bone mass, water percentage, and BMI.

All in all, you get a good number of areas under check. Moreover, the Garmin Connect app is one of the best dedicated companion apps that come alongside a product. It is easy to use just like the weight scale, and quite easy to set up.

The battery life on the device is also a good nine month long and in that time you will be able to profile up to 16 people with it. Syncing also works automatically with MyFitnessPal app although the basic weight calculations can be seen clearly on the brightly lit LED display.

Additionally, the scale is made of premium quality which is also represented in the high asking price. Due to the solid build quality, however, it is also a very long lasting and reliable product. Therefore, one could argue that the premium price is also justified.

But then again, the Garmin scale is not without its flaws too. You would expect a high-quality smart device to retain the memory for a longer time. Sadly, in one day it stores the weight only once, every new reading will overwrite the previous one on the display.


  • Up to 16 profiles
  • Six different biometrics
  • Premium quality of build and battery


  • Quite expensive
  • Stores only one weight per day

FitBit Aria 2

FitBit Aria 2 Smart Scale

Before the health monitoring devices got more sophisticated, FitBit still made a name with their wrist trackers. Soon after we had the FitBit Aria, which was one of the more popular smart bathroom scales of its time. Now, we have the FitBit Aria 2, which is every bit a deserving addition to your health trackers.

For starters, it will let you sync with the FitBit wrist tracker as well as the official companion app seamlessly. Thus, offering you more integrated monitoring of not only your vitals but your body statistics. Moreover, all FitBit products have been lauded for their accuracy in the past. And this stood true for Aria 2 in our testing as well.

What we didn’t like is that it only covers four body metrics namely weight, body fat, lean mass and BMI. You might also not like it if you want a one-stop solution for all the biometrics. Also, the Garmin scale above can record up to 16 user profiles while this one does only half of that.

But then again, Garmin Index Scale also doesn’t record more than one reading in a day which is a non-issue in the case of FitBit Aria 2. And it is not any less in terms of build quality and durability.


  • Seamless syncing with app and wrist tracker
  • Very accurate
  • Good design and UI


  • Lesser metrics measured

Withings Body+ Smart Scale

Nokia Withings body+ smart scale

Previously known as Nokia Health, Withings is a name to reckon with as far as health trackers are concerned. We chose to test the best that they have to offer i.e. Withings Body+ Smart Scale, one of their new flagship models. And guess what, not only did it stand true to the roots of a Nokia scale but also beat the competition.

To compare with the rest of the lot, it covers a large range of biometrics ranging from BMI, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. This covers almost all the areas of concern and you also get a special Pregnancy Tracker. The product will then suggest you weight gain ranges that are healthy for you as well as provide obstetrician-reviewed advice.

In fact, you get to keep your entire family healthy by including the health tracking of your toddlers with their dedicated Baby Mode. Since it is loaded with these extra features, one would think the batteries might get affected. But that is not the case as you are in for good 18-month battery life.

Last but not least, the Withings scale is able to sync data with your smartphone over WiFi as well as Bluetooth just like FitBit Aria 2 above. So you don’t always need to wait on a working WiFi. Also, thanks to the additional free web account you are not only able to customize the data presentation but also share it with your nutritionist or doctor easily.


  • Great value adding features
  • Large range of health metrics
  • Stylish for a bathroom scale


  • Still expensive than many
  • UI takes time getting used to

Yumai Premium Body Fat Scale

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Although some of the high-end products in this list would not even sell below a hundred even at a discount, Yumai Premium Body Fat Scale manages to compete with them at almost half the price. Feature wise it is right up there offering a large range of biometrics for health tracking. some of which include BMI, body fat, weight bone mass water percentage muscle mass etc.

Another in-demand feature that it covers is third party app compatibility. For both iOS and Android platforms, you can use companion apps like MyFitnessPal. Another limiting factor of most smart weight scales is the maximum number of user profiles they can hold. However, the Yumai Premium Scale allows you to add unlimited user profiles.

