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HDMI to RCA Converters That Actually Work Well

Why are we buying HDMI to RCA and composite converters again? Because we humans don’t let go of things easy. And also because there always is some content from the good old days when the Radio Corporation of America signal (RCA) was the only standard we knew of.

With the ever-evolving field of IT, every second technology that we use becomes obsolete before we know. As a result, it so happens that we are in the middle of gadgets that are from different generations. Some of them are using the latest technology while others don’t. Now in order to plug together newer devices and old ones together, we need peripherals like RCA to HDMI converters and vice-versa.

Top HDMI to RCA Converters to Patch Your Digital Self With The Analog Signals

It is true that we have moved on from RCA to HDMI in most of the aspects. But there still are gadgets that rely on the analog signals, for example, video players and projectors. When you try to connect one of these with a new product like a Smart TV or a new console, you will need the HDMI converter piece.

While these are fairly compact items, there is a chance you might end up buying the wrong brand. There are many HDMI to composite converters that either do not perform up to the mark or have compatibility issues.

Best Overall

Best Overall

Elizza HDMI to RCA Converter

Roku Supported, Great Compatibility

What most of us want to do with these HDMI converters is to run services like Roku and Fire Stick on their good old displays. This HDMI to composite converter is probably the most compatible of the lot. And what’s more, you get it at an economical price.

While most of the products you’ll get without any prior homework are bound to ditch you at some point, this one’s different. It is tested to be very reliable in terms of consistent performance. So naturally, it is our top pick.

Best Alternative

Best Alternative

Teorder Mini AV Converter

Good Compatibility Across Board

Either you buy an HDMI to RCA converter that works, or you end up with a $10 loss. Both the Elizza converter as well as the Teorder model are among the former. With almost no known problems, Teorder has done well with this one.

While there are rare complaints about the video being stretched, everything else works fine as wine. Even if it doesn’t, Teorder offers a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

GANA RCA to HDMI Converter

HDMI to RCA converter GANA

Looking for one of the more reliable converters out there? This RCA to HDMI port is right up your alley. GANA has been making these converters for a while now, and the latest model has fixed most of the problems if not all.

Compatibility wise, it supports one of the largest line of signals that include: PAL, PAL/M, PAL/ N, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, and SECAM. And it also boasts of across the board compatibility with a horde of devices you used in the past or are still using now.

A great composite adapter should convert the analog signals as well as retain their picture quality at least. Although most of the choices we have in the market do the opposite. Yet, you don’t need to worry about it in the case of the GANA adapter. It can take analog signals of up to 720p and give you digital ones of 720p and also up to 1080p!

Other than the standard RCA conversion into HDMI, you can also convert 3RCA to HDMI and of course AV to HDMI. It is pals with all the VHS and VCRs you can think of.

On the downside, it has been reported that the adapter gets hot after a longer period of continuous usage. If that happens, it can also affect the picture output that you are getting at the other end.


  • Good Video and Audio Quality
  • Wide Range of Supported Formats
  • Price is Justified


  • Longer Usage Makes it Hot
  • Can Affect Quality When Heated

Elizza HDMI to RCA Converter

HDMI to RCA converter Elizza

These days, being able to connect your new gadgetry with video outputs using older technology is one hell of a task. Most of the times you will need a converter like this one. And more than half of those times, the converter will not be compatible with, say, your Roku or your Amazon Fire Stick.

Even if you have to spend mere dimes on something, if it fails to get you the end result, it is a waste of money. Do not do anything like that, and put your hands on something that guarantees connectivity with all these latest content streaming devices and services. The Elizza Converter is able to patch your old TV to Roku, Chromecast, and others with ease.

There are some issues though. For instance, the company boasts of immaculate audio and video output, and while we agree with them for the most part, video output did get affected. Not that it is a permanent problem or a deal-breaker, but at times, you’ll see how the video could have been better.

Elizza converter doesn’t have 3D support, but that is the case with many of the other HDMI to RCA converters that we have come across. So unless that is not the specific reason why you want a converter, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Despite that, the take away is that in case of the Elizza HDMI to composite converter, you get all of that for a much lower price.


  • Works Well With Roku
  • Quality Retained for Audio
  • Supports PAL and NTSC Both
  • Economical Price


  • Slight Drops in Video Quality
  • No 3D Support
  • Impressive design

Ddida HDMI to AV Converter

HDMI to RCA converter DDida

If you aren’t satisfied with any of the choices you have tried so far, this rather solid build from Ddida might be the exception. You will only get HDMI converted to RCA with it and not the other way around; but what it does, it does well. Setting up the converter is as simple as plugging it in between the two devices you want to connect. There is no need for any driver installation.

You get all the standard features like PAL and NTSC support, with satisfactory to good quality of video and audio. However, it isn’t as good with newer gadgets like Roku and Chromecast, though Xbox One and PS4 are a different story. For that, you should stick to Elizza above or read on below.

