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Best Standing Desks – Sit-Stand Desk, Adjustables and Converters

Reviewing the best standing desks that are available in the market was one hell of a task for us. Primarily because of the huge list of options that we got. So why exactly are stand up desks so important these days? Why is everyone talking about that standing desk converter, or the new adjustable desk they bought?

Well, the answer is basically in your own health. Science suggests that our routines of long working hours where we keep sitting is basically the cause of health issues. The increased instances of lower back pain as well as pain in other areas like legs and ankles can be traced back to excessive sitting.

With the advent of the standing desk, people are trending towards working while standing. So why do you need the best standing desks again? Because you only want the best for your health, isn’t that right?

Best Standing Desks to Buy in 2018

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when picking up the right product. If you are willing to spend more then that is okay otherwise, trust us it doesn’t even need to an UpLift desk or an IKEA standing desk. Just make sure it fits the standards and your needs, and you are good to go.

It is important to note how much can the height be increased so keep tabs on the adjustment ranges being offered. Similarly, do not forget to buy a sturdy product with a frame that has good lifting power and a good elevation system that can take the pressure.

Even the top of the table needs to be more than just a laminated slab. There are a number of added features that the best standing desks come with, like wire management systems.

In our reviews, we have covered a range of different options from a variety of types that are available in the market. Pick the one that suits your needs and do not forget to make use of the buyers guide in the end.

Most Affordable Standing Desk

Most Affordable Standing Desk

Calico Designs Sierra

All basic functionality with bearable material

This one is for those who do not wish to spend extravagantly on an adjustable desk. You get all the basic functionality as well as portable wheels in this one. All this is priced for a fraction of some options in this list!

We aren’t saying that Calico Designs is outdoing the best standing desks in the market but what we are saying is that it gives us a bearable alternative. If you really want one, and really don’t want to spend too much then read on about this one below!

Best Standing Desk Converter

Best Standing Desk Converter

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

Best for small spaces, great usability!

If you have a space constraint, the VARIDESK Pro will not only add more space to your desk but also make it healthy for you to work. The Two shelves hold all accessories, a display screen as well as a laptop thanks to a very sturdy frame.

Why wouldn’t you want a standing desk converter that looks so hot! You get great quality of material, great space for everything you need and you also get to keep your old desk! Definitely one of the best standing desks in the mid to high range.

Jarvis Standing Desk

People have compared the Jarvis standing desk by “Fully” with the UpLift 900 on more occasions than one. It is justified that these two made their way in our reviews.

The upgraded JieCang motor now allows it to elevate at 1.52 inches per second which is better than the previous 1.33 inches. And, it also makes less noise now. In total you will be able to pull it up by 26 inches with is a good range.

Moreover, it has a large range of top options.

The problem? This Jarvis desk follows the traditional C type design for its stand. Therefore, it is a little less stable than some other options. Interestingly, we found that it wobbles more than tilting forward and backwards.

We also need to tell you that the product is made in China. So, some of the internal working uses cheap plastic that we wouldn’t approve. There also is the case of excessive grease filling the legs. It does have a seven year warranty on electronics but it is the structure we are concerned about.


  • Adjustment Range is Good
  • Good Lift Capacity and Speed
  • Electronics Have 7 Year Warranty


  • Stability Issues, Primarily Wobbling
  • Too Much Grease

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

There are many of us who, whether for work purposes or not, prefer to perch up two machines, one being the laptop and the other PC. In such a case, you’d need a second shelf to put your PC accessories on. Like one of the best standing desks that it is, VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 gives you all that.

This product can also be used as a stand up converter desk as its elevators shrink to the minimum. Talking of, there is a spring-loaded elevator in the adjustable desk. This elevator is also patented by the company. The speed of this spring system is very good, it takes three seconds only.

While other stand up desks have lesser preset height points, this one has eleven! This means you are free to adjust it as per your desire and will need no further assistance. That is not all, the keyboard deck itself is also able to lift itself up.

Nonetheless, there is one difference. It comes assembled and packed which means you will not be able to dismantle it easily and assemble it again. It also weighs about 36 lbs.


  • Multilayered
  • Speedy and Easy Adjustment
  • Adjustable Height


  • Comes Pre-assembled
  • Comparatively Pricey

ApexDesk Vortex Series 60-Inch

One of the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sitting or standing desks is space. Naturally, you’d want more space all the time to accommodate your stuff in one place. Space wise, ApexDesk Vortex Series is one of the best standing desks in the market.

It is certainly not the cheapest solution available and it is no UpLift desk as well. Yet, ApexDesk itself has a fan following among the stand up desk market where it has earned respect for functionality.

There are four preset height levels between 28.5 to 46.5 inches and also a memory controller that has six dedicated buttons. There are four different color variants to choose from, and even the surface is scratch resistant.

We are talking about a large sized sit stand desk that can bear up to 225 pounds that is self assembled. The depth of the 60 inch ApexDesk Vortex Series is standard 30 inches.

Clearly, this is enough space for you to fill up with not only your PC accessories but also a bunch of other useful stuff.


