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Best Ergonomic Vertical Mouse for Carpal Tunnel Pain and Comfort

It hadn’t been long since we got accustomed to the term ergonomic mouses, and a vertical mouse is already a thing. But since you are already looking for one, chances are you already know what it is. In case you don’t, however, let us tell you that companies like Logitech, Anker, and Evoluent have an entire line up of mice dedicated to fixing the phenomenon that is Carpal Tunnel Pain.

Whether the association between the hand pain syndrome and using our standard mouse type is rooted in medical science or not. It is a fact that the standard design of mice isn’t the most appropriate for your comfort. As a result, we have these unusual but usage friendly vertical ergo mouse.

Do We Have A Vertical Mouse That Beats The Logitech MX?

We’ll find out soon enough. But in case you haven’t heard of the Logitech MX line up, let us tell you that these are the premium representation of vertical mice. While this may be true, the competition among them and a few big names are real. So how do we go about choosing which ergo mouse we need?

Nothing too technical, but to illustrate, here are a few things to consider. You have to be sure that the mouse isn’t too big for your hand. Since vertical designs are bulkier, this is a real issue just like the ease of use. Having a given shape doesn’t automatically make it comfortable unless it fits well in your hand.

Then there are value adding features like sensor qualities, wired and wireless solutions, ease of connectivity and so on. Last but not the least it should do the one thing you are primarily buying it for i.e. safeguarding against carpal tunnel pain. We have done the hard work though. These products are sure to fit all kinds of needs and affordability matters.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Logitech MX Vertical

Premium Build, Premium Comfort

In all honesty, the Logitech MX vertical is as good as it gets among ergonomic mice. Not only its 56-degree tilt angle goes easy on the hand but also the well-placed buttons, weights and thumb rest.

You do pay higher than some but it is still cheaper than the second best. You can adjust the sensitivity from 400 to 4000 DPI and also map all buttons available. Even the Bluetooth connection lasts better than most.

Premium Alternative

Premium Alternative

Evoluent Vertical Mouse VM4R

No More Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Thanks to the expertly designed tall mouse, this was as comfortable as mouse using has ever gotten for us. Not only that, everything from the finishing to the material quality yells premium.

With all the advanced functionalities like button mapping and connectivity options, the Evoluent mouse would have been our top pick if Logitech MX didn’t happen. The only reason why it is the second best for us is the higher price tag. But even that is justified, it is just that we tend to focus on spending powers too.

J-Tech Digital V628 Wired Ergonomic Mouse

J-Tech Digital Vertical mouse

Other than the NPET V20, the J-Tech Digital V628 is another funky design that comes with lights of its own. Just like the Anker model above it doesn’t have the highest DPI, only a range of 600 to 1600, but that is enough adjustment if you aren’t a professional artist or gamer.

There is another reason why our testers like it, though. The wired mouse comes with a palm rest dock that can be removed if you feel like it is dragging down the speed. Additionally, there are two thumb buttons that can also be removed. But why would you remove those? The mouse allows you to remap all the buttons as per your wishes, so why not make use of them?

We have only picked up products that are true to their primary claim i.e. ergonomic benefits that will help against carpal tunnel pain. But it is worth mentioning here that the J-Tech mouse is already quite on point, and the palm rest makes it even better.

There was one area that surprised us though. This model weighs almost twice as much as most of what we tested. And while some people would prefer weightier mice, you’ll have to be sure it isn’t too heavy or else it will tire you sooner.


  • Good value for money
  • Removable thumb buttons and palm rest
  • Complete button remapping


  • Not the highest DPI
  • Weightier than expected

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse - Copy

For some reason, this Anker mouse looks more alien than any of the other products we tested. But we take that as a plus too! Although the DPI range of the 2.4G wireless mouse is much less than our top picks, its 800 to 1600 DPI is perfectly fine for everyday usage.

The thumb sits nicely inside the curve, giving it a resting position while the two Next/Previous buttons stay forever in reach of your thumb. With those buttons, you get the added functionality of browsing from page to page with a button. Another similar but handy feature is how the ergo mouse automatically goes into hibernation if not used for eight minutes. Further saving the ample battery.

Yet, the reason why it is here on our list is the price point. Anker offers a really credible performance backed by an 18-month warranty, but does so in so much less! If you compare it with the Evoluent or Logitech mice below, you’ll see how it costs six to four times less than them respectively.

In other words, at below $20, this would be our pick for anyone who wants to buy a vertical mouse for the first time. This way, you spend less on a quality product and pick up along the way whether you want such an unorthodox mouse or not.


  • Affordable pick
  • Great quality for the price range
  • Additional buttons and hibernation features


  • Lower DPI than the good ones
  • Build quality is fine but not the best

Logitech MX Vertical

logitech mx vertical mouse 5 - Copy

The two Stanford graduates who started this company back in 1981 have sold over a billion mice by now. And by far, many of us are expected to rely on a Logitech mouse more than others. The Logitech MX vertical mouse is their showcase product for the said design type.

In fact, it was the most precise handshake position that we came across. So if we are to choose purely on the basis of ergonomic comfort to the hand and wrist, we wouldn’t go any further than the Evoluent mouse below, or the Logitech MX vertical. Other than being the best at comfort, this guy can also adjust sensitivity to great lengths. Starting from 400 DPI you can make it as sensitive as 4000 DPI!