Yet, if it is just the HDMI to AV/RCA conversion for your TV, Ddida has got you covered. It doesn’t swing both ways though, which means you won’t get any AV to HDMI conversion out of it. In order to convert the RCA input to HDMI, check out the GANA converter above.

Last but not least, if you are not satisfied with what this AV converter can output, you can always claim a refund! The company offers a “no questions asked” 30-day money back guarantee to all unsatisfied customers.

That last part about refunds is important. Because while we didn’t experience anything of the sorts, there are some customers who have complained that the converter doesn’t work on their device. It could be a case of faulty products too, but in any case, having such a warranty does help in making decisions.


  • 30-Day Refund Policy
  • Affordable Product
  • PAL/NTSC Support


  • Rare Complaints About Non-compatibility
  • Doesn’t Work Well with Chromecast and Roku

Teorder Mini AV Converter

HDMI to RCA converter teorder

It is true that most of the manufacturers are using the same vendors for their product parts. But the presence of middlemen in their distribution circle hikes up the price you have to pay for their HDMI to composite converter. Not with Teorder though since they have been importing direct. As a result, most of their products are cheaper than alternatives using the same parts.

Therefore, the Teorder mini AV converter is something worth the price in terms of quality. Talking of, whatever parts they use in the HDMI to RCA converter, we believe the build quality is more than just acceptable. We found it to be using immaculate quality of material, which was also clear from the unquestionable performance.

It is nonetheless, only a piece that takes the RCA and converts it into HDMI and not vice-versa. In other words you can only upscale and not downscale with the converter at hand.

Moving on, it doesn’t come with a micro USB port but a mini USB port, which means you will need to stick with the cable that comes in the package or have a special one for the purpose. For the uninitiated, the USB port is not used for connecting, but for providing a power supply to the converter.

Compatibility wise it supports PAL, NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, and PAL/N. And when you are playing one of those formats, you will also get the choice to choose the resolution as per the input; you have the choice between 720p and 1080p.

On the offside, we found that the only problem this compact piece has is ho it stretches all videos to fit the screen. For some feeds, and for some viewers, that might not be very ideal. Most of us would prefer to keep it in the actual shape and form.


  • Multiple Formats Supported
  • Good Value
  • Affordable Option


  • Stretches Images and Video to Fit Screen

Tendak HDMI2AV Converter

HDMI to RCA converter tendak

While it doesn’t support 3D, the Tendak HDMI to AV converter does allow you to choose anything between 480p and 1080p. With that range of choices, you can also pick either NTSC or PAL formats, by switching manually using a button.

The Tendak converter has got all the features you would expect from a good quality converter. For instance, it comes with a USB cable for power input, and it doesn’t need any driver installation. On that front, the only problem we saw was the length of the cable which should have been longer.

Nonetheless, it performed quite well in almost all the aspects that we tested. The audio was especially very good. We didn’t see any distortion in the quality of the stereo sound as it is the case with some other models. Moreover, the bandwidth is excellent that gives it room to stay consistent in quality.

As with all the other choices you have, the Tendak model is also plug and play. But it doesn’t support the different variants of PAL and NTSC. That could be a problem for you if you are looking for a source of video that is from a less frequented region.


  • Good Quality of Build
  • Great Audio Output


  • Shorter Power Cable
  • Standard PAL and NTSC Only

Buyer’s Guide

    We are going a little old school in today’s digitized world but bear with us. Your location in the world is relevant in finding out which HDMI to RCA converter you need. This is because the United States has always been using the NTSC form of signals while the European countries are on PAL. So that is the signal support you need in order to connect your TVs with gadgets using the converter.

    Yes, there are HDMI to AV composite converters and there also are cables. But you cannot interchange them. Here’s how it works: if you have a TV or any other display that can automatically convert the HDMI signals to RCA signals, you just need the HDMI to AV cable. Because many displays these days come with in-built converters too.

    On the other hand, you will need a converter if the display doesn’t have such a capability on its own. Before you spend money on it, we suggest you figure it out first.

    Other than the technical specifications of each model above, you should also know that nearly all of them require a power source. There are two ways in which the converter can be powered i.e. through a direct plug, or through a USB connection. Which one you need to provide depends on what the manufacturer is offering. Yet, most of the HDMI to RCA converters come packing a USB port and/or cable these days.

    What is the difference between RCA, HDMI, AV, Composite, and Component?
    To keep it simple, RCA and Composite go hand in hand, while Composite and Component are two types of cables. Both of these are used in transferring video and audio content. Whereas RCA is the technology that was used by the US Radio to transmit signals, it uses the composite type of cables. On the other hand, HDMI is a newer method of transferring signals, which uses the component type. HDMI only requires one cable plug to transfer Audio L/R as well as Video. The RCA technology uses three wires, one for video and two for L/R Audio.

    How much should I spend on the HDMI converter?
    It is a very broad range, to be honest. HDMI converters start from below $10 a piece and can go up to $50 a piece. However, the feature set will not vary between them as much as the price. You can get your hands on a satisfactory quality for below $20. And the tradeoff is not between compatible versions or additional features but the quality of build.

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