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Best Wireless Keyboard for Connectivity and Battery Reviewed

More people than we thought are tied of using these tiny little buttons on our laptop keyboard. Naturally, we want something better. At the same time, we want something that can be as portable as the rest of our gadgets. We know what’s the right thing for you! And by the time we are through with the guide you will know what is the best wireless keyboard to buy this year.

If not, we are sure you’ll have plenty of good advice about what makes a keyboard great since we also have a buyers guide section after the reviews. There, we share with you some of the most important considerations you need to make before buying a bluetooth keyboard.

Best Wireless Keyboard to Buy

There are a number of factors you need to remember. For instance, what exactly will be the primary use. Will it be a gaming keyboard, a mini keyboard or a computer keyboard? Will you like it to be a USB keyboard, a wireless mechanical keyboard, or a bluetooth keyboard? All these questions and more need to be answered. And the answer will depend on the type of use.

Moving on, you should know what is the best way for you to connect the wireless keyboard to your device. And also, how will you like to charge it. Let’s start with what we think is the best wireless keyboard as well as the most economical option for you.

Top Pick

Top Pick

Corsair K95 RGB

High End Functionality, Durability and Price

We thought we’d be picking one of the sleek and business models as out pick for the best wireless keyboard, but Corsair didn’t agree. This is a full-on hardcore gaming keyboard with mechanical switches, maximum key customization and the best responsiveness so far.

It is expensive, but since when did good things come cheap? The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard has the maximum level of gaming and media based functionality, and offers an Aircraft Grade external finish. We would spend some extra bucks any day if the product was promising!

Top Budget Pick

Top Budget Pick

Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

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While other wireless keyboards would cost you a fortune more than this, the Microsoft wireless keyboard manages to cost less, fully functional and also on point with a touchpad.

We picked up the All-In-One Microsoft Wireless Keyboard because who doesn’t want a very affordable peripheral coming from one of the biggest names in the computers industry? In a very humble price as compared to our top pick, this sleek model manages to pull off some o the basic functionality and more.

LOGITECH K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

A Logitech keyboard is one of the most sought after keyboards these days. For that reason, we decided to try these out first and viola! With the Logitech K780 we might have found ourselves the best wireless keyboard already!

Our testers were fully satisfied with the multi-device connectivity of the bluetooth keyboard. You can switch between three devices on the go which makes it very suitable for workstations. With their FLOW technology the Logitech wireless keyboard also offers cross-computer typing. You can seamlessly move files between the said computers.

Design wise it is a full size keyboard with rounded buttons. The overall weight of the keyboard is a little higher but in return you are getting complete functionality and large sized keys. Another design feature we liked was how it comes with an in-built stand for your smartphone as well as tablet.

The company offers a warranty of two years assuming that two million keystrokes/year is the rate of usage. This is more than enough for the life of a computer keyboard to be honest.

While most of us had no complaints, one of the testers said it will take some time to adjust to the round keys.


  • Full Size Keyboard
  • Good Battery Life
  • In-built Stand


  • Round Keys
  • Heavier than Usual

Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Gaming Keyboard

Another top end product from a company that is aiming to overcome the gaming keyboards market with this unorthodox design. Just as the name suggests, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a split up keyboard and both modules are connected with a 20″ braided wire. That is enough space to use just one module for an FPS game.

Yet that is not the only area they got right. Among the reasons why it is here being tested for the best wireless keyboard of 2018, is the high level of ergonomics. The wireless keyboard is designed with high precision that actually helps keep your hands and writs comfortable for longer periods.

It has mechanical keys using the Cherry MX which we approve of, and also has eight dedicated programmable keys for gaming. You get a total of three key tiers for added accessibility and you can store up to nine profiles in its 4 MB on-board memory.

While there are no dedicated media keys, the macro options are also not as classy as promised by Kinesis. In the end, it also doesn’t have key to key remapping.

It is a quality product for those who want a split-style wireless keyboard. And if you are willing to pay enough for it, we are sure it will be the best wireless keyboard you have used in a log time.


  • Great Ergonomics
  • Dedicated Game Keys
  • Cherry MX Mechanical Switches


  • Pricey
  • Dedicated Media Keys Are Missing
  • Macro Functionality is Not Good

Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

This is probably the best wireless keyboard you can get if you have a strict budget to follow. Obviously, for less than half the price of the Logitech wireless keyboard, it will not have high-end functionality. However, this Microsoft keyboard works really well as a media junkie’s haven.

Our testers are confident that at the price this is being sold for, the Microsoft wireless keyboard should have no competition in terms of quality. As you can see, it has a touchpad on the right instead of a number pad. Complete with Windows 8 gestures and all.

While the touch pad made the experience easier, some of us were missing the number buttons there.

Moving on, the range on this USB keyboard is really impressive. Your TV lounge won’t be an issue. The wireless USB feature can work for up to 10 meters! There also are some of the basic media buttons on the keyboard as well as integration functionality with gaming consoles and Smart TVs alike.

There is an unwritten rule stating that the best wireless keyboard must be backlit. Sadly, that is not the case with the Microsoft keyboard. An over critical user might say that they keys look cramped-in but I think that depends on how big your hands are.


  • Affordable Price
  • Touchpad, Gestures
  • Wireless Range is Good


  • No Backlit Keys
  • Slightly Congested
  • No Number Pad

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Keyboard

Let us introduce you to the best mechanical keyboard that we came across in our testing phase: Corsair K95 RGB! This beauty is not just a wireless mechanical keyboard it is also the premium pick for hardcore gamers.

