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Best Webcam for Streaming on Twitch in 2018

Since its inception back in 1981, Logitech has been trekking upwards in terms of quality. Whether it is the mandatory peripherals of our computers or accessories like the best webcam for streaming videos, they have always had something to offer. However, don’t think that the Logitech C920 and the Logitech C922 are the only good options for your Twitch streaming.

We have come across good names like the Mevo and the Razer Kiyo that have brought serious competition. Moreover, Twitch or YouTube streaming choices differ from person to person, based on their studio settings, as well as the location of the shoots. Nonetheless, there are a few areas that you should know about before buying anything you will use to record content, because how well you do that will decide how high you go in terms of viewership.

Picking The Best Webcam for Streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and More

Similar to other video recording devices, streaming webcams also need to have good frame rates, resolution, autofocus, lens quality as well as low light performance. There wasn’t a single webcam test of ours that didn’t include all these questions. You want your video to be as smooth as possible despite all motion, there’s your need for a higher FPS. And you would also want it to have a better resolution so that overall image quality appears like an eye candy on all sorts of devices.

Similarly, when the subject is not still you want the camera to be quick enough to autofocus on time. No one loves a streamer that keeps blurring out. On that note, people also don’t like streamers they can’t see properly. So unless you have studio-grade lighting equipment, look for a webcam for streaming that promises good low light quality. A nice flick of the lightning correction and color enhancement wand can do magic for your streams!

Overall Best Webcam for Streaming

Overall Best Webcam for Streaming

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

The Best Got Better!

There was hardly any doubt in the quality of the C920, but the Logitech C922 takes it even further. With low light correction that is even better, and a more reliable 1080p, we aren’t even starting on the immaculate background removal tool.

Indeed almost every Logitech webcam in our tests was exceptional. However, the tried and tested technology of the C920 and its predecessor the C922 X is what we have stuck with. For just a little extra, you get the best that the market has to offer.

Best Webcam for Streaming on Budget

Best Webcam for Streaming on Budget

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Entry Level Twitch Streaming

If you literally don’t want to spend anything that you’ll worry about if it goes wrong, the Microsoft webcam is what you need. Not that you will have something to worry about, but because it costs so less. And even at such a low asking price, you get t least enough juice to keep your stream up and running.

Not a high-end product, so don’t expect the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema to bring the entire feature set. But what it does manage is a good 720p resolution at a solid 30FPS. A mediocre in-built mic and a 360-degree rotating swivel for more flexibility.

Razer Kiyo Livestreaming Webcam

Best Webcam for Streaming Razer Kiyo

It doesn’t look the part, but Razer Kiyo webcam is made for the professional gamers who also like to show off on Twitch and YouTube. While discussing the key aspects of the best webcam for streaming we made a point how low light quality of a cam is very important. Since most of us don’t have proper lighting, a webcam with a light ring does come in handy.

While some might say it makes you shine too bright for your own good, most of the times having a light source on the go is a bliss for Twitch streaming.

Apart from being the first Twitch streaming webcam that offers an adjustable light ring, it also boasts good performance metrics. You can easily get 1080p resolution if you are fine with a 30FPS. On the other hand, if higher frame rate is required you can settle for 720p to produce a 60FPS video stream.

Best for video bloggers and gamers alike, it comes with in-built support for all Razer products as well as known broadcaster software like the XSplit and OBS. Even with the compact size, the livestreaming webcam has great auto-focusing abilities. This is not one of those flashy products with cosmetic features that most high performing products like the Logitech C920 come with.

Instead, Razer has focused on solid features that matter the most for streaming jobs. In case you have decided to buy the Razer Kiyo webcam, do keep an open wallet since it is a tad bit expensive than the lot.


  • Good Autofocus
  • Handy Light Ring
  • Modern and Eye Catching Design


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Too Bright Sometimes

Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam

best webcam for streaming logitech c920

It is true that among the Twitch streaming community, Logitech C920 is still considered the best. No webcam test needed to prove that. Although Logitech C922 is a newer version of the webcam, it is also more expensive. That is why we have included the original best webcam for streaming in today’s list. Thanks to extensive tests we can easily say that it has the best video quality for its price range.

We are talking about a highly reliable 1080p stream while continuing to give you the option to scale down to 720p in trying hours. But we aren’t saying you will need to do that unless it is the internet connection forcing you to do so.

Another area where you will find it performing better than most is how much of the viewing area it can cover. Thanks to a wider viewing angle of 90 degrees, you will be able to fit more into the screen without having to fumble with distances and picture detail too much.

Whether you are zooming digitally or using it at the widest angle, the picture quality remains exceptional. Low light settings usually bring out the worst of these webcams, but not the Logitech C920. It manages the low light better than most of the competitors.

There is one area that raised a few eyebrows though: auto color adjustment. While the streaming webcam is impeccable at most of its features, it can sometimes white-out colors slightly when auto-correcting the color. You will then have to readjust this through the software.


  • Top Quality Picture
  • Most Reliable Build
  • Tripod Ready
  • Good Autofocus and Field of View


  • Auto Color Correction Is Marked Sometimes

Mevo 4K Webcam

Best Webcam for Streaming Mevo Plus 4K Webcam

To each their own, they say. That is why the best webcam for streaming hobbies will not be the same for everyone. For instance, this gorgeous beauty of a webcam is strictly for those who want better than 1080p, and in style too. It is true that the only proper 4K webcam is the Logitech 4K Pro Ultra HD, but Mevo and Mevo Plus are great too!

The difference between the two starts when Mevo only allows video recording at 4K, slacking behind the Logitech 4K Pro which can record as well as stream in 4K. But not everyone wants such high resolutions, therefore the full HD 1080p streaming of Mevo will suffice.

