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Top 5 Reclining Sofa Reviews – Best Quality and Construction

Few things feel as homey and good as lazing on a reclining sofa. These wonderful products that provide the ease of sitting on a sofa and the comfort of a bed have become popular choices for many families and individuals.

Reclining sofas come in various shapes and sizes. They have different designs – some modern and minimalistic, other capturing the retro essence of the high quality leather couch we all picture in our heads.

Regardless of which type you buy, you’ll be spending a good amount for one. No one wants a reclining sofa that isn’t comfortable, and no one wants a comfortable reclining sofa that can’t recline well.

The Best Reclining Sofas in 2018

This is where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the best reclining sofas you can buy right now.

Famous companies like Homelegance and Ashely Furniture make the greatest ones, but which reclining sofa you want to buy from their catalog will depend on a multitude of factors. We have a buyer’s guide at the end of this article to help you out with that too.

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick

Homelegance Nicasio Power Reclining Sofa

The Powered Recliner

Homelegance is the leading manufacturer of reclining sofas, so it’s no surprise they’ve come out with a fantastic product in the form of the Nicasio. This powered reclining sofa is elegant in design, made of high quality leather, and has a great reclining system that gives the user perfect control.

The Homelegance Nicasio Power reclining sofa is one of the most sought after products on the market. Its design fits every living room possible, and its material and comfort are of the highest quality.

Great Bargain

Great Bargain

Divano Roma Furniture Classic

Elegant and Comfortable

Divano Roma’s Furniture Classic is a reclining sofa that comes in a very stylish design that fits every living room out there. It comes classic elegance with modern appeal with a fine reclining system. It is also very easy to assemble and build sturdily.

The Furniture classic is one of the most popular reclining sofas on the market for its blend of affordability, design, comfort, and reliability.

Homelegance Nicasio Power Reclining Sofa


Few companies can be proud of how well they design reclining sofas, but Homelegance is certainly one of them. In fact, Homelegance may be the most dominant and ubiquitous name in the reclining sofas industry.

The Nicasio by Homelegance is truly an elegant reclining sofa that fits well in any living room.

Its intricate, minimalistic yet fashionable design makes it instantly appealing to the eyes, and its functionality as a powered recliner makes it highly practical and incredibly controllable. Comfort is the name of the game with the Nicasio, and it mixes that seamlessly with elegance and modernism.

It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also built to last many years. It features high quality leather that is overstuffed with cushions and boasts a low profile armrest. The reclining system is easy, and allows users precision control to extend any one of the seats to a fully reclined position.

You’d think that with so many features this sofa would be difficult to assemble, but in reality it is one of the easiest to do so. It comes with clear instructions and all the tools needed to have it ready to laze on within an hour or less.


  • Highly quality
  • Very durable
  • Powered reclining system
  • Easy to install
  • Great cushioning


  • Expensive

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan


Though Homelegance dominates the reclining sofa market, Ashley Furniture is not far behind. The Hogan is in fact one of the highest rated reclining sofas on Amazon for its mix of great quality and sturdy build at a price that isn’t off-putting.

The aesthetics of the sofa are rather simple. It comes in a single mocha beige color that works well in most living rooms and is good for families for its snuggly appearance and comfortable design. It has quality foam cushions that not only feel soft, but also give great stability to the reclining sofa.

The skeleton of the sofa is constructed from strong metal frames. It has a metal reinforced footrest and is corner-blocked. It also has a bustle back seat for better lumbar support.

This reclining sofa uses a manual reclining system. Though its reclining system is quite good, it does not recline completely to a near flat position but does so in a semi flat way.

The sofa is very easy to assembly due to the instruction manual that comes with it. At 199lbs, it is a bit heavy and hard to maneuver due to its bulkiness, but the required hardware for installation makes the process ideal and relatively easy.

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan reclining sofa has the following dimensions: 96x44x42 inches.


  • Very comfortable
  • High quality fabric
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Competitively priced


  • Comes in only one color
  • Bulky and heavy to maneuver

Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa


Homelegance appears once more on our list, this time with a manual reclining sofa.

The Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa is famous for its great quality and cost-effectiveness, making it Homelegance’s most well known product to date. This sofa is made from quality leather; the seats are bonded leather while the sides of the reclining sofa are made from faux leather.

The leather is stuffed with high quality high density cushioned foam. The foam tends to last quite a while and is very comfortable to sit on.

This double recliner uses a level system to operate its reclining mechanism. It reclines fairly smoothly to the desired point, so the levers work well in general. However, they are made from plastic, so you have to be careful. Additionally, the middle seat of the full reclining doesn’t recline, hence the name.

The sofa is quick and easy to assemble, and due to its simplistic design and choice of material it is also easy to maintain. It is one of the very best options available for the price it demands.


  • Elegant design that suits every home
  • Good quality leather
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Very comfortable


  • Middle seat does not recline
  • Plastic reclining handles can be fragile

Divano Roma Furniture Classic


This classy reclining sofa from Divano Roma is one of the best popular products on Amazon due to its affordability, design, and comfort.

Aesthetically, this is one of the nicest sofas around. The three-seater sofa utilizes contemporary colors and a plan, modern yet classy décor that sits well in any living room. It is made from strong durable material and is one of the most comfortable recliners out there despite the price.