If a gaming keyboard is what you were looking for, look no further. Even if it wasn’t optimized for gaming it would have been my best wireless keyboard – and I have a long list! If any thing, a wireless gaming keyboard needs to get responsiveness correct. And the Corsair model does that flawlessly.

We were also impressed by how effortlessly we can use the media controls as well as the customization options. While Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software is still complex, it has gotten better with K95. So you’ll be able to customize color shows for each key you press.

The design looks and feels expensive with a brushed aluminum look that the company calls Aircraft Grade. Then there’s an 8 MB profile storage and above all, CHERRY MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches – for those of you who prefer a wireless mechanical keyboard.

It would have been pure gold if the gaming keyboard also had a headphone jack. Yet, it is nothing less even now.

The award for the best gaming keyboard 2018 goes to you, Sir!


  • Hardcore Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  • Very Responsive
  • Media Controls


  • No Audio Jack
  • Expensive Product

Azio Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard

Not everyone loves retro, but if there is one among our readers who does, then this is the product for you. Even the best wireless keyboard would shy away from the handsome design that the Azio Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard has.

It feels as if the company is paying homage to the good old type writers of the last century. Yet, they are doing so in style with the best mechanical keyboard out there. They have turned to perfection every detail on this one.

The top plate genuine leather while the keyboard frame uses a Zinc Aluminum alloy. The combination of leather with the alloy gives it a very charming look. Usability wise, you can adjust the tilting of the keyboard using the pillar like, twist to adjust, feet.

It is basically a collector’s item if you ask me. Other than that, anyone with a love for a distinctive vintage personality would be glad we told them about it. The Azio Retro Classic wireless mechanical keyboard comes in two color tones: black and amber.


  • Artistic, Vintage Design
  • Good Mechanical Switches
  • Backlit Keys


  • Quite Expensive
  • No Value Adding Features
  • No Remapping
  • No Configuration Assistance

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350

Ergonomics play an important role in how comfortable you are using any keyboard. So much so that we have also included one keyboard from the ergo-based designs among our picks for the best wireless keyboard for you. The K350 is a Logitech wireless keyboard that is purpose built to conform to your ergonomic requirements.

It has a wave design with curved layout. These curves help keep the hands in the right position and assist in longer use of the wireless keyboard. It might not be the best ergonomic keyboard, but compared with its price it surely is something you should consider.

This one is not a bluetooth keyboard, instead it uses wireless connectors to attach itself with the computer. Other than that, there is a very comfortable wrist rest that you can detach at will. Our testers reported that there was a lot less wobble on the buttons, although the keyboard sounds a little more noisy than usual.

Every good thing has a downside, and for the Logitech wireless keyboard it is the battery life. There are two AA batteries but without the backlit feature we think they should have lasted longer. Logitech itself claims the battery life to be three years, but we doubt it will get there.

Overall, it is a very solid keyboard as far as the functionality and comfort is considered. Otherwise it isn’t really good looking and takes more space.


  • Affordable
  • Very Comfortable Ergonomics
  • Detachable Wrist Rest


  • Doesn’t Look Good
  • Takes a Lot of Space

Buyer’s Guide

    The design of a wireless keyboard is not just about being a QWERTY keyboard. Instead, the more sophisticated models now have a number of other features to compete with the best wireless keyboard out there. For instance, people who use keyboards for longer time should look for an ergonomic design.

    A gamer might want ergonomics to play their part but he/ she would also want dedicated and programmable game keys, backlit keys as well as media keys. Similarly, some people do not use the number pad, they could instead benefit from a computer keyboard that has a touchpad instead of the number keys and so on. The advice is to first decide why you want to buy the new keyboard and then we will decide what design suits you.

    While keys are the buttons that you see and click on top of the keyboard, the switches are the foundations upon which the keys are installed. These are equally important if not more. It is for a difference here that a wireless mechanical keyboard is more durable than a standard keyboard.

    The switches that give way very soon are usually membrane switches. We on the other hand believe that even the best wireless keyboard should have mechanical keyboard switches since the warranty on them lasts way longer.

    Since you are using a bluetooth keyboard (or even one with RF) you are going to be limited on power supply. This mean that batteries will need to be put in place for you to use the keyboard. Usually there are AA and AAA Alkaline batteries. However, the newer models are now starting to use Lithium-Ion batteries.

    Unlike common belief, Alkaline batteries last longer and cost more because they have to be replaced with new ones that you’ll buy from the market. Lithium-Ion batteries are rechargeable though. Use them like those PS4 controllers.

    How do I connect my wireless keyboard to the device?
    In the most simplest of methods just plug in the keyboard and wait for the pop-up to appear. Usually you will be kept informed about the set up process here, you won’t need to do anything. Within the next 10 seconds the keyboard will be ready to use. If you are having trouble setting up the keyboard this way, you could also configure a bluetooth keyboard through Control Panel options for Mouse and Keyboards.

    Should I Buy a Mechanical Keyboard for Work Use?
    Traditionally, even the best mechanical keyboard would be noisier than the generic USB keyboard. However, it is solely dependent on the type of switch being used below the keys that decide how much noise is being made. For example if a wireless gaming keyboard uses Cherry MX Reds, it will be really quiet until you go berserk on it for losing a game.

    So if you are buying one that is not too noisy (or if noise isn’t an issue at your workplace) then buying wireless mechanical keyboard is the perfect choice. This is so because durability wise the mechanical switches last much longer. Longevity is the first thing we look for in the best wireless keyboard.

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