That is if you can pay the painfully high asking price of the Mevo webcam. It has an in-built mic and it also has an audio jack for better hearing. What’s more, the Mevo can even make stronger transmissions using the 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip as well as the 2×2 MIMO antennae.

You also get a companion software on your smartphone that helps with editing on the go. But is all that worth the extra hundred dollar bills? We are setting aside this product for the buyers who are into superior products that not only work well but boast of luxury.

Considering that our webcam test troubled it with pixelated images while using a slower internet connection, we can’t say it is perfect too.


  • Premium Product
  • 4K Recording, Full HD 1080p Streaming
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi Chip


  • Quite Expensive
  • Rare Pixelated Images in Slow Internet

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

best webcam for streaming logitech c922

While the more renowned Logitech C920 is still relevant, the company has released a couple of new products. That in case you wish to be on top of the list all the time. The Logitech C922, as well as the C920 models, are basically the two products that are our benchmark in the webcam test we have conducted.

And now we have the C922 X as well as the 4K pro Logitech webcams as well. Anyhow, what makes the C922 X worthy is the further improved low light performance over the C920. And then there is the background removal feature that allows you to replace the background with different video. In case of Twitch and YouTube streaming, that would mean your gameplay being placed in the background as you host in the limelight.

Image quality is almost the same as that of its predecessor. You are going to have no trouble touching 1080p streams if you don’t push it for 60FPS, and you can aim for the 60FPS if you maintain a 720p resolution. There is one problem though, the setup process requires you to manually install the Logitech webcam driver before your best webcam can feed your streams to the subscribers.

Very rarely did we see that people were having trouble with the Logitech C922 Pro Stream. And that too was in an off chance or two where Windows 10 didn’t pick it up at the first try. Moreover, it would have been so great if the manufacturers had dedicated some resources to give it a fresh design. Currently, the C922 model looks and feels the same as the Logitech C920., despite being the latest Logitech webcam.


  • Great Image Quality
  • Impressive Treatment of Low Light
  • Background Removal


  • Looks Just Like Logitech C920
  • Very Rare Issues with Setup on Windows 10
  • Logitech Webcam Driver Needs Manual Installation

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

best webcam for streaming microsoft lifecam

You have seen how products like the Logitech C922 can cost over a hundred dollars, and how webcams like Mevo Plus can ask three times as much. How about the best webcam for streaming n a budget? While it is true that the affordable versions of the Microsoft webcam lineup are not worthy of competing with the high-end products. It is also true, for their price range they are offering more than enough.

In comparison to the Logitech C920 and C922, the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema costs mere dimes. And even for such a low price you get a good 720p resolution. For all the new Twitch streaming enthusiasts, this is a good entry level quality of the video. Given that Microsoft manages to keep it stable.

Moreover, even with the more expensive products in our webcam test were more comfortable at 30FPS, which is what we ran the LifeCam at without any trouble. Also, if you are in a livestream where you are going to take different viewing angles, you could also make use of its 360-degree rotation.

Since it is one of the cheapest webcams for streaming, there had to be at least a couple of compromise areas. The first one is that the in-built mic doesn’t work as good as it should. Therefore, you might need to use a separate mic for the greatest audio quality. Second, although it comes with autofocusing features, they aren’t really up to the mark in terms of speed.


  • Most Affordable, Great Value
  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Color Correction


  • Maxes Out at 720p
  • Entry Level Image Quality
  • Mic and Autofocus Need Improvement

Buyer’s Guide

    One of the first things you need to check in a webcam for streaming is the resolution. For the uninitiated, the resolution is directly responsible for the quality of the image being projected. Resolution is measured in terms of pixels, which are denoted as 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. Follow that list in the ascending order to get the best. The more pixels a still has, the more detail it provides and hence better image quality.

    While it gets more technical for someone who isn’t primarily a videographer, the quality of lens being used has a major impact on the price of the webcam. This is because a number of aspects like focal length and wide angle decide the capabilities of the camera so the lens type is important. Thankfully, you will not have to get too caught up in all this, at least when buying a webcam for streaming. The manufacturers are keeping it rather simple, and you only have to choose between plastic and glass material. Both have good quality and almost the same results on their own.

    Even if you have a great quality of lens and matching resolution, it will all go down the drain if the frame rates are too low. The frame rate of any video measures how many still image frames can be pushed each second to represent a motion picture. In case of a webcam with lower frame rates, the video will not be able to run smooth. So you’re looking for higher frame rates, at least 30FPS for most of them. For the best webcam for streaming, however, we’d not settle for anything below 60FPS.

    There are basically two other essential features that you need to ensure: good low light performance and a good autofocus mechanism. Not everyone has a high-end live-streaming set up that has studio grade lighting. Therefore, you will need automatic color enhancers as well as the light correcting mechanism in the webcam.

    Autofocusing is equally important since you will be facing the face cam and there will be motion in the video. While we all love budget picks, cheap webcams end up blurring out more often than not.

    What feature set should I aim for my first Twitch streaming channel?
    Whether you are buying a webcam for the first time or not, remember that there are some minimum requirements that should be fulfilled. While these will not be true for the best webcam for streaming up there, the bare minimum is that it should offer 720p resolution and 30FPS. And both of these should be stable enough.

    Moreover, the camera shouldn’t be bad at low light settings. At least some level of color and light correction is always welcome before you put a software to use. It is an added bonus if the webcam offers background removal tools like the Logitech C922 does, but that isn’t a feature which is as important as having a good autofocus. You don’t want a webcam that blurs you out every time there is motion on the screen, right?

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