As if that was not enough you get a sound five years sleep thanks to an industry-leading full product warranty. Not only will this save guard you against expected repair works, but the long-lasting warranty is also evidence of how confident the manufacturer is in the quality of there product.

Nonetheless, the core job of a smart scale is to measure and track your health matrix consistently and accurately. during our hours of testing, we had n reason to believe that the Yumai scale would let us down in any of those aspects anytime soon.


  • Very consistent and reliable
  • Industry leading 5 years warranty
  • Good value for money


  • App needs better connectivity and features

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale

weight gurus bluetooth smart scale

While more often than not we will see manufacturers marketing WiFi connectivity options but not Weight Gurus. One of the more popular health-tracking brands out there, Health Gurus boast of making the best Bluetooth smart scale in the market.

In terms of functions, it will accurately measure, track and record your weight, BMI, water percentage, muscle mass and obviously body fat. That is a long range of metrics, enough to stay fully informed of your overall health chart. Just like the weight scale, the Weight Gurus app is also quite popular for its reliability.

You will be using only Bluetooth to sync the data on a daily basis which can be presented and analyzed in graphical representations too. However, the primary reason why it makes the cut almost all the time is a lower price.

Although the body fat scale competes with some of the premium quality products available out there, it costs almost half. What’s more, the major concern people have with cheaper products is actually a strong forte of Weight Gurus i.e. accuracy and consistency.

Just to be fair though, let us add that it is lacking in the battery department as the expected life is lesser than the competition.


  • Great value for money
  • Compatible across the board
  • Accurate and reliable


  • No WiFi functionality
  • Deserves better batteries

Buyer's Guide

    Like all smart devices, you are mostly going to use WiFi to connect the scale with your mobile. There, you will be able to use dedicated or third party apps to synchronize the data. Some high end scales also come with touch recognition features.

    Talking of apps, MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular third-party apps that you can use alternatively for Apple Health, Google Fit or Amazon Alexa.

    These two factors go hand in hand because you’ll get both if you work for one, primarily because they both improve with the money you are spending. For better accuracy, you should first read up on the product you are buying (you are in the right place!). It is simpler in terms of weight capacity. You’ll mostly get a smart scale that can carry all expected levels of obesity, but do reconfirm, just to be sure.

    What are smart scales and body fat scales?
    A body fat scale is the same thing as a smart weight scale. We moved on from the traditional weight scales as soon as smart devices made their way to the mainstream. The first thing that a smart weight scale does is automate your health monitoring. Thanks to smart technology, they not only calculate and track your weight but also a number of other things.

    What are the things I can measure with a smart scale?
    There are a number of things that these scales can measure, here’s a rundown:

    • BMI: Body Mass Index measures how healthy your weight is. You’d be looking for a figure between 18.5 – 24.9.
    • Heart Rate: You get to keep track of where your heartbeat lands, and whether it falls in the normal range of 60 to 100.
    • Lean Mass: This is the calculation of your body weight without the fat i.e. organs, bones, water and muscles. The greater Lean Mass you have, the more healthy you are.
    • Bone Mass: Age and diet impacts how stronger or weaker your bones are getting. Therefore the bone bass density is measured to tell you where you stand at different stages of life.
    • Fat Composition: Body fat percentage tells you the exact opposite of Lean Mass i.e. what percentage of your body is fat. Anything below 20 and 25 percent for men and women respectively is fine.
    • Water Composition: Self-explanatory, you need to track how much of your body is water. Anything over 50 percent should be good, although it can vary due to a number of factors.
    • BMR: The Basic Metabolic Rate tells you the calories needed by your body to continue functioning without trouble.

      How do smart weighing scales work?
      It might be interesting to know for those who haven’t heard of biometrical impedance analysis (BIA) before. This is a method that passes a harmless tiny electric current through your body. Resistance data is then collected and through a set of complex mathematical formulas, used to calculate body statistics. These calculations basically revolve around the electrical resistance faced in the body as the current passes through fat, muscle, and bone.

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