The reclining sofa has a convenient footrest for additional comfort and relaxation. It is also overstuffed and cushioned very well, making it extremely comfortable. The two seats on the ends recline fairly well, though it is not as elaborate as some of the more expensive recliners out there.

The middle seat however does not recline, which is a bit unfortunate. The middle seat is also quite narrow compared to the to end ones, so expect individuals to tussle over where they’d want to sit (I mean, who wants to sit in the middle anyway?).

What’s great about the Divano is that it’s perhaps the most affordable reclining sofa on this list, which only compromises of the best reclining sofas available. It is also very easy to assemble, coming with all the required hardware and instructions needed for installing in your living room.


  • Great value
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Footrest is convenient


  • Middle seat does not recline
  • A bit narrow

Christies Home Living Bill Contemporary Room Reclining Sofa

The Christies Home Living Bill Contemporary reclining sofa is a highly underrated piece of furniture that deserves more accolades for just how well it is made and how comfortable it is.

One of the higher rated reclining sofas on Amazon, this is couch does come in a little costlier than some but it back that up with a good reclining system and excellent material.

The Christies Home Living Bill Contemporary reclining sofa is constructed with a special select of hardwoods that are reinforced with heavy duty steels. This gives extra sturdiness without putting too much weight in the sofa. It is this overstuffed with foam encased pocketed coils wrapped in Dacron fiber on top of a spring system.

Because of this spring system cushioning design, this sofa does tend to come out of the box a little hard, which may be initially off-putting. However, once this sofa is broken in (a few weeks of use) it becomes extremely comfortable, and the spring response becomes a breeze.

The reclining system is also good as it can be used as a wall hugger. The entire assembly of the seat moves forward so you don’t need any clearance from the wall. The sofa is also very easy to clean and maintain due to the excellent choice of fabric.

Lastly, it is also very east to assemble, coming with all the required hardware and installation instructions.


  • Overall great quality
  • Comfortable when broken in
  • Good reclining system
  • Good material choice
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Surprisingly lightweight for its size


  • A bit firm out of the box

Buyer’s Guide

    There are mostly two types of reclining systems that are available in the market: powered reclining and manual reclining systems.

    Most of the reclining sofas you will come across will be manual, as they are more appealing due to affordability. Additionally, there is the added advantage of not having a motor inside the sofa, which reduces the weight that would come with one.

    Finally, a powered reclining sofa always needs to be placed next to a power socket and stay plugged in. Not everyone will want their reclining sofa to hug the wall, and almost no one wants to be hopping over a cable when going behind a sofa. All this makes manual reclining sofas ubiquitous.

    So why have electrically powered recliners then? The ease of use, of course. Not only does it provide much more control in the angle of the recline, it also saves the sofa’s armrests from the constant abuse of your elbow, which can reduce wear and tear.

    In the end, you have to ask yourself whether that is worth spending an extra few hundred dollars over.

    The choice of fabric is going to be extremely important in your purchase decision. Fabrics used in sofas are of different types. Most come in natural leather or faux leather. The former is obviously more expensive but also far more durable.

    However, this does not mean leather is the be all end all fabric that you’d want to go with. Sofas with other cloth material work just as well and are cheaper too. You should always research what type of cloth material is being used in the reclining sofa you want to buy.

    Remember: a reclining sofa will generally take more wear and tear due to the motion of the recline and how your body puts force on the sofa in that position. Another important thing to remember with fabric is ease of maintenance. Some fabrics are very difficult to clean, while others can go weeks without accumulating dirt.

    Finally, size and weight should also be an important factor in your purchase decision. Some people will want big, spacious sofas while others will want more compact ones. It ultimately depends on how much space you have in the living room.

    Additionally, for a reclining sofa it’s important that you figure out the size of the sofa when it is reclined. Recliners without adjustment to the seat take up a ton of extra space in three dimensions if they are reclined. You want to make sure you either buy one that adjusts itself or you have the required space for it.

    Weight makes handling the sofa easier. Though you probably won’t move your reclining sofa much, it’s important to be able to assemble it easily and move it in the first time. Also, you never know when you get board of your living room’s arrangement and decide you need to change it.

    All these are three-seat sofas; what if I only need a smaller one?
    Almost all the products listed in this list are available in three different sizes: single chairs, loveseats, and full sofas. Loveseats are 2-person sofas, whereas single chairs are single person. You can select which one you want to buy. The design choice and materials are consistent across all sizes of a product.

    How much should my sofa recline?
    Ideally, your reclining sofa should recline all the way till you’re parallel to the floor. We understand that that’s not only always possible, it is also deliberately not integrated into the design because of how much space the sofa would occupy.

    Sofas that move the seat forward as they recline are ideal as they save up space and also don’t compromise too much on the reclining angle.

    Does color matter in the ease of care and maintenance?
    Color actually does matter when it comes to sofas well beyond just aesthetics and matching with your living room. A lighter colored sofa will need cleaning a lot more often, and even the remotest, smallest stain will show on it.

    Darker colors are thus usually preferred by most people, as they are a lot easier to clean, don’t show stains easily, and go well with all types of other furnitures.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather over other types of fabric?
    There’s nothing quite like a leather sofa when it comes to feel, smell, and texture. It’s luxurious, comfortable, yet also extremely tough. However, leather sofas are made from animal skin, which may not go well with everyone. The other thing is that leather doesn’t do too well in places with varying temperature.

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