  • Spacious
  • Sit Stand Desk


  • Basic Design
  • Single Top Instead of Dual

Uplift 900

A reason why Uplift 900 and Jarvis Standing Desk, are compared with each other is that they both use frames made in China by JieCang. Obviously, the quality of JieCang isn’t the best there is, but the company has a name in the market that this UpLift desk cashes.

While its weight is almost the same as the Jarvis desk, and the material used is almost the same as well. The UpLift 900 gives you a better finish by using molded aluminum for the foot.

However, it has a higher lifting capacity than the ApexDesk as it can manage 355lbs. This, as well as other features justify why it is priced higher than the ApexDesk and almost identical to the Jarvis.

Apart from being together with some of the best standing desks, they even have similar problems. While the Jarvis has a front to back wobble, the Uplift 900 wobbles from left to right. I’d say you can buy whichever model you want out of these it will make no difference.

Also, you get to choose the top as well as the frame colors. There are optional additional features like wire management, drawers and even privacy panels. You’ll have to add some more bucks for these, though.


  • One of the Tallest
  • Electronics Have 7 Year Warranty
  • Choice of Tops


  • Wobbles After Certain Height
  • Too Much Grease on Legs
  • Chinese Product

Calico Designs Sierra Height Adjustable Desk

We are picking up this one as the cheapest of the lot. While there is no comparison between the market imprint of other companies like IKEA, UpLift and Calico, the price is pretty good. Literally you could get six of these in the price of one Lander Desk!

Therefore, if you just want something that is not a burden on the wallet, go with this standing desk. Not one of the best standing desks in terms of quality, but it manages to provide decent durability.

The legs are steel, the top is a little shorter in width (20 inches) and the adjustable height ranges between 29.25 inches to 41.25 inches.

As you can see in the picture this stand up desk is portable with two casters being attached to the back foot. Both the wheels have a lock on them so you need not worry about the whole set up slipping away. Although we wouldn’t rely 100 percent on something like this with our dear-to-heart machines.

The range of an adjustable desk matters, and while this one has a smaller range it fulfills the purpose of standing desks nevertheless. We won’t call it the best desk height or the best computer desk for that matter, but look at the price!


  • One of the Most Inexpensive Solutions
  • Movable with Locks


  • Questionable Quality
  • Elevation System Isn’t State of the Art

Readydesk 2

While we have debated so much on some of the best standing desks available in the market. We also must not forget that there could be someone who doesn’t have enough space for a new desk. In such cases, we suggest you try out a standing desk converter like the Readydesk.

As you can see, this one is different from the standard stand up desks in a number of ways. For starters, it is an all wooden product that uses no machinery!

Then there also is the design element of the Readydesk that puts it on top of the desirable standing desk converters list. It is rather compact in size but in the given 69 cm you can fit to monitors on it.

Going forward, it also uses manual removable docks for both the screens as well as the keyboard. The former has five levels while the latter has eight. In simple words, it will be okay to use for someone who has a height between 1.5 and 1.8 meters.

No tools are required for assembling this beauty and the cross-bracing structure takes away most of the wobble. However, on the downside adjusting the height is an even more troublesome job since you’ll have to remove and shift up an entire shelf.

Also, since it is a standing desk converter, chances are you won’t be able to shift between sitting and standing positions without having to remove the entire set up from the lower desk.


  • Fairly Affordable
  • On the Go Standing Desk Converter
  • Easy Assembling
  • Impressive Cross-Braces Reduce Wobble


  • Adjustments Require More Effort
  • Changing From Sitting to Standing Is A Task

Buyer’s Guide

    Since you are looking for a standing desk, it is going to have different levels of height that you can set. Some of the best standing desks come with large range of preset levels while others only let you fix it at a handful of height levels. This is purely subjective as the height of the user will determine what adjustable range do you need.

    These are two different types of desks with more or less the same functionality. The difference is that standing desk converters are put on top of another traditional desk to increase the cumulative height. On the other hand, Stand Up Desks are tall themselves.

    If you think you will be shifting between sitting and standing while you work, then a standing desk converter is not the right choice for you. It is more of a solution you should stick with for a while. The stand up desks however, can be adjusted as many times as you want so there’s no problem of that sort.

    It is true that with many of these desks you might not need to buy any additional accessories. Yet there is one thing we would suggest all of you to buy and that is a standing mat. Most of us are not used to standing for longer periods and for that reason our feet start to ache very soon when we are using a standing desk.

    Therefore, a cushion under your feet is required to absorb some of the pressure on your sole. There are some of the best standing desks that pack a standing mat with them, but not all. You might need to buy one separately.

    What is an electric sit to stand desk?
    Different from the others, this is a desk that has electric functionality that allows you to elevate the height of the table top to such a level that you can work on it while standing. You can reverse it to make it a sitting table too. There also are other types of sit stand desks which use either the crank system or the pneumatic system.

    How should I gauge the material my standing desk is made of?
    Some of the best standing desks are made of solid wood while others are made of wood material like laminated sheets. There are some companies who make fiber-based table tops as well. The wood and wood material needs to be as sturdy as possible and for that we suggest you keep a check on the thickness and flexibility of the top.

    As far as the frame is concerned, most of them are made with steel while some products have aluminum feet for a better look. It is better if the feet have a rubber padding so that the product doesn’t ruin the floor.

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