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Best Wireless Key Finders 2018

Everyday we used to loose a thing or two until a saint of a soul invented Key Finders! With these tags you can easily track where you lost your mobile, keys, wallet and whatnot. However, just like every other product out there we suggest you do your homework before making the purchase. Which is why some of the best wireless key finders of 2018 have been lined up for you by our testers.

Best Wireless Key Finders

To keep it simple, there are a broad three to four aspects you need to consider and each one of them has a high value. You wouldn’t want to spend more on a product only to find out that another one just popped up that has better range. Having bought a cheaper product could also result in getting one that has very low battery times. This in turn would render the key finder useless rather quickly.

In order to keep you well informed about your choices, our teams have spent hours putting to test the quality of dozens of products and then shortlisted these for you!

Best Available Option

Best Available Option

Tile Pro

Best Range, Alarm and Crowd

With millions of users making up the crowd-finding huge, this is on top of the best wireless key finders out there. Brings an impressively loud alarm, great range and replaceable batteries.

If you are going to trust your valuables like your wallet, mobile and car keys with something, lets not shy away from spending an extra buck. Tile Pro offers the best there is and allows community members to help you find the lost product as well.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

Chipolo Classic

Great value for money!

While the Tile key tracker is first choice, this one is the competition. With good features like range, color choices, community search and a generally good value for money, ChipoloPlus is in it to win it.

Let not the minimalistic design of Chipolo confuse you. This one packs a punch with all the latest features and a trendy look. While it is not the budget alternative it still is the best device after the Tile key finder.

TrackR Pixel

To be honest it has mostly been a Trackr v Tile competition for us as well as the number of other reviewers out there. A number of TrackR reviews term it as one of the best wireless key finders out there if not the best itself.

TrackR Pixel is about 33 percent smaller in size than the Tile tracker that we have discussed in this article. This makes it pretty easy to stuff it into your belongings other than the wallet pockets.

On the same front, it manages to add replaceable batteries to the little thing which is impressive given the compact size. Needless to say, having replaceable batteries in your keyfinder reduces your troubles. You will not need to buy a whole new device locator the next time.

More suited for finding items indoors, the range on this is about 100 feet. However, our testers disagree with the figure claimed by the manufacturers suggesting it will fall short by about 30 feet. To make up for this, the new TrackR Pixel key finder now comes with an LED light signal.

One problem that has been reported previously was inconsistent performance with different devices. The company makes up for that by being very active in updates and tweaks to their system.

Despite these two issues, it is one of the best wireless key finders out there. Not only because of the compact size, but also added features like last location and find my phone.


  • Compact in Size
  • LED Light Signals
  • Replaceable Batteries


  • Average Range
  • Inconsistency with Different Devices

Orbit Find Your Keys

In about 10 bucks less than the best wireless key finders we are offering here, you can take this beauty home.

Honestly, this is one of the most good looking key trackers out there. Alongside, it offers most of the key features that any good key finder would. Like you could use it to locate your phone, take a selfie or spot the last known GPS location of your belongings.

When you are looking for the lost stuff, the alarm system of the Orbit will not disappoint you with its sound. However, what you might disapprove of is the range. You might want to rely on it mostly indoors since anything below a 100 feet is risky.

That being said, reconnecting your phone with the Orbit was troublesome for some of the testers. But we think that had more to do with obstructions on the way than the weakness on part of the signal.

However, we were happy to see that the key finder doesn’t sit quiet when left behind. Your phone goes abuzz when you walk a certain feet away from the Orbit.


  • Best Design So Far
  • Value Adding Features


  • Range Isn’t The Best
  • Reconnection Issues


I for one am the person who would always go for minimalism, even if it is about the wireless key finder I own. Call me old fashioned but products with less attention to cosmetic elements stand a higher chance of doing better in other areas. In case of the infamous Chipolo Plus, it is those areas that matter more.

For instance, in a clear line of sight it boasts up to 200 feet of range, which is quite good. There also is one of the loudest alarm reaching up to 92 dB, which makes it easier to hear your lost items. Also, like most other devices, it also allows you to track the last known location of our belongings.

Working on similar lines like the Tile Tracker, Chipolo makes use of the community as well. So for instance, if your keys were lost, it could notify you when one of the other users walked past the location where it was – even if it is out of your range.

Following in line with some of the best wireless key finders like the TrackR key finders, it also has replaceable batteries. According to the results so far, these won’t problem you for almost nine months.

In other features, it also works as a phone finder. Allowing you to track your phone through a web app, letting you ring on it and even send a message to it. Last but not the least, who doesn’t love a little color! The Chipolo Plus comes in six bright and colorful variants that would make you miss Poker!


  • Good Value for Money
  • Good Range
  • Community Search
  • Color Choices


  • Community Not as Large as Tile
  • Less Appreciation of Battery Life

Tile Pro

If you have done some research about key finders before you would know that California based Tile is considered the best. Their latest products also prove this to be true, and they have even got options. The latest model released by the company deserves to be among the best wireless key finders of 2018 for a variety of reasons.

For starters, it has the greatest range (200ft plus) as compared to all the competition. This means you could go farther away from the lost product and the Tile Pro will still be able to pick a signal. Not only that, the service includes a Community Find feature that lets other users help you find your tile. This basically multiplies the range enabling crowd-finding.

Needless to say, Tile has the largest crowd-finding network so far.

The second most important feature of any key finder, phone finder or device locator is the alarm. As a rule of thumb you should opt for the one that has a high pitch, and the Tile Pro is on top in that case. Not only that, even if you were to buy Tile Mate, Tile Style, or any other Tile tracker it would offer the same.

However, the reason we picked the expensive Tile Pro over other Tile key finders is because it comes with replaceable batteries. Now you will not have to go replacing the whole thing every year!

Do keep in mind that this is the premium product and therefore it has a high price tag as compared to the rest. Our testers believe it is justified though.


  • Good Value
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Greatest Range Due to Crowd-finding


  • Expensive
  • Less Water Resistant than Previous Models

Cube Key Finder

It is true that all the Tile finders with their state of the art Tile App are the bestsellers. However, they are not the only ones claiming to make the best wireless key finders out there. We also have the CUBE.

So far, the company has not added any more products to their line which means they are loyal to this one still. Major selling point of the CUBE is the quality of the product itself as well as the quality of service in terms of reliability. The CUBE Tracker App has always been on point.

Oh and it also has replaceable batteries, with an extra battery included in the pack!

CUBE offers almost all the features you’d want in a key tacker / wallet tracker. For instance, you can use it to find your phone with a single button. The same button can be used to take pictures from your smartphone’s camera. Its alarm is satisfactory and has a separate signal for times when you leave something behind.

The major drawback? CUBE doesn’t offer any crowd-finding services yet. This does have an impact on the range you can use in case of emergencies. But we don’t think everyone looking for bluetooth trackers would really need the entire community’s help all the time. Their own range and service is pretty reasonable.


  • Excellent Quality of Product
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Spare Battery Included


  • No Crowd-Finding Service

Pebblebee Honey

While we are not going to perch this next to the Tile Mate or another new Tile key tracker, the Pebblebee Honey deserved a spot nonetheless. Our testing revealed a rather solid range and alarm sound although we were put off by connectivity issues.

It comes with replaceable batteries but you need a plastic wedge to do change them. The tool comes in the pack though. That being said, expected battery life is not going to be more than a year although the manufacturers say otherwise.

A feature that is seen only in the best wireless key finders is better geofencing. Pebblebee proves its worth by being reactive as soon as you start to get away from your belongings. Yet, getting back a lost signal from a device often makes you go closer than the point where you lost contact originally.

It can be used as a wallet tracker too (only 0.2 inch thick) as well for every other belonging that can attach a ring.

There also is a light on the Pebblebee that helps you find it alongside an impressive alarm. It can also reverse the roles and help you find your phone, or help you take pictures from the phone’s camera. Also you can use crowd-finding to make the community help you find your device.

We could have been better facilitated if the companion app was less minimalistic and more descriptive. However that can be fixed as they make regular updates.

In the end, if there had to be one reason why this product got removed from the list of best wireless key finders, it would be connectivity. So far we experienced that on some devices it has trouble syncing well.


  • Crowd-finding Feature
  • Geofencing is Helpful
  • Replaceable Batteries


  • Problematic Connectivity
  • Rare Reconnecting Issues

Buyer’s Guide

    Clearly this has to be on top of the list. Greater the range offered, the more chances you have of finding your belonging. Keep an eye out for how many feet of coverage you need, and also if crowd-finding is offered. This is a feature where other users help you track your items using their Tile tracker on their Tile App.

    You wouldn’t want a gadget that can’t even reach your ears when you make it sound the alarm. So this is yet another important feature. The key finder should be loud enough or you to hear from a reasonable distance.

    Obviously even one of the best wireless key finders is useless if it is powered off, even if it is a Tile tracker or one from Trackr the company. So whichever product you buy, make sure it remains usable to you. A good idea is to think about how often can you easily charge it and then for how long would you want to use it. If you have enough time, you are buying the right product.

    Finding the item your key finder is linked to is not its only job anymore. Some companies offer role reversal as well. For instance, you can use the device locator to locate the smartphone where its app is installed. Others allow you to use the device to take pictures from your mobile’s camera!

    What is Crowd-Finding? How does it work?
    Some of the best wireless key finders in 2018 offer to use their customer base to increase the range of their product. This is done by involving every community member’s mobile around you to track where you have lost your belongings. As each person using the said service is trying to locate your items, the range doesn’t stay limited anymore.

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