Logitech has ensured that the aesthetic sense is followed which is why even the thumb rest is much better in place than the rest of the lot. Also, since it is a wireless mouse you get to keep the arm where it is the most comfortable for you.

Which brings us to the next question: battery life. In case you didn’t know, quality mice can last for incredulously long periods on a single charge. For instance, the MX vertical won’t trouble you for a good four months after a full charge.

Despite being a wireless mouse, the MX is comparatively less expensive than the Evoluent model below. Which is why it gets an edge.


  • One of the best vertical mouse models
  • Great button mapping
  • Large range of DPI settings


  • Still expensive than many

Evoluent Vertical Mouse VM4R

Evoluent Vertical Mouse - Copy

If there was any company that would go head to head with some of the ergonomic Logitech mouse models, it would be Evoluent. The fan favorite manufacturer excels in ergo mouse designs. And they have been making vertical mouses for both left handed and right handed people separately.

The model we tested was VM4R, which stands for “vertical mouse for right hands,” nothing creative in the name there. But then again, they are! For instance, the Evoluent mouse is one of the most premium built mice that is known for its durability.

Although there are other models here that make it look a little out of fashion, that’s just bad photography. The quality of material is highly durable and sturdy. Another area it excels at is luring in PC users who are scared on the major design shift in their mouse.

The Evoluent mouse is quite close in aesthetics to our standard mice. But at the same time, it has all the comfort factors you’ll want in a vertical mouse. In fact, they are one of the first manufacturers to boast of being effective against the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unlike the other flashy models, the VM4R (and the Logitech MX vertical) stick to the core and offer the best ergonomic mouse experience. And also let you remap all the buttons. There are six programmable buttons as well as a DPI range between 800 and 2600 DPI.


  • Most comfortable carpal tunnel mouse
  • Good sensitivity with 800 – 2600 DPI
  • Very solid build quality


  • Very expensive
  • No USB, only Bluetooth connectivity

NPET V20 Vertical RGB Mouse

NPET vertical RGB mouse

Not that we were looking for a multicolored lighting setup on purpose, but this beast did deserve a try. With an adjustable DPI of 4000, the NPET V20 is far from just a hot RGB addition to your rig. The high DPI means it comes with high sensitivity levels allowing greater precision.

Conversely, this will also mean that the ergo mouse’s optical sensor needs a matching surface to give the artist in you the most intricate of details. Needless to say, such high levels of DPI aren’t required in the ordinary course of action. You can, nonetheless, adjust the DPI at five levels ranging from 400 to 4000.

Moreover, if you do have the need for a more sophisticated setup, it comes with as many as seven programmable buttons. There are a total of seven buttons on the mouse and you can remap all of them according to your preferred controls. Also, there is a memory retention feature that let you save up to five profiles and keep the settings.

We were especially fond of the two way mouse wheel. Not only does it work impeccably both ways, but it is also one of the more precise ones that we found in the given price range. Talking of which, the price tag on this thing is also not scary. In fact, it costs a third of some other products on our list!


  • Good value for money
  • Seven fully programmable buttons
  • Very precise with up to 4000 DPI


  • High sensitivity requires better pads
  • Some of us don’t want the flashy colors

Buyer's Guide

    We have always made this choice for our standard mice, and a vertical mouse is no different. You have the choice to buy a wireless ergonomic mouse that connects with Bluetooth, it will cost you higher. On the contrary, you can opt for a USB mouse and save some extra bucks. Nonetheless, if you are getting a wireless model make sure it is from a reputed manufacturer to avoid connectivity issues.

    Currently, we have a choice between optical sensors and laser sensors. In the simplest of forms, laser sensors have greater dots per inch (DPI). Thus, they are more sensitive than optical sensors, more precise for intricacies. But then again, lasers would not be so smooth at uneven surfaces as optical sensors can. The bottom line is that a laser sensor will allow the mouse to be used on more surfaces. But its performance will vary more than optical ones dependent on the surface it is on.

    Comfort is the primary concern of ergo mouses. It believed that a more comfortable use adds to the efficiency and productivity of work. So you have to see if the size of the mouse isn’t too big or small for your hand. Similarly, the placement of buttons and the curves of the mouse play an important role in deciding how ergonomic it is. If your hand (and the wrist) is in a more natural position you will see your hand can stay effective for longer.

    What features to look for in a vertical design?
    There are a number of things, starting from assisting features like programmable buttons and adjustable DPI. Moreover, good ergo designs would have thumb rests as well as grips so that you don’t have to strain to keep your hand in place around the mouse. Like the high-end gaming mice out there, some of the premium choices could also come with weight shifters and/or RGB lighting.

    What is a carpal tunnel mouse? Is carpal pain related to mouse usage
    In a layman’s language, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the pain and/or numbness of the hand. Also, excessive usage of the mouse is often cited as one of the causes and aggravating factors. Since CTS is caused by the median nerve being pressed, awkward positions using the mice can be a trigger.

    The use of an ergonomic mouse sometimes called a carpal tunnel mouse, is often suggested. One of the most common design types, however, is the vertical mice.

    What other types of ergo mouses are there other than a vertical mouse?
    While vertical designs are all the more popular among PC users these days, there are a number of other types of ergonomic mouses to choose from. For example, somebody friendly aspects could be added to the standard mice or the trackpad. And more sophisticated solutions, you can get Vertical Mice, Trackball Mice, Roll Bar Mice or even skip the peripheral for Graphics Tablets where